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Bolehland way of finding historical fact

Gapena chairman Professor Abdul Latiff Bakar, meanwhile, disagreed over the notion that Hang Tuah did not exist

“It does not mean that Hang Tuah did not exist.”

“He existed in the Malay historical source, not the Arab or Chinese historical source,” Latiff said, adding that Hang Tuah’s village existed in Duyung.

I am not a historian, but I know a professional and objective evidence on a historical personality and dynasty is based on

– Related artifacts and tomb for the person or king.

– Cross reference on written records from several sources. By quoting a written record or source only is never a reliable historical record.

“Sejarah Melayu” was not written during the Melaka Sultanare period is another question mark on its accuracy unlike Chinese imperial records. The Ming dynasty has more than 10 million pages of royal family journal which are still well preserved in the museum.

For instance, China documented history is 5000 year, but its verified history is only tracked back to 3500 year ago after the discovery of Yin dynasty’s artifacts and a tomb of Yin queen.

Melaka Sultanate verified history is ZERO after it lost all imperial records in the war with Portuguese. The sultans and its court official tombs have to be digged out to see any artifacts buried with them or not to prove the existence of Melaka sultanate.

Melaka sultanate history is based on a single Malay historical source, Malay Annals. This is a myth like those China history earlier than 3500 year.

To claim Hang Tuah’s village is in Duyung is another myth. An undated ancient well is used as proof for Hang Tuah’s birth place is another Bolehland joke.

No kiddling, my grandma’s old house used to have a well constructed with similar type of red stones used in the Hang Tuah’s well.

Why not a single Hang Tuah’s offspring found in Duyung Melaka? This is the hard evidence we need to prove Hang Tuah is a real Malay warrior existed in Malaysia history.

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Tim says:

I am very worrid that the Sejarah as studied by my children in school could well be 50% cerita dongeng!

Manja says:

History is written by victors; what the victors say is the truth and what losers say is falsehood, right? NO! False!

Two historians in the Education Ministry have written in the newspapers that some facts are distorted. What is worse, as I understand it, is that more chapters are on Islam! Are we trying to Islamise History? To force SPM students swallow distorted History, the subject is made compulsory! If they fail History, they fail whole SPM exam! This is tantamount to putting a gun at the head of the student to pass History!

Why not make English language compulsory so that SPM students will study hard and be proficient in English? After all, they have to gain employment! You don’t need History to gain employment!

Uggies says:

Prof Khoo now being challenged (see Fri paper) as he has upset many on his remarks about fictional Hang Tuah !
Cannot blame him as Perkasa even allows Kit Kat to portray Hang Tuah as a chocolate loving flying non-immortal hero ala the mytical Titans. So the young kids now believe Hang Tuah actually just like Upin & Ipin pure imaginary creation.

After Bukit Kepong propaganda, Rais Yatim may have to get FINAS to promote the existence of Hang Tuah.

Amir Pin says:

Whatever mythology heroes there may be, they still have to give Bunga Emas to Siam for protection, and cannot withstand the meriam of Portugis/Belanda/Inggeris. Maybe the boleh spirit was not invented until the mamak came to Semenanjung?

Azizah says:

I doubt Umno or Perkasa will treat Hang Tuah as a myth.
Otherwise, they cannot use the famous words “”Takkan Melayu Hilang di Dunia”.

Anyway, Greece has their immortals in Zeus. Yet the country is now in financial ruins. Perhaps a lesson can be learnt here.

nkkhoo says:

My history teacher was Prof. Khoo’s student in MU. He was upset when new history textbook authored by local historians was first used in school.

Sin Huat says:

Hang Tuah was a traitor who betrayed his best friend.

nkkhoo says:

Hang Kasturi was killed by Hang Tuah in the Malay Annals, not Hang Jebat as taught in Bolehland’s history textbook.

Wardinia says:

Cannot understand why umno continues to call for malay unity when Tuah could betrayed Jebat or killed Kasturi. If this is the history of their heroes, then nothing can change in the psyche of modern malay, however evolved they have become with NEP. The dilemma faced by hang Tuah is evident in the present day malay community, follow blind faith or follow the justice?

Bara Jiwa says:

Prof KKK said no proof Hang Tuah ever existed.
Looks like Sejarah Melaka of PMR/SPM are more mythical than truth ?
One day the Sejarah syllabus will make M Nasir A Hang Tuah & Tiara Jac Puteri Gunung Ledang.

nkkhoo says:

The portrait of Hang Tuah in the national museum is P. Ramli.

People misunderstood any written text is a hard evidence which is not true. I can write a new book entitled Hikayat Puteri Gunung Ledang and make it to the history textbook if a mythical story is accepted as a fact.

There is a minimum record left on Cheng Ho after new Ming emperor burned down all his navigation journals under the closed door policy. Admiral Cheng Ho was smart enough, he inscribed his biography in a stone before his last voyage, otherwise he is also another mythical hero like Hang Tuah.

Sin Huat says:

If Hang Tuah is indeed a legend, he would have been worshipped by the Chinese in Melaka in those days as a Natuk Kong deity (guardian spirit).

You can go to Gunung Ledang to seek his spirit for 4D number.

nkkhoo says:

The so-called Hang Tuah tomb in Tanjung Kling was only ‘marked” as an artifact in less than 20 year ago.