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Recycled issue :: Malaysia is the most corrupt country except OPEC in the world

The news is recycled this time with a new data that is RM200 billion illicit outflow in 2010. China black money outflow per capita is not serious as the total amount.

The news blackout in the mass media to prevent orang kampungs to know Malaysia is the most corrupt nation.‘pm-must-account-for-rm871b-outflow’/

I think I shall stop writing about social and political issues after GE 13 because 90% of issues are recycled materials years after years.

Set aside a few OPEC oil exporting countries in Middle East and other continents, Malaysia is the number one corrupt nation in the world, followed by Russia.

For the period between 2000 to 2009, the outflow illicit money excluding transfer pricing per capita is summarized here,

Malaysia illicit outflows Per capita: US$ 5320 [RM 16529]

Russia illicit outflows Per Capita: US$ 3232.8

Philippines illicit outflows Per Capita: US$ 1512.7

Thailand illicit outflows Per Capita: US$ 1011

Mexico illicit outflows Per Capita: US$ 755

Indonesia illicit outflows Per capita: US$ 383

China illicit outflows Per capita: US$ 267

In term of $ per capita, Malaysia is about 20 times more corrupt than China and 16.5 times more corrupt than Indonesia

In term of absolute value, total illicit outflow black money during 2000-09 is RM 479.35 billion.

Malaysia government has to rely on borrowings to meet its deficit budgets. Malaysia government total debts as at 20 Jan 2012 is RM 440.846 billion.

The interesting fact about how huge is huge for RM 479.35 billion.

Malaysia does not need to borrow a single cent for annul budgets if the financial leakage is plugged.


Every Malaysian can receive RM 1650 free handout every year from government if the financial leakage is plugged.


Every household in Malaysia can receive 2X Proton Saga FLX if the financial leakage is plugged.


1. All data are taken from Global Financial Integrity website at
2. Illicit money is excluding transfer pricing.

Top 10 countries with the highest measured cumulative illicit financial outflows between 2000 and 2009 were:

China: $2.74 trillion
Russia: $504 billion
Mexico: $501 billion
Saudi Arabia: $380 billion
Malaysia: $350 billion
United Arab Emirates: $296 billion
Kuwait: $271 billion
Nigeria: $182 billion
Venezuela: $179 billion
Qatar: $130 billion

Transfer pricing component is excluded for a better estimate on outflow for illicit activities like rent-seeking, kickbacks, bribery, drug, human trafficking, etc.

Qatar: $169.79 billion (Population: 1.7 million)
Illicit outflows Per Capita: US$ 99876

Kuwait: $270.7 billion (Population: 3.1 million)
Illicit outflows Per Capita: US$ 87322

United Arab Emirates: $285.97 billion (Population: 5.4 million)
Illicit outflows Per Capita: US$ 52957

Saudi Arabia: $374.83 billion (Population: 29.2 million)
Illicit outflows Per Capita: US$ 12836.6

Venezuela: $171.09 billion (28.8 million)
Illicit outflows Per Capita: US$ 5940


Malaysia: $154.28 billion (Population: 29 million)
Illicit outflows Per capita: US$ 5320

Philippines: $142.19 billion (Population: 94 million)
Illicit outflows Per Capita: US$ 1512.7

Thailand: $68.87 billion (Population: 68.1 million)
Illicit outflows Per Capita: US$ 1011

Indonesia: $90.18 billion (Population: 235.5 million)
Illicit outflows Per capita: US$ 383

Vietnam: $ 17.63 billion (Population: 89 million)
Illicit outflows Per Capita: US$ 198

Russia: $458.74 billion (Population: 141.9 million)
Illicit outflows Per Capita: US$ 3232.8

Nigeria: $151.92 billion (Population: 158.3 million)
Illicit outflows Per Capita: US$ 960

Mexico: $83.54 billion (Population: 110.6 million)
Illicit outflows Per Capita: US$ 755

China: $357.15 billion (Population: 1338 million)
Illicit outflows Per capita: US$ 267

India: $ 128.43 billion (Population: 1188.8 million)
Illicit outflows Per Capita: US$ 108

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dennis says:

Read Nadeswaran’s article on The Sun today ‘CASE NOT SOLVED’ to understand how 20 million ringgit spent on ‘Road to London’ program was not open for public scrutiny. MACC chose not to investigate.

Jeff says:

RM20 million only produce one silver and 1 bronze. The only winners are LCW and pandalela who are laughing to the bank and safe for retirement. Shaberry Cheek shouls resign for the failure including failure to cdisclose how the money was spent!

Vote BN and you can be assured another rampant wastage (corruption?) in its Road To Rio program.

ctchan says:

Any ideas on how much illicit inflow (backflow) to Malaysia..
Country with illicit inflow shall play their parts as well.

nkkhoo says:

The money will return in FDI, never in black money because no central bank in the West will allow black money flows out tax free.

ctchan says:

As illicit inflow countries, the west shall play their parts..

Noted that the top 10 countries with illicit outflows are not from the west. Malaysia may be the hub for illicit in and outflows, any ideas on the net illicit in/outflow figure?

nkkhoo says:

Do you think Singapore government care how you get your money when you deposit USD 1 million in Singapore bank? This is called politics and selfishness.

The onus to make sure your money is clean is Bank Negara Malaysia, not MAS.

Of course you and me got hard time to smuggle out RM50,000, let forget about 1 million USD.

Do you believe other people will keep your house in secure when yourself do not bother to lock your house?

Even for legitimate FDI flow, Malaysia is also in deficit. Tons of data available in internet.

ctchan says:

Think the illicit inflow countries may have do their parts in letting the illicit outflow data be collected. However, it is unlikely any of them will verify it (if Bank Negara think not) as it will also verify them as supporting illicit outflow activities. As a result, the data is rather difficult to verify..

nkkhoo says:

You are still living in the academic world to believe that the world financial system is separated and owned by each nation. That is why I sometimes do not want to engage discussion with people believe in many academic assumptions like UMNO will change to a non-racist party.

When a person is using terms like think, may, unlikely etc. many uncertainties found about his/her points. It’s better to find out the facts first than throw many uncertainties in any discussion.

This is my last answer to you about this topic, I will not bother to response if the commenter is not you.

Actually American government controls all financial data in the world, not every countries.

Any data on money flow out/flow in of a nation boundary is captured by American banking system first because there is only one financial system SWIFT which is under Uncle Sam’s direct control.

American government will alerted BNM if you have received a sudden huge amount of money from any USA company. It’s difficult to receive black money from USA.

Unless you carry money in cash, otherwise every single cross nation transaction is captured by SWIFT.

Iran banking system was collapsed instantly after Iran was kicked out from SWIFT. Russia and China have to transport hard cash to Iran even Russia and China want to help Iran out from financial embargo.

Internet is also under American direct control.

Jeff says:

What does Chua Yong Tee and the BN have to say about the RM871 billion out flow?

nkkhoo says:

So far only Gerakan from BN asked this question to BNM and BN government.

Jeff says:

The silence of Najib on this matter characterizes the lack of leadership from the country’s Finance Minister over the issue of illicit capital outflows topping the world rankings after China in 2010.

The similar muted response from the governor of Bank Negara on latest episode also makes mockery of her award as Asian top central banker. The latest GFI’s report is hugely embarrassing not only to the country but the government responsible for such a diabolical state of affairs.

We should ask what transformation is Najib championing on all this while when leakages from the economy are continuing unabated?

Larry says:

This country has benefitted from our petroleum reserved. The nation got huge tax and dividend from Petronas alone. This is over and above all other taxes including the huge gaming tax generated by all the gaming outlet including Genting, Magnum and Sportoto. This government is not serious about keeping our balance sheet strong. More than 5 decades under them is a testimony of how bad they can be. Those obvious corruption case within BN is either not yet charge or government using whatever means to drag their feet. But a mere RM2K plus on Teoh Being Hock, someone got killed. Whatever word they coined such as 1Malaysia, transformation, etc are merely political ploy. There is no seriousness in them. The time has come for Malaysians to take things more seriously and vote carefully. We do not want those corrupted and racist to have anything to do with the administrating this country. They only make matters worse.

Uggies says:

Msia is a heaven for money laundering and illicit money trading.

Zamree says:

True. That’s why NFC ‘invested’ in a RM10 million condo in Singapore!

Joseph says:

Why MACC is not investigating is beyond my comprehension.

Jeff says:

Despite Najib’s promises that a probe would be conducted by Bank Negara, the central bank has yet to announce the result of its investigations or explain the massive illicit capital flight, despite offers of help from top GFI economists.

Janji Tak Ditepati?

nkkhoo says:

BNM MAY refute the data collected is not inaccurate to diverse the Malaysian attention.

The old man will argue we never supply such data to GFI, how they know our black money outflow amount.

Recalled a mysterious plane with busloads of cash and goldbar flighted out from Subang Airport after 97 Financial Crisis.

Aidil Yunus says:

That’s a price to pay for the so-called 1malaysia where you get RM500 pocket money to clam your nerves before teh PRU13.

Tim says:

That’s the very reason why BN must go!