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Do you trust anyone who cannot keep promises?

I used to trust my old mum until last week. May be due to her aging brain, my old mum is lying to me and my siblings in many matters. I found out she did not do what she had promised for a small household matter by chance, I decided to handle it my own because I’m no longer trust her words.

I lost faith on her now after a series of broken promises or lies.

In the macro level, how do I trust PR who break almost all promises made in GE12?

If PR thinks that the Orange Book can convince more Malaysians (was 49%) to vote PR, they are damn wrong or naive. No one will ever trust you after you have breaking all sort of promises.

There were 49% Malaysians voted PR because BN is too evil to be compromised anymore. But in the past four years, PR has shown they are as evil as BN.

I believe many Malaysians like me will boycott GE13 because voting either one is also guilty. You either choose a tiger or a crocodile at the end.

I share a same thought with Raja Petra on this matter, ‘Peeved voters may boycott polls’.

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huiri says:

Dr. M is one person who is very worried about a change of government at Putrajaya. I will bet that he will be under many vaired probes by the new government, many of which he will claim are politically motivated. The one person who would like Dr. M to also spend some time in the jail is Anwar. We have have seen Taiwan’s ex-president in jail. French ex-president convicted. Phillipines ex-president barred from leaving the country. Thailand’s ex-PM is in self-exile. Wonder what Dr. M’s plans are. Luckily he has stepped down. If he was still in power today, we may really see the middle east wind blowing over. Personally I wish our politicians are not corrupt and if they get ousted, they can come back and re-serve. May be we should limit out PM’s term to only 2 so that it is a little less easy to abuse power.

Lim Goh Poh says:

BE grateful and filial to your mother.
Mum is the greatest, no matter what. She gave life to you ?

nkkhoo says:

Of course, but aging process changed her mind is a fact. I don’t want to claim as a filial man after someone pass away by offering paper money and roasted pigs.

Lim Goh Poh says:

what are the pakatan’s empty promises ?
Pls be consistent and list them out; otherwise tin-kosong talk.

nkkhoo says:

Why not you list out PR promises one by one and let public members to debate. Go read my posting “say no to PR” first.

Where is pig slaughterhouse in Kedah?

Papak says:

politicians you meant Soi Lek or Tee Keat ? pls be specific.

nkkhoo says:

Politicians mean all Bolehland’s politicians. Just listen their talks, but do not accept them as truth.

Elviah says: can provide the indifferent nkkhoo with the enlightenment:

“I refuse to be drawn into the Barisan Nasional versus Pakatan Rakyat debate for the game of politics can have several winners but the only consistent losers will be the public. Be it the government or opposition, our duty as citizens of Malaysia is to ensure that the incumbent regime and future leaders of this country remember who they serve. A proper system of check and balance must be put in place to ensure that it is irrelevant as to who is in power, but that they are denied a two-thirds majority enabling them to run this country as kings. In the words of Noam Chomsky, “to some degree, it matters who is in office but it matters more how much pressure they are under from the public”.

We can ill afford to let this general election go to waste, lest we forever remain in this abysmal disposition and continue on a downward spiral, erasing all the hard work, sweat and blood of our forefathers. The 13th general election will not be about the colossal battle between Najib Razak and Anwar Ibrahim, neither is it about which coalition conquers Putrajaya. The 13th general election will be the fight to save Malaysia.”

nkkhoo says:

No voting is teaching PR that do not take our votes for granted. They have to earn our votes by merit, not solely on hatred sentiment against BN.

I will save RM100 petrol and toll charges for not rushing back to kampung to vote for another evil.

Elviah says:

Why ‘share a same thought with Raja Petra’, the very person that cannot be trusted?

nkkhoo says:

Politicians are worst than Raja Petra.