Corruption & Cronyism >>>

Stolen smart tag reader was settled with RM10,000

A kampong folk who used a stolen smart tag was nagged by a police team from Bukit Aman. RM10,000 was paid to settle the case. Local police requested special ang pau from the culprit for not sharing RM10,000 with Bukit Aman task force.

The lead to car jacking syndicate is disrupted after RM10,000 bribe to police.

This is another corruption case in the small fry level.

Ah long loan shark, drug trafficking, car jacking, etc. are flourishing because the police is corrupt to the core.

Indonesian illegal immigrants paid RM30 monthly protection money to police for them stay as long as they want in Bolehland.

MCA is collaborating with Chinese underground societies in new villages to influence Chinese voters. Free ang pau and CNY parties to bait support from kampong folks.

Corruption in Malaysia is reaching terminally ill stage.

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Joseph says:

Those equipment inside the collapsed stadium in Trengganu disappeared – RM500 million gone! Inside job?