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How to accept 'bunuh Cina' call in the gathering is a moderate thinking?

Can you recognize Najib in the left bottom photo?

Can Ah Jib Gor enlighten me that instigating crowds to kill Chinese is not extremism?

“Bunuh Cina” shouting might not came out from Najib’s mouth, but he was a UMNO Youth leader led the Malay rally in Kampung Baru stadium.

I was a passive participant in the rally because my Mindef paid hostel was located at a short distance from the stadium. My coursemates mostly Malays except one was killed in a helicopter crash are still alive to testify 1987’s incident.

If you think I hate PM Najib for his 1987’s mob rally, then you are very wrong. I bring this old story out from a worm can is to remind any politician, you are fully responsible for what you say and do.

I did say in many open forums, PM Najib is a capable UMNO leader unlike Pak Lah who is a stumbling block for Anwar to take over Putrajaya if he can deliver his ETP and distance himself from Malay extremists. I hope he does not follow Mahahtir’s dirty tactic to win in the general election.

Pak Lah is credited by giving Malaysians more freedom in politics and his foresight may salvage Malaysia from the violent revolution trap like Arab Springs movement.

Anwar is also a proven capable political leader during his Finance Minister tenure in 90s.

Chua Soi Lek is also a capable and can-do leader except his exposed personal lifestyle has tainted his moral credibility. Many Malaysian politicians are like him except not being caught red-handed in tape.

Lim Guan Eng is still not in my capable leader list, he is a crowd pulling star, not a can-do leader.

My comment in pro-BN Rocky Bru’s blog,


As a military cadet official in 80s who studied in UTM at Jalan Semarak (was Jalan Gurney), my Mindef hostel was nearby the stadium. Unlikely my ears had mistaken “bunuh cina” as “bunuh anjing”. I had to temporarily moved to Setapak because of my skin color to avoid being killed by Malay mobs.

I challenge Najib charging me to test the “bunuh cina” incident in the open court.

For those people think 513 will not happen again for forgetting the past is asking for more 513.

A recap on what happened in 1987 (or 80s) for younger generations to know untold Malaysia history in the school.

– Melaka government intended to acquire Bukit Cina for development had drawn strong protest from Chinese community.

– Anwar Ibrahim, the then-Education Minister, appointed 100 headmasters and senior assistants who were not Chinese-educated to Chinese vernacular schools. This act was condemned by Chinese politicians across the political divide and a non-partisan group comprising MCA-GERAKAN-DAP politicians held a joint meeting to protest the school appointments.

– MCA Youth leader, Lee Kim Sai suggested orang asli is the real bumiputera in a rally at KL Thiam Hor Temple. His datukship was canceled by Selangor Sultan after his open plea on bumi status.

– Najib (part of Mahathir’s team A) as UMNO Youth President led a rally of 10,000 which included banners saying: “SOAK IT (KRIS) WITH CHINESE BLOOD”.

– DPM Gaffar Baba announced another rally in Stadium Merdeka to be attended by half a million Malays. It was feared that this second rally would spark a second May 13. Mahahtir canceled the giant rally after his return from overseas to ease the racial tension.

– Army Private Adam went amok in a killing spree with M16 at Jalan Tengku Abdul Rahman was mistaken as another round of 513 riot. Unconfirmed rumor said Adam’s brother was killed by a Sultan in a golf course, his lost his mind and seeking revenge with bullets.

– Operasi lalang was launched by Mahathir after Private Adam amok incident in Chow Kit area, many politicians from BN and opposition parties were arrested under ISA.

Further reading,

Reject every form of violence and extremism, urges Najib


KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia has called for the rejection of violence and extremism in all forms, saying that moderation is the best way forward.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak also reminded that acts of violence and extremism were being perpetrated across the world by people of all faiths.

“It is not enough to say the solution to extremism is simply for more Muslims to speak up and speak out.

“We need to hear from moderates of all religions and, when we do, peace is there for all to see,” he said in his keynote address at the inaugural International Conference on Global Movement of Moderates here yesterday.

Najib told the gathering that extremism was not always violent, citing the global financial crisis as one of the most extreme yet ostensibly non-violent events in recent history.

He said the extreme and excesses of Wall Street took the world to the brink and the eurozone crisis resulted in millions losing their jobs, homes and security.

Najib first touched on the issue in his maiden speech at the United Nations General Assembly in 2010 when he raised the need for moderates from all faiths to reclaim the agenda for peace and pragmatism.

He also spoke on the subject at the Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies in May last year, where he said the concept of wasatiyyah or moderation should be further explored.

The concept was incorporated in the communique at the recently concluded Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in Australia.

Najib said while moderation was an age-old value that runs right to the heart of the great religions, extremism had never been welcomed inside mosques, churches, synagogues and temples.

Najib announced a Global Movement of the Moderates Foundation would be set up to complement other initiatives for global dialogue and co-operation, such as the United Nations Alliance of Civilisations.

He also announced the formation of an Institute of Wasatiyyah (moderation), operating as part of the Prime Minister’s Office, to further the pursuit of moderation and balance, including respect for democracy, the rule of law, education, human dignity and social justice.

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yusri says:

As reported here:

Significantly, it was when Mr. Najib was acting head of UMNO Youth in 1987 that he sounded a discordant racial note, which raised questions about him in the minds of non-Malays and dogged him for years. It came as communal tension had been building for weeks and he led a huge rally in Kuala Lumpur to confront what was perceived as a Chinese threat to Malay special rights. In the air were ethnic grievances on both sides, though the immediate issue was the government appointment of non-Mandarin-speaking Chinese to administrative posts in Chinese-medium primary schools. As party barriers were overrun by ethnicity, two National Front members, the Malaysian Chinese Association and Gerakan, joined with the opposition Democratic Action Party on occasions in defense of Chinese interests. Mr. Najib was photographed at the demonstration with several other UMNO Youth leaders, wearing white headbands with fists raised, above a banner naming four high-profile opponents, all ethnic Chinese and Indian (though one was a Muslim) and the words, “destroy them.” Followers waved other banners bearing racially provocative slogans. “Our elders should not compromise anymore,” said Mr. Najib. “We are simply fed up.”

Aarof says:

If we are going to give the benefit of the doubt to Najib, and assuming the leopard can indeed change its spots, the question that arises is whether he can go beyond mere rhetoric and rise to the occasion.

Najib cannot wear the moderate hat outside the country and the hat of opposites – extremist, racist, ultra, fanatic – at home. He has to choose whether he wants to be known and remembered as a moderate, both at home and abroad, or show himself in his true colours.

Patently, Najib the ‘keris’ is not qualified to claim the moderate label unless he can redeem himself from his past.
For the record, Najib presides over a government and system which has institutionalised racism – prejudice and opportunism included — and encourages virtually slavery through statelessness, human trafficking and illegal immigration.

This issue among others, including the observance of key tenets of the Federal Constitution more often than not in the breach, has been flogged to death in the past.
Briefly, Article 153, Article 3, Article 8, Article 10 and the like and the New Economic Policy (NEP), the use of the term Bumiputera for groups not sanctioned by the Federal Constitution, a misreading of the term “Malay” and politicising Malaysian history when not basing it for chunks on the fairy tales in the Sejarah Melayu.

Lying to the country is bad enough, stop lying to the world
Najib has tried to pull the wool over the public eyes by emphasising on government transformation and economic transformation and so far all on paper.

But man does not live by bread alone. Najib cannot impress Malaysians by trotting out figures on Key Performances Indexes, the amount of foreign investment gathered and the like.

He needs to grab the bull by the horns and ensure fundamental political reforms are put in place. No one in the richer states and the urban areas is any longer interested in bread-and-butter issues.

Promising even more development – including in the form of piped water and electricity more than 50 years after the British left – and doling out our money to ourselves in the form of vote-buying bribes under various guises is not the way to go.

One can bluff some of the people some of the time but not all the people all the time.

It’s high time that Najib and his ruling Umno stop the politics of distraction and disruption and decide where politics ends and good government begins. Either shape up or ship out. Don’t waste our time!

caravanserai says:

In 1987 UMNO rally
Banners were raised
Slogans seditious in nature
The youth chief soaked it in

The bogeyman oh the Chinese
Always the brunt of UMNO
When talking about sharing of wealth
In the economic pie

Najib should answer
Today of what he said 30 years ago
Has he forgotten about it?
The youth of the time
Now the aged and wise politician

Yet the baggage he carries
It is heavy now though he never said
The truth will always set one free
Into the light……….

Operation Lallang hundreds were rounded up
Najib escaped the dragnet…………….
Did he learn when Dr M let him go?
Others spent time in detention

UMNO died in the same year
Quickly it was set up as UMNO Baru
So the old baggage got carried through
Choking the party all the way

The arrogant of the UMNO leaders
They don’t learn even till today
They still talk about the glorious years
They don’t mentioned warmly about other races
Knitting together to march forward
Getting independence and a new nation is born

Osman says:

Pada tahun 1987, UMNO perhimpunan
Sepanduk telah dibangkitkan
Slogan-slogan yang menghasut dalam alam semula jadi
Ketua belia direndam dalam

Oh hantu orang Cina
Sentiasa beban UMNO
Apabila bercakap mengenai perkongsian kekayaan
Dalam pai ekonomi

Najib harus menjawab
Hari ini apa yang dia katakan 30 tahun yang lalu
Adakah dia telah lupa mengenai pesan itu?
Golongan muda masa
Sekarang ahli politik yang berumur dan bijaksana

Namun bagasi dia membawa
Ia adalah berat sekarang walaupun dia tidak pernah berkata
Kebenaran akan sentiasa menetapkan satu percuma
Kepada cahaya … … ….

Beratus-ratus Lallang Operasi telah dinaikkan
Najib melarikan diri ditahan … … … … ….
Adakah dia belajar apabila Dr M membiarkan dia pergi?
Lain-lain menghabiskan masa dalam tahanan

UMNO meninggal dunia pada tahun yang sama
Dengan cepat ia telah ditubuhkan sebagai UMNO Baru
Jadi bagasi lama dapat dijalankan melalui
Tercekik parti sepanjang jalan

Orang yang sombong takbur daripada pemimpin-pemimpin UMNO
Mereka tidak belajar walaupun sehingga hari ini
Mereka masih bercakap mengenai tahun-tahun gemilang
Mereka tidak disebut hangat mengenai kaum-kaum lain
Knitting bersama-sama untuk berarak ke hadapan
Mendapat kemerdekaan dan sebuah negara yang baru dilahirkan

Manja says:

Please refer to the Government White Paper entitled “Towards Preserving National Security” tabled in Parliament on 23rd March 1988 which recorded that in an Umno Youth rally led by Najib on 17th October 1987, banners bearing strong words were displayed, including one which said: “SOAK IT (KRIS) WITH CHINESE BLOOD”. [‘saya akan mandikan keris saya dengan darah Cina’?]

So, Najib could be absolved and correct to say that he never uttered those words, though they (the words) were plainly in sight for the audience. Unless RTM has a recording of the rally & speeches made ?

Since Malaysia does not have a Freedom of Information Act, we won’t know since the general public does not have access to RTM’s vaults.

nkkhoo says:

The crowds definitely shouting “bunuh cina” repeatedly when Najib was in the stadium. I could not say he uttered such words also because no Chinese was allowed to enter the stadium.

Ong Goo Kang says:

If indeed Najib did utter ‘bunuh cina’, at least he should issue a statement of regret. It could be short of a direct apology in light of him being a PM and saving face within Umno, a least a show of sincerity is what is expected.

nkkhoo says:

I can accept late apology from PM Najib because no actions was taken to kill Chinese in 1987.

niceguy says:

Ah, the past misdeeds… those good old bad times!

My pet peeve is changing the symbol of M$ to MR. (The guy who changed it never heard of the saying “If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it.”)

One shopkeepper in a rural place was really pissed, complaining to me that he now has to go to town and spend good money to buy a new price tagging gun, otherwise some officials will harrass him for not price tagging his goods correctly.

Why I prefer the previous symbol? Simple, RM = Rupiah Malaysia. LOL.

The old symbol has $ in it and one tends to relate it against other commonwealth countries that uses dollars and cents.

Everybody thinks the economy is doing great because the ringgit raised from RM3.80 to RM3.15 for one US dollar.

Wrong! It is USA, Japan and Europe that are not doing well that makes our economy looking good.

Thailand was really, really hard hit during the 1987 crisis. (Bankers jumping off buildings, etc. etc. …) And last year, almost the whole country was devastated by floods for months…

And yet its exchange rate is still about 10 bahts to a ringgit since way before 1987 till today. It is either Thailand is recovering remarkably well or Malaysia just managing in keeping pace with a country that had been hit by one crisis after another.

If the symbol still has the dollar sign in it, people would constantly benchmark ourselves with Singapore (and not against other neighbouring countries.) And Singapore, like it or not, is good comparison because of same historical, cultural, political and economical background when it split from Malaysia.

So how bad is our economy? Currently, it is SIN$1.00 to (about) RM2.50.

Is that BAD? It is for those who remembered thinking how poor we were doing when the rates dropped from 1.10 to more than 1.50 for one Sing dollar.

Anyone who even dare to dream (yes, merely giving empty promises would do!) that Malaysia can chase Singapore and narrow back the rates to about 1.30, will get my vote in the coming election!

Sin Huat says:

Any proof of the 1987 “Bunuh Cina” incident?
If you do not have any proof, you better don’t mention it.
Not only will it affect your crdibility, the police will knock on your door just like the way they handle that USM undergraduate who make certain remark on Facebook.

nkkhoo says:

Unless Najib destroyed all archives in the Chinese and other newspapers. Sin Chew Daily and The Star did report the “bunuh cina” rally with detailed account on what had happened on that day in the next day.

The punishment was both Sin Chew and The Star were banned and closed down for more than a year by Mahathir during his infamous ops lalang.

Destroy Sin Chew and The Star local archives will not wipe out Najib’s black spot in 1987, I still can find a copy from the Singapore libraries as evidence in the court.

Using police to intimate me is washing linens in the public eyes and open the worm can. He merely deny he said “bunuh Cina” in the rally, but dared not to deny NO such anti-Chinese rally in the parliament.

Ah Jib Gor should be held responsible for any anti-Chinese remarks made by the crowds in a rally called up by him.

Bernama, RTM and TV3 should have video recording, but such archives are off-limit to public or probably already destroyed by Mahathir. FEER used to open its archives for subscribers to view before it was closed for business.

What evidence do you want from me? Najib’s saliva leftover in the stadium or news reports in those local and foreign papers.

Are you saying Malaysia government white paper entitled “Towards Preserving National Security” tabled in Parliament on 23rd March 1988 was a fabricated story?

Let shut off your mouth if you were a three years old baby in that year. Go find evidence yourself instead of asking question like a child.

Don’t insult my readers to equal me with that brainless USM Indian student.

Azizah says:

Sin Huat is merely offering you an advice. You should thank him for that. If you stick to your no fear attitude, a stint at Kemunting could be a rehabilitation for you from the police.

nkkhoo says:

Nope. He was questioning my credibility on “bunuh cina” accusation against Najib.

I know exactly what I am writing is defendable in the court.

The only way to stop me from talking truth is kill me. ISA will not able to stop me. I am waiting for that day and not hiding in London like Raja Petra.

UMNO and police know who am I since 1998 for them to send a court warrant to my home. My online buddy, late MGG Pillai was sued for RM100 million, I was sued by Petronas for unspecified amount. I survived, but he lost his case to Vincent Tan.

A hard lesson learned is do not expect any political party comes to help you in the court case unless you are Anwar Ibrahim. MGG Pillai was push to brink until he could not afford to own a computer. His lawyer son will understand what I mean.

I believe RPK has received the same fate after parties he helped to win in GE12 abandoned him. He chose to work with BN for monetary reason which I can forgive him to do so.

That is reason I never mind my language to attack any political party or politician who is trying to fool rakyat.

Manja says:

Ah Jib Gor is trying to rebrand himself to the Chinese community with the help of the image consultant from MCA.
However, nkkhoo js smart enough to remind us of the past misdeeds. Melayu mudah lupa, what about the Chinese? Perhaps the RM500 BR1M will make them have temporarily forget the past for PRU13?

nkkhoo says:

Chinese is not amnesia like Malays, but many Chinese can sacrifice everything for money.

Demy says:

The 1987 ‘soak this keris in Chinese blood’ is the moderation behind the facade erected on the world stage. Burning churches and orchetrating the pighead-in-mosque incident hoping to ignite riots is the actual definition, played out till it fizzled out due to the total absence of any violent reaction from either the Christians or the Muslim masses. Trampling on cowheads to incite communal strife is ‘Umno-BN moderation.’ Attacking the peaceful Bersih 2.0 rally is ‘moderation.’ The PDRM attacking tung Shin hospital is Umno-BN brand of moderation. The joke is, cyberspace is wide open and due to the efforts of Msia-watchers like John Mallot, there’s a fair amount of international audience checking out what the ‘local populace say.’ The more we speak-up, the more the world gets to know what a blatant, shameless liar Pink Lips is. Kick Umno-BN out in GE13!