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This is the car I want


It will be in production by the end of the year in Spain. The price tag is estimated at RM 48,700.

When Malaysia universities can come out similar design like MIT did? By then, they can call themselves world-class university.

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niceguy says:

kapcai is cheaper and takes less space…

Manja says:

Why Proton cannot have such vision?

Arshard says:

Proton acqied Lotus yet gave us low standard car.
Blame who but mahathir?

Bunny says:

Because Proton is ill-advised by Tun M!

Joseph says:

Proton is created solely to make malays feel good and to improve their inferiority complex while Tun M is redeeming his remarks on his Malay Dilemma theory. Obviosly it does not work so Pak Lah took one step further into angkasalepas. I doubt Najib has the time to outshine Pak Lah as his time is nearly up.

Elviah says:

Najib cannot convince you, so he confuse you with slogans and strings of acronyms… and sunk you in the deep blue ocean of debt.