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Lantern Festival @ FGS Dong Zen temple

This is my first trip to FGS Dong Zen Temple at Jenjarum. I thought I could arrive there before 7PM for sunset shooting, but I was misled by the Dong Zen road sign at a junction which pointed to Tanjung Karang. So wasted about 45 minute to locate the temple.

Today (7th Feb 2012) is the last day of lantern festival.

The full moon is in the right position, looks like a dragon ball.

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kum kum says:

with your camera skills, it’s a waste you were not Batu Caves to capture the garland presented to Ah Jib Kor n Ros kakak. Reported it has been listed as biggest in Msia book of record.
Lord Murugan must be very envious.

nkkhoo says:

I was there two years ago, visit Batu Caves Thaipusam once in our lifetime is sufficient. More places and events to visit in our short life span.

songlap says:

You should use your writing skills and photographiy skills to go round Bolehland capturing ‘Satu lagi projek BN’ that are in ruins/beyond repair. A niche are for a blogger like you to be famous. Don’t forget to thank me for this suggestion.

nkkhoo says:

Famous is not in my dictionary.

solomon says:

Since you like NST Travel page so much, why not submit the photos with some write-up to win yourself the prize of hotel stay? Just do not use your nkkhoo name which could have been banned by NST?