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My hyphothesis, Hang Li Poh and Hang Tuah did exist, but with a twist

Hang Tuah and his companions are Ming imperial eunuchs cum body guards with excellent martial art skills who accomplished Hang Li Poh to Melaka.

There are local scholars saying the name ‘Hang’ exists in Padang Lawas Sumatra, Indonesia.

But why Hang Li Poh is believed was a princess from the Ming emperor, not a princess from Sumatra.

Hang Li Poh is not a real Ming princess should not come as a big surprise. In Chinese history, sometimes the emperor adopted a palace waitress or concubine as her foster princess before she was sent off to a foreign land for diplomacy marriage with a king or an emperor.

Chinese dominant race is Han, it could written as Hang in ancient Malay language. Hang Ling Poh and her royal body guards like Hang Tuah, Hang Jebat, etc. were given a common surname or title “Hang” for representing Han emperor.

This also explain Hang Tuah, Hang Jebat, Hang Kasturi, Hang Lekir and Hang Lekiu were not siblings, but merely close friends.

Why no descendants found for Hang Tuah and his comrades in Melaka? Because they were eunuchs from the Ming imperial palace.

Only DNA or carbon tests on Hang Tuah, Hang Jebat, etc. remains and compare with the population with Hang name in Sumatra, local Malay and Mainland Nanjing Chinese can approve or disapprove my hypothesis on Hang Tuah is a Chinese.

UMNO will use religion sensitivity to prevent DNA tests because my hypothesis is more rational than the myths in our history text book.

It’s a huge blow to Malay supremacy ego if Hang Tuah and his companions are proven as Han Chinese.

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whocare says:

I think Hang Tuah is a Malay…(Who cares…he sucks anyway…)

Aidil Yunus says:

Tiada melyu hilang di dunia ini.
Tapi DNA melayu dah banyak dikacuk oleh dna mamak!

nkkhoo says:

The mamaks are the ones control UMNO and Malay politics.

Haslam says:

what sort of English : My hyphothesis on Hang Li Poh and Hang Tuah were exist with a twist ?

I think you meant : My hyphothesis is that Jang Li Poh & hang Tuak did exist but with a twist ?

careful with your English otherwise you may likely to preach wrong grammar to young readers. ok ?

nkkhoo says:

Fren, this is a blog, not English newspapers with pro editor doing edition before publication. I spend less than 15 minutes, sometimes less than 5 minutes for each posting.

I did double check for letters send to newspapers, but not for posting in my blog.

Anyway, thank for your correction.

Haslam says:

nkkhoo, have you heard that Prof K alliance with BN has been put to test and he may have not been granted interviews on RTM after he dismissed the existence of Hang Tuah ?

Manja says:

Hang Tuah was a ‘yes man” similar to all those in UMNO. His blind loyalty to his ‘leader’ the Sultan was not at all exemplary as he can’t differentiate between right and wrong. This blind loyalty is what UMNO is trying to forge among the Malays. The real hero was Hang Jebat, he tried to uphold justice, and died for it.

nkkhoo says:

Hang Jebat was fighting with the gentleman spirit, he allowed Hang Tuah to collect his falling kris.

China feudal system puts blind loyalty to emperors above justice.

Arshard says:

Yes, they re all gentlemen and gave up Melaka to Portugis without a fight.

Hasbula says:

The tomb of Hang Tuah is set up by 4D worshippers to get $D insights! It is sponsored by Magnum!

Why Hang Tuah got tomb whil those Sultan melaka of olden day got none? lu pikirlah sendiri!

nkkhoo says:

There is one Melaka sultan’s tomb in Kampong Raja, Pagoh.

See my write-up about the tomb.

AJ says:

Is it certified by Profesor Khoo KK to be a genuine tomb?

Manja says:

The legend has it that Hang Tuah retreated into Gunung Ledang and never return to Melaka, yet there is a tomb of Hang Tuah in Melaka?

Prof KKK said that it is better to acknowledge the first malay doctor than the myth of Hang Tuah in our history book. What about the first malay communist leader?

Manja says:

Perkasa is replacing hang tuah as the symbol of malay supremacy in the Umno era?

Zamree says:

Perkasa is more interested in supporting Obedient Wives Club, as tehy can justify being ketuanan over their wives to satisfy their sexual appetite according to that handbook that advocates simultanoeus intercourse!

HuaHee333 says:

Hang Tuah was at one time worship as a true malay warrior until archealogists found that Hang Tuah, Hang Jebat, hang Lekir and the rest of the Hang entourage were actually chinese related to Hang Li Poh. Thats when history was rewritten with the purpose of eradicating that part of history because it would only glorify the chinese.

So Prof Khoo, you are nothing but a fake professor of History. Such disgrace to have such people as professor teaching our young. If you are so passionate about the facts in Malaysian history, tell us why the role of Yap Ah Loy and other non Malays are downplayed in the Sejarah according to BN?

Uggies says:

that’s why umno under the guise of perkasa will try all means like even securing the dna (or semen)of hang tuah to prove his existence.