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MCA should answer why Johor is following Kedah to ban entertainment on certain days

Rerember MCA was acting like Chinese hero when Kedah was planning to ban entertainment outlets during Ramdan.

All Johoreans know entertainment outlets in Johor were asked to shut down during the Awal Murharam, the birthday of Prophet Muhummad and the Hol day of late Johor Sultan.

MCA Johor state exco and Chua Soi Lek responded they have never received such order is a white lie.

Chua Soi Lek should come forward to explain why Johor is following Kedah islamic policy (albeit it was withdrawn later) to ban entertainment outlets during certain public holidays?

Why no similar ban during the Wesak day to honor the birthday and enlightenment of Lord Buddha?

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Elviah says:

BN possibly not counting on chinese votes in Johor because of the ‘Revolusi Tionghua’ has switched Johor chinese support to Pakatan (except Muar?). So BN is trying to project its Islamic stand to court more malay votes in Johor to defend the state? This is happening while CSL is making so much noise on his anti-hudud stand that has piss of many muslims in Johor?

Lim Goh Poh says:

Johor especially JB is famous being vice dens for decades. May be non-Muslims (like Kedahans & Kelantanese there) welcome earlier closure (eg after midnight) at nite-joints which very likely have “sinful” activities happening there.

Not sure about Muar situation.

nkkhoo says:

As long as BN government is corrupt, the sinful activities are bountiful in every corner.

Elviah says:

The MCA always stress they are at par with equal standing with UMNO. Are they really now? Excos are the policy and rules makers for the state. They are the highest authority and the bosses that give legitimate instruction to the civil servants to follow or execute. Now it looks like even a low ranking D.O or a City Council President has no respect for the MCA Excos for MCA are truly the running dogs to the UMNO.

Now the Johore voters will know that umno is even more vicious than PAS. They will quietly impose their “Islamic” practices and LORD over the rakyat whilst accusing PR of worse things. Johore voters, you know what to do come next elections. Vote for them and when they control 2/3 majority they are going to implement hudud and chop off your arms and legs, ban pork and alcohol, and force sex segregation. Sounds familiar? This is Umno/BN.