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Ali Rustam's Melaka travel English poke-eye leaflet

This single page Melaka travel leaflet for RM10 million tourists is found with more than fifty [Lima Puluh!] grammatical and spelling errors.

What can you say about attitude of Bolehland government servants?

What can you say about Bolehland’s English standard?

Pulling your hairs off while laughing at Mohd Ali Rustam is my answer!

Don’t simply assume that Melaka Tourism Department’s top management is Malay as usual, in reality the main person-in-charge for Melaka tourism promotion is a Chinese with surname Kang.

I will fire those responsible for this blunder if I were Ali Rustam.

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Azizah says:

This type of MBMMBI English is acceptable in Bolehland.
Kang is a smart guy. If he uses proper Englsih, maybe his superior cannot understand. So the best way is to think in BM first, then do a lateral translation in your head, as this is the way his superior would decode the English langauage. Who needs PPSMI when MBMMBI can get you this far?

nkkhoo says:

I know I cannot be a professional English editor, I know what I do not know.

The person entrusted to write the English text actually does not know what he/she does not know. This is the most horrible thing if you have such subordinate in your office.

A fresh female quality engineer made an engineering change decision without consultation with my Process Engineering group had burned my ex-company a few million USD. She is a typical example of does not know what she does not know.

My GM forgave her for not providing necessary training to a new engineer. He as a top management took the full responsibility unlike Lim Guan Eng.