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A series of events leading to 109 bombings

Malaysia is reaching a stage where extremists have no shy to plant bombs on the roadside to terrorize its people and government.

Let me list down all major event sequence after 308 political tsunami for you to judge who should be blamed for 901 bombings.

1. Perkasa was given free hand to run illegal demonstrations without free teargas from police.

2. Throwing cow-head to Selangor government office.

3. Arson attacks against Churches.

4. Throwing pig heads to mosques.

5. Teoh Beng Hock was found dead in MACC office.

6. Mamak gang terrorized Penang Chief Minister with coffins.

7. UMNO Youth and Perkasa were blocking the Penang bridge.

8. Perkasa mob was blocking traffic in Penang road.

9. Non-lethal bombs were planted in 901 free Anwar rally.

What are the next terrorizing events waiting to happen?

I let you to fill up the answers because I do not know.

There are many possibilities like,

  • Iraq-styled car bombings?
  • Pakistan-styled human body suicide bombings?
  • Bali-styled bombings ?
  • Sri Lanka-styled civil war?
  • Lebanon-styled civil war?
  • Malaya Communist-styled bombings?

By the time the spark is growing to wild fire critical stage, Malaysia can say sayonara to 2020 vision of developed nation. Our rich people with tons of black money can migrate to overseas while poor people from all races are forced to stay here and fighting each others for food, housing, water, land, etc. like African black chimpanzees.

Hisham and police lackadaisical, closed one eye, biased and unprofessional attitude have allowed a small spark growing into a flame by now, and it may growing to a wild fire if no effective countermeasures to tackle new terrorism.

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Daud says:


For a start there was the Malay 10th Regiment of the CPM….. numbered 500?

Theme song from the 7th Dawn – Banned movie on Malaya 1964.

Were the 70,000 Baling demonstrations in 1974 left wing?

Uggies says:

no wonder bombing of helicopter a possibility if the trend continues ?