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BN outdone PR in promoting Chinese culture

During this CNY celebration in Muar, I managed to capture two icons signifying the Chinese culture. BN outdone PR in promoting Chinese culture after it realizes only actions speak louder than talking.

Lim Guan Eng just inherited Chinese CNY annual celebration in Penang from Gerakan and did no effort to add new attractions. I had boycotted Penang CNY celebration because of its very poor crowd control.

Melaka government should run a Chinese and Baba new year tradition exhibition in the world heritage park instead of showing off a gorilla statue. [Some people say it’s Gan Bon Long’s statue]. Melaka world heritage park is an eyesore and dull tourist product.

1. Muar lion king statue

I may not be satisfy with the location and the design of lion dance statue in Muar, but I have to admit BN is doing better job than PR in this matter.

2. Melaka Jonker Street’s flying dragon statue

This giant dragon statue is quite impressive and attracting a lot of eye balls of local and foreign tourists. I made a re-tour to Melaka solely for this purpose, taking some photos for this dragon statue.

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Freddy says:






Lim Goh Poh says:

belum rasa PR belum tahu, sudah rasa lagi mahu


nkkhoo says:

Penang, Kedah, Selangor and Kelantan are under PR. Rakyat can judge themselves on PR performance.

Ray says:

Kedah is a PAS state, yet its Hong Teik lion dance troupe beat Muar’s reigning champions Kun Seng Keng Dragon to emerge as the new champion in the 10th Genting World Lion Dance Championship 2012.

Syabas Kedah! Chinese culture thrives in PAS-controlled Kedah.

In case you miss the news:

nkkhoo says:

When PAS Government can build a monument for the lion dance? How much donation given to lion dance teams in Kedah?

Enlighten me if you want to convince me PAS is better than UMNO.

Lim Goh Poh says:

Be Opposition for the sake of CHANGE (UBAH) for a Better Future.

MCA <— UMNO M —> Perkasa Jati

still fail to see who is kow-towing to who and who is the overall mastermind ?

nkkhoo says:

Don’t hope for PR can give you better future, you will be disappointed.

Elviah says:

Spend money on statues while neglecting the intangible cultural assets to concede Yee-Sang, Bak Kut Teh and Chicken Rice to Singapore. Perhaps only tangible things can interest MCA?

Lim Goh Poh says:

nkkhoo pls reason beyond the boundary of Muar and see if the chinese at large in whole Malaysia are better off without MCA.

i bet younger Muar people welcome changes and stubborn folks will soon realize MCA only cater primarily to the towkays with the leftovers crumbs for the rest.

nkkhoo says:

Don’t be opposition for the sake of opposition.

Give credit to MCA in certain cases.

Ho Hia Tee says:

where do mca in johor gets the fund ? from ‘business’ contacts ? from The Star revenues ?
i am tired of sources of such fund and now have managed to sway many of fellow Johorians to join hand in hand with the pakatan folks. After GE13, many more mca johor scandals will be revealed.

Haslam says:

Typical English needs to be corrected
I may not satisfy with …..
should be I may not be satisfied with …..

pls take note to avoid similar error.


Haslam says:

nkkhoo, do you know how much taxpayers money being spent on these “icons” ?
With easy access to Federal funding, no issue for BN to spend like nobody business.
If PAS of Kedah or DAP of Penang has such easy funding, you can witness many statues here and there.
by the way, the genuine “warmth” of the pakatan states outdo the $-minded BN states.

nkkhoo says:

These projects are funded by private companies with small donations from the state.

Sorry, Chinese in Kedah will kick out Kedah PAS-led PR government.

Elviah says:

Are you suggesting that those chinese clans/associations/kongsi are MCA? You should not associate them with politics, let alone MCA.

If BN is sincee in promoting chinese culture, why then the road signs of BN states do not show chinese characters? Why chinese language associations in schools are constantly under ‘BN surveillance’?

Why chinese food is not included in the local food pamphlets of Tourism Johor, a BN state?

nkkhoo says:

MCA was playing a leading role in Melaka and Muar to have such Chinese icons.

What PR Selangor and Kedah did for this CNY?

Muar latest travel brochure including Chinese food promotion and only written in English and Mandarin. Get a copy from the hotel in Muar or Muar district office if you are still ignorant about Muar travel brochure.

When PR state government can come out similar brochure?

Elviah says:

Clearly MCA can only hide in Muar, so it is natural that the people there support MCA.

Ask MCA why that Johor food brochure from Tourism Johor only has malay food and list only malay restaurants? Is that too difficult to ask MB Ghani?
Go to the tourism booth at JB Sentral or JB CiQ and get a copy, see for yourself. Muar is just a small part of Johor.

Do not have a Muar-tunnel-vision, the Chinese in Penang has seen the light from 308.

nkkhoo says:

BN is not just losing Chinese cultural assets to foreign countries, many Malay cultural assets also lost to Indonesia like Kris, Batik, etc.

I did write a letter to The Star to remind BN government that although Malaysia is truly Asia, but nothing left for Malaysia if inaction from Malaysia to register them with Unesco.

Giving away RM30 million SPICE is seeing the light project for Penang Chinese. You are kidding!

Lim Guan Eng should contest in Melaka or Batu Pahat in GE13 instead of hiding behind the Chinese. I don’t see LGE is better than CSL who hides behind the Malays.