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Ops Sikap is a futile and wasteful exercise

The traffic accident will be remained the same or even going worse in future if our government does not address it from the system perspective.

What I mean system? I list down a few significant ones for quick discussion.

1. Road safety and ethics education.

Most Malaysian drivers disregard the basic civility when they are behind the wheel is a talking point known to locals and foreigners.

Public education starting from the primary school is a critical component on reducing road accident rate. There is a success story in public education and awareness campaign on 999 emergency line prank call which has reduced its percentage to 1% from 97.9% in four years.

2. Policing and fine system.

>> Discounts for summonses is giving out a wrong message and indirectly encourages our drivers to break traffic rules. I believe no country in the world is giving discount for summons except Malaysia. Besides, Penang PR government also set a bad precedent by canceling all local council summonses committed before 8 March 2008. The rule of law is simply not observed by our governments.

>> Poor policing on point demerit system due to corruption and poor efficiency in the public sector.

For instance, JPJ failed my motorbike license test for 5 times because I refused to pay “duit kopi”.

3. Driver Licensing

>> Malaysia driving test is too lenient and plagued with under table license syndicate has churned out a huge number of unqualified drivers. This group is prone to road accident due to lack of driving skill and hands-on experience.

4. Road infrastructure and car roadworthiness

>> Potholes on the road, bumpy road, poorly designed road, confusing road signs, bad condition vehicles, etc. are common sights in Bolehland.

5. Driver attitude and discipline.

>> Drunk driving is one of the main causes of road accidents.

>> Calling and texting SMS with handphone while driving is another journey to dead.

I did involve in a road accident in Ipoh for slow response to a red light in a T-junction. My eyesight was bad after using CRT monitor for too long. I scrapped my CRT monitor after the accident.

My postmortem analysis on this accident says my driving attitude (factor 1), eye sight (factor 5) and three junctions too close to each others (factor 4) are the causes.

Police operations like Operasi Sikap during the festival exodus only help a little on traffic accident mitigation without holistic solutions for above mentioned system fallacies. I let the government and enforcement agencies to come out appropriate action plans to improve the road transport system.

BN government does not need to pay RM70 million to hire McKinsey consultants on how to reduce road accidents. My 15-minute write-up will address the root causes of high accident rate in Bolehland.

Reverse psychology used in Ops Sikap to reduce accidents during festive period

PETALING JAYA: Motorists returning to their hometowns for the Chinese New Year holidays may be surprised to see signs urging them to speed.

But that is just half of the message on signboards to be placed at “black spots” and strategic locations along highways which reads: Pandu Laju, Maut Menunggu (Drive Fast, Death Awaits).

Reverse psychology is the latest strategy used in Ops Sikap to reduce accidents during festive seasons when traffic on trunk roads is much heavier than usual.

Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Ismail Omar, who launched Ops Sikap 25 in Subang yesterday, said that 97 accident-prone areas had been identified.

Police teams will be stationed there throughout the campaign ending on Jan 30 to ensure safe driving and to help traffic flow.

Transport Minister Datuk Seri Kong Cho Ha, meanwhile, urged the public to use public transport when returning to their hometowns.

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Manja says:

So long as we continue to have those MCA flers as Trasnport Ministers, we will never see improvement. They are there to implement policies to enrich their pockets. Remember the ‘black box’ for express buses – wonder how much Ling has made, but what is the benefit today?

nkkhoo says:

A girl posted a message in Cari Chinese forum said she saw ex-Transport Minister, Chan’s wife is a young girl. I replied her, the girl is his mistress.

Sin Huat says:

We have witnessed the failure of MCA flers as Transport Ministers for decades. All teh frivolus policies like balck box for express buses and double air-bags for all cars are half-hearted measures made big by local press but yield little effectiveness to reduce accident death.

lately we have seen many public bus companies gone bankrupt. Transport ministry is a disgrace when come to serving the public. Proliferation of bas pajak shows that there is no planning at all. Shame on those MCA flers!

niceguy says:

How about the poor signboards that caused sudden lane changes?

And I have seen too many motorists stopping and reversing against the traffic after missing the intended exit to turn out of the main roads and highways; when they should instead keep moving and make a u-turn further on.

“Pandu Laju, Maut Menunggu”
BTW is it reverse psychology when you’re telling the fact that speed kills?

nkkhoo says:

Signboard design should be under the infrastructure. Many road signs are blocked by trees or commercial signboards.

The most terrible incident I encountered is a Malay old driver drove in the opposite direction on the right lane of PLUS highway. Luckily I cut to left lane just in time to avoid accident.

I pointed my middle finger to the driver to show my agitation which I never did so on the road before.