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BR1M money distribution is torturing old folks

My 78-year old mum and another almost 90-year old lady were asked to collect RM500 vouchers from a community hall in another village at about 8km away.

The BR1M is not for poor people only, the old lady’s son is a multimillionaire, yet she was selected for BR1M because MCA knows she will vote BN.

My mum tagged along my young neighbor to the distribution center. They all have to queue up for a few hours under the scorching sun before they managed to collect taxpayer’s money. My mum was considered lucky for getting RM500 on that day, there are many folks in the list have to collect RM500 in the next round.

Why BN government cannot send the vouchers to successful applicants’ homes?

Why BN government has to distribute cash and vouchers to applicants in the concentration camps for cheap media stunt?

Asking 90-old lady to queue up in a long queue is a civilized way of treating senior citizens?

This below photo from Sin Chew Daily is worth more than a thousand word.

BR1Mming with anger after long wait

JOHOR BARU: Tempers flared when some 300 people had to wait for hours to collect their RM500 BR1M aid at the district office here.

Some recipients, who came as early as 6am for their vouchers, said they were disappointed with the way the distribution was organised.

Pensioner Mohd Yassin Jawa, 60, said the office should have made more preparations to handle the huge crowd.

“The personnel should have set up proper queue lines with priority given to disabled and senior citizens. No chairs were provided and we had to stand under the sun,” he said.

Unemployed and disabled Tumiran Wartojo, 54, said the waiting area was small and thus crowded.

“The heat was unbearable. The ceiling fan was not working and the toilet was a distance away,” he said.

Meanwhile, a Johor Baru district office spokesman admitted that there were problems in distributing the aid, adding that it was looking into ways to improve the situation.

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Pheabus says:

From what I have seen, many Indians I met have swang their support back to BN after getting that RM500 bribe.

Jaiho says:

You can see from the giant garland thye gave to Najib and wife at Batu Caves.
Anyway, the Ulama has warned Najib that he should not be at any non-Islam ceremony – it shows that they are more powerful than Najib, and this has nothing to do with PAS.

Hua Hee 333 says:

BR1M isn’t it a form of RASUAH ?

nkkhoo says:

Giving out money directly to poor people is better than indirect subsidies.

Joseph says:

In that case you are supporting old chinese citizens trading their pride (and souls) for RM10 pek kim (pak kum) from Perkasa? Clearly you are having MCA mentality.

nkkhoo says:

I remembered a Malay prostitute said no one comes to help her when she needs money for herself and her kids.

Why Selangor PR broken promises to give ang pau to old folks, and you bloody hell come to condemn those poor and old folks to accept white package from Perkasa.

niceguy says:

Those old folks do know their manners.

It is reported in a news article: “Ibrahim also regretted that none of the Chinese guests and members of the media present that day alerted Perkasa leaders that it was a taboo to give the white packets during a festive occasion.”

As said, those old folks do know their manners; and it would be embarassing to point out the cultural faux pas to the host…

What happened had happened. Pointness for Perkasa to be defensive and saying that the whole fiasco is being blown out of proportion.

P.S. If not enough red envelopes, just hand out the red notes lah…

niceguy says:

P.P.S. Now that they know the mistake, isn’t an apology to those old folks receiving “pak-kam” forthcoming?

Elviah says:

Spelling error on your message header:
‘tourturing’ should be ‘torturing’.

niceguy says:

“My 78-year old mum and another almost 90-year old lady were ASKED to collect…”

“… she was SELECTED for BR1M because …”

Strange… I thought you have to apply and fill in forms for the aid. Did someone make the application on their behalf?

nkkhoo says:

MCA folks are actively to help old folks in the new village.

Arshard says:

And it the process selling out their pride to Perkasa.
Kudos to MCA who only made noise when the little red dot is claiming yee-sang as its intangible heritage!

niceguy says:

Have seen it on TV and earlier news. The situation indeed looks choatic.

I wonder how the disbursement is verify when the vouchers are handed out in such a choatic manner. I won’t be surprise if there are vouchers missing and unaccounted for.

BTW must you redeem the voucher personally, or can someone redeem it for you?

nkkhoo says:

I think the person has to redeem itself.

Manja says:

Not only have to queue up, but also must listen to 2-hour BN-propaganda-laced ceramah before you can take the RM500.

Why not let the applicants indicate their bank account on the application form, and credit the RM500 onto their account directly without all these fuss? All the queueing and waiting is a clear waste of productive time.

Clearly this is to buy votes, as BN want its media to show people receiving the RM500.