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Malaysia's future is bleak...WHY?

Malaysia under BN having several baggages unseen in other countries.

1. Rampant and widespread corruption

Bolehland is famous for its one stop corruption house from the top to bottom. The jaws on the top will using rent-seeking and contract kickbacks to ransack billions from the nation’s coffers while the fries on the bottom will using extortion and bribery to steal money from the rakyat’s pockets.

PEMANDU estimated RM10 billion lost to corruption each year is very under estimated.

The GFI estimated outflow illicit funds in 2009 is US$ 21.47 billion or RM 65.333 billion. For 2000 to 2009, the average illicit outflow black money is RM 48 billion each year.

Set aside a few OPEC oil exporting countries in Middle East and other continents, Malaysia is the number one corrupt nation in the world, followed by Russia.

2. Over-staff bloated pubic services

Malaysia with 1.3 million public servants is going to drain out scarce resources to salary and pension payments, the funds leftover for development is minimum. The public servant to population is the highest in the world. Another boleh record!

Malaysia: 4.5%
Thailand: 2.06%
Indonesia: 1.79%
Singapore: 1.47%
South Korea: 1.85%

The operating to development budget gap was growing over years. For instance, only 21.12% funds in 2012 budget are allocated for development.

How can Malaysia compete with Korea, China, Singapore, etc, in human resources and R&D if 79% funds are used for operating and debt payments purposes?

3. Wasted subsidies

It’s reported 32.2 billion are budgeted for food and fuel subsidies in 2012. Every Malaysian supposed to receive RM1100 subsidies per year on paper?

How many poor rakyat without cars are enjoying fuel and toll subsidies?

How many controlled items are smuggled out to neighboring countries?

CAP President said only 25% of essential goods and oil subsidy is actually reaching 20% poorest Malaysia. 75% of subsidy is enjoyed by the middle class and tycoons.

How many billions fuel subsidies for IPPs are fully utilized? Our electricity tariff is still slightly higher than Thailand who is receiving zero subsidies in fuel.

In layman word, RM19 billion fuel subsidies each year for Tenaga and IPPs are wasted due to 40% excess capacity.

4. Astronomical national debts

Malaysia government total debts as at 20 Jan 2012 is RM 440.846 billion. The government has pay RM30-40 billion to serve debts annually, mainly in the interest charges.

Do you think Malaysia government can repay these huge debts before bankruptcy by 2019 as forecasted by Pemandu?

5. Racial NEP

NEP did help Malays to achieve better economic status at the cost of non-bumi being discriminated. The unity among Malaysians was pushed backward and the brain drain of educated non-bumi to foreign countries.

UMNO achieved its goal of reducing the number of non-bumi Malaysians with NEP apartheid policy.

6. Over dependent on cheap foreign workers

An industrial estate next to my new village in Muar hires more than 4000 foreign workers compared to less than 3000 population in my New village. These foreign workers occupy at least 90% of factory jobs in the industrial estate.

Only the Chinese manufacturing and Malay plantation bosses gain from unlimited and cheap foreign labor policy, while we common rakyat gain is tons of hazard industrial pollutants, disturbance on our peaceful living and losses of foreign exchange.

The foreign workers have to be chased out from the assembly hall when DPM Muhyiddin delivered his speech in the CNY party, otherwise he would shock to see 50% audiences in the hall are aliens.

Why no quota limit for foreign workers in the factories?

Uncontrolled presence of cheap foreign workers has brought down the salary level for local workers and it’s impossible for local people to work in the factories at the salary paid to foreign workers.

Only one way out for Malaysia under above circumstances, that is going to Holland (graveyard) under BN.

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Jess says:

I am sad for Malaysians. We’re born and raised here yet we are called “pendatang” while these Indian/Pakistani Muslims are given blue IC and become members of Sabah Malaysian Muslim Indian Congress. And they are voters too.

Ronny says:

BN legalised 1.6 million foreign unskilled labourers who are non-taxpayer ‘Bumiputras’ consuming all the benefits funded by us taxpayers. The local universities rankings have slid from the World Top 100 to unbelievably low levels so much that we have difficulty in competing internationally. Our brightest and brilliant are forced to mass migrate to Singapore, Taiwan and overseas. This is very ironic because we have immense natural resources which were extracted for half a century but our country seems to be always in debt and short of funds. The vast revenues obtained from tin, rubber, timber and petroleum had not done much to secure our economic standing.

Ray says:

nkkhoo can add one more reason:

A colossal RM893 billion was siphoned out of Malaysia’s economy into tax havens abroad between 1970 and 2010, a London-based research (Tax Justice Network) has revealed, placing the country among the top 20 nation in the developing world labelled as “losers” of capital flight.

The sum is more than triple that of Malaysia’s national debt total, which amounted to RM257.2 billion in 2011, according to previous media reports.


nkkhoo says:

Malaysia national debt is more than RMN400 billion.

Ronny says:

Under regim BN, 33% of the Malaysian workforce currently live below the poverty line of RM763.

nkkhoo can trust this figure from The Star:

Justin Hew says:

Future is bleak in Kuantan with the risk from rare earth radiation courtesy of Lynas!

nkkhoo says:

I have no problem to stay in Gebeng, a place more safer from chemical toxic than Muar.

Manson says:

You are a good spokesman for MB Adnan. I think your Datukship in on the way!

Justin Hew says:

Good if you could highlight the problems in Muar (toxic dumping) in your blog.
But you must not endanger your safety as such operation could be ‘mafia’-linked i.e. politically linked.

nkkhoo says:

The industrial estate is owned by a Mafia, associated with DPM.

niceguy says:

Kuantan is a big town. Gebeng is an industrial zone.

If one buys land around Muar, you have to check carefully there’s no factory/workshop hidden among the trees next door. One reason why the furniture industry “mushroom” so quickly around Muar… hide from DOSH.

nkkhoo says:

That is true, many illegal furniture factories in Muar especially in Parit Jawa now.

Pheabus says:

Future is bleak in Bolehland because very soon the EPF also got plundered for those 1-Schemes.

ABU is the way to arrest the trend.

Bunny says:

Malaysia’s future will be bleak if BN is still in power.

So simple!

Hua Hee 333 says:

More liberal urban Malays could be embracing the DAP as feel no affinity for the religious brand of politics favoured by PAS or the strong whiff of Umno-ism emanating from PKR. They have chosen a third, more secular route and this does not mean that they are abandoning their religious world view, merely that they don’t see their Islamic perspective threatened by the political framework of the DAP.

Hua Hee 333 says:

We are not saying we dislike Najib, the fact is there are already too much wrongdoings in the country and nothing much is done towards it. The continued intimidations of the minorities must stop, corruptions must stop, spiralling inflation must be controlled, high crime rates should go down, education should be given priority!

The Chinese and Indians had taken the lead and the Malays will ensure Pakatan Rakyat will win come PRU 13! The need for a responsible Government had never been more telling than now! If we continue with the old, we will never have a chance to experience the new.

Malaysians, unite! Vote Pakatan Rakyat come PRU 13! Selamatkan Malaysia!

Hua Hee 333 says:

Ibrahim Ali is really “kurang ajar” by giving out ang-pows in white envelopes. He knows very well that ang-pows should be given in red packets and not white envelopes. White envelopes are used to at funerals only. This idiotic Ibrahim Ali is doing this on purpose !

Don’t tell me this fool of an UMNO member and his cohorts cannot find any red packets at all to put the money in. All banks are giving out free red packets. Big establishments like Maxis, most departmental stores etc. also give out red packets during Chinese New Year. All this idiot Ibrahim Ali has to do is to go to his bank to ask for the red packets and I am sure the banks will give him more that he can use for that function. Get what I mean ? He is doing this on purpose to stir up ill feelings among the rakyat.

Roslinda says:

Isu sentimen perkauman melampau yang dibawa oleh Umno telah menggagalkan penyatuan rakyat juga sebagai senjata untuk mengalihkan isu apabila satu isu besar muncul dalam negara.

Isu Lynas diangkat kerana isu ini menunjukkan ketidak pedulian Umno terhadap suara rakyat sanggup memperjudikan nyawa rakyat demi projek menguntungkan pihak tertentu. Isu ini juga berkait rapat dengan pembaziran, rasuah yang menghilangkan hasil petroleum negara sehingga negara terpaksa mencari industri tenaga baru bagi menggantikan petroleum.

Isu harga barang yang melampau dan jelas regim gagal mengawal

Manja says:

Roslinda made a very good point.

Now PM Najib going round the countries disbursing goodies purely to win votes. But we must all know that the money is belonging to the rakyat in the first place. You are merely electing a wakil rakyat to give you your own money. Any government can do that, not necessarily BN. I still cannot understand how the RM500 BR1M can be be attributed to the fruit of success from the Najib’s acronym-based projects. Only fools fail to realise that the money are from borrowings and thus subject the future generations to incurr the debt. How irresponsible.

Aarof says:

Kita Semua Rakyat Malaysia, tak kira bangsa. Tak payah lagi kaum ini kaum itu. in a globalization, we Malaysia must think global, we must face the global competition or else we Malaysia as a nation will lost the competition and become Dinosaur.

Mengapa kita punya kerajaan Umno dan BN mashi fikir, still thinking of divide and try to capture only Malaysian market, government GLC like Khanzanah still trying to buy over a successful run company like SP Setia ? They should be going out there and buy a China or Singapore or USA company to get world market share, make $ in other country. that is what Singapore government doing. Think global, why still stuck in the 1969 policy of NEP, 1970 policy or quota, that is very narrow vision of our Umno BN government.

we must think global, our singer our talented Malaysian, should be performing and selling album in Asia and in USA, go to American Idol, go to the world stage and compete, we should be going to Everest not to stuck in the mind set of jaguh kampung, only gunung Tahan or gunung Kinabalu. out of date.

Think big, thing global, we malay and malaysian must think global. get rid of the umno that is corrupt.

1) no more toll in our Plus highway, you stay in KL PJ? have you pay enough toll yet? stuck in the traffic jam and queue up to pay toll, during festive season, queue up to pay toll an stuck in traffic jam? waste of petrol and also stuck in paying toll, what a crazy thing to do? so, if we have a PR federal government, we will see them get rid of toll in our highway.

2) paying expensive AP, i believe, if PR is in power, they can scrap the AP, so that we those driving proton car, can deserving ly drive a Toyota Camry instead, like to drive proton or Toyota Camry?

3) expensive tenaga electrical tariff, due to the IPP crony of BN, Umno, if we have PR government I believe, with less corruption or crony, we rakyat will face with cheaper electrical tariff rate.

4) if we use open tender system, in federal government of PR, then, we can see many millions of saving, and we can have the money given to the rakyat, this is definitely a lot of millions, e.g. govenment defence contracts, the many many contracts,

5) we will see a cheaper income tax rate if we have PR government

6) we will see a cheaper Astrol fee, if we have a PR government

7) we will pay less for the telephone charges, line or mobile and internet fee if we have PR government

8 ) we will see less natural disaster like flood, if we have PR government why? proven in Kedah, Penang, in Penang ever since the PR government in power, we are seeing less flood, compared to the BN Umno government, why ? because, they The PR government actually spend the money to widen the drain and the actual work to recognize the labor worker to clean up the drain, they give them PJK or JKR to rocognize the laborer. and give free durian to them. as such, we are seeing less flood and etc, not that we have less rain or magic. it is hard work,

9) with PR government we are seeing government giving $ to the rakyat, not much but token of appreciation, using the rakyat money saving from no corruption, as such, this is noble of PR.

10) if we have federal government under PR, sure we can see much better thing to come, why? BN is a very good and effective opposition, because, they know how to catch the corrupt, as they have a lot of experince in this corruption

Therefore, we must vote for PR so that we will have a better management and leader that take malaysia to greater high, enough is enough of Umno and BN. sudahlah, cukup lah.

Manja says:

It is BN’s modus operandi of stealing money by giving a highly overpriced contract to a crony and then getting a kick back from the crony; or by purchasing items at exorbitant prices and then getting huge kick backs or commissions from the seller; or by negotiating the Mahathir style IPP deals with cronies for which he is reported to have got about 30 percent in kick backs; or by just giving away hundreds of millions of NFC type of loans to cronies who then use the money freely and purchase assets for themselves. Now some smart Umnoputra has come up with the idea of increasing the subsidy even when the price of the raw material has come down. This money obviously is going to go to some crony, who will then channel most of it back to the top umnoputras, who will then laugh all the way to the bank.

The above should explain why Syed Mokhtar can control so much of key assets of our nation, as a front for you-know-who.

Roslinda says:

vincent tan pula berlabur di Cardiff dan Fernandes pula di QPR London – tidak ada minat dan semangat untuk naik taraf bolasepak di negeri-negeri Malaysia ? hilang confidence sama negaraku!

Zamree says:

Now you see local malays wearing QPR jerseys instead of the jerseys of local teams. EPL Boleh, Liga Super tak boleh?

Roslinda says:

lu lupa mention pasal “brain drain” ?
bukan sahaja banyak orang cina yang migrate, banyak juga melayu yang bosan dengan korupsi bn juga enggan pulang ke tanah air sesudah belajar di luar negara !

nkkhoo says:

Agree, but hard to quantify the brain drain.

My former engineering manager, a Malay girl migrated to USA with her Pakistani lover.

Zamree says:

I have known several MARA-sponsored graduates in UK universities who chose not to return home to serve (and pay back study loan) after graduation, they married English girls and lived the non-halal lifestyle in UK!