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Abolish highway toll is a bad idea

I say abolishing Plus Highways toll in the Pakatan Rakyat’s Orange Book is a bad idea.


Using public money to buy over the highways and then make it toll free for all to use.  In theory, it’s a logic and fair policy after the operator raked in billions of profit from a lopsided concession.

My question is who are the PLUS highways frequent users? Not all Malaysians especially from the rural and East Malaysia benefiting from free toll highways.

It may ends up 90% Malaysians who are rare PLUS highway users are subsidizing businessmen, bus express operators, and some lucky Malaysians with access to PLUS highway. People like me may only use PLUS highway during CNY “balik kampung” and a few holiday trips to Melaka and Penang in a year.

If you believe the goods price will drop after toll free exercise, I bet you are probably wrong. Our greedy businessmen will NEVER cut goods price due to cost savings from any new public policy like the petrol price drop as we saw in the past. No exception in toll free case, we will only see price always goes up trend.

The PLUS highway should be nationalized and continued with toll collection. The profits from toll collection can be used to build road infrastructure in the rural areas or improve the public transport system in the cities.

Toll-free is a bad idea from PR because it ends up with poor rakyat subsidizing the middle and top income groups.

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Bara Jiwa says:

Kampung folks don’t give a hoot about Gini coefficient because it doesn’t ring a bell in their simplistic mind.
Another 54 years passed orang kampung remain the same ignorant about Geni coefficient.
Now orang kampung more interested in 1NFC-Lembu issues.

nkkhoo says:

You are belittling kampong folks, they can understand 20% Malaysians living in the cities control 85% of nation wealth.

Ajai says:

BN already knew they have lost the urban votes.
Now their policy (at least from now till PRU13) is targeting at the rural malays. RM500 is a big sum to them to continue to vote for BN. They will continue to believe that Felda schem is benefiting them. They watch RTM and TV3 for news. That’s why Najib is pretty worried that the lurid lembu tales from NFC is beginning to affect the thinking of these kampung folks.

Manja says:

In the meantime, Si Bukhary has added more portfolio in his assets as Hicom bought Proton. NEP has only enrich selected malays, while the rest can continue to cry foul of other races under the manipulation Tun M and his agent Perkasa.

nkkhoo says:

Uneven wealth distribution is a thorny issue in recent Taiwan president election, president Ma was in the defensive on this issue.

Malaysia has the second highest Gini coefficient in Asia, this economic index was never published by BN government for fear of backlash.

Manja says:

nkkhoo can do a national service by educating hte poor on the concept of Gini coefficient and its impact on Malaysia’s wealth distribution.

nkkhoo says:

Let search the posting from my blog. Malaysiakini and The star did publish my short writing on Gini coefficient is missing from Najib’s KPI campaign.