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Lim Guan Eng is a pay-happy Chief Minister

RM14 million could be paid as a bank credit letter until the case is settled in the appeal and high courts. This is a commonsense known to any qualified lawyer. LGE will argue he is an accountant, not a lawyer.

Obviously, Lim Guan Eng was so happy to compensate RM 14 million directly to Tang Hak Ju because he wanna use the so-called land scandal to attack Gerakan.

Another “pay-happy” case is RM50 million for sPICE.

Penangites should make a statue for LGE to remember he is a kind person with his “pay-happy” habit.

‘Guan Eng not doing much to get back RM14m’

GEORGE TOWN: The state Barisan Nasional yesterday queried the state government whether it had exhausted all legal avenues to stop the High Court from paying a compensation of RM14 million to businessman Tang Hak Ju in a land matter.

State BN liaison committee chairman Datuk Dr Teng Hock Nan raised the question in light of Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng’s remarks on how the state government was going to recover the amount it had paid so far to Tang, which was part of the RM29.36 million compensation awarded to Tang by the High Court in 2005.

“Lim had earlier said if the money cannot be recovered, we will have to pay. I do not know what logic or type of government he is running. Pushing the responsibility to the previous government and asking me, an individual, to be responsible,” Dr Teng said here yesterday, adding that the deposition of the amount to the High Court was done by the current government.

The case involving Tang dates back to 2002 when the businessman applied for a 4.3ha plot of land in Seberang Prai to extract rocks for quarrying purposes.

His application was approved by the authorities.

However, the authorities later cancelled the title issued to Tang in 2004 following complaints from the original landowners — the Hock Teik Cheng Sin Temple and the Hokkien Hoay Kuan Province Wellesley Association.

Tang subsequently sued the state, and the High Court awarded him RM29.36 million.

Recently, however, the Court of Appeal overturned the High Court’s decision and only gave him RM500,000 for incidental expenses.

Dr Teng noted that when the High Court awarded Tang the amount, Lim kept harping on the issue “as though we have lost”.

“Does he (Lim) mean, in his mind, he is more than happy to pay the amount so that he can capitalise on the issue?

“When the Court of Appeal ruled that Tang would only get RM500,000, he kept quiet and did not inform the public.

“Is it because he cannot make use of the issue for his political gains any more as the amount is only RM500,000? I personally think so,” Dr Teng said.

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kum kum says:

nkkhoo pls don’t be jealous.
majority of the taxpayer retirees of penang look forward to sPICE as there will be a landscape garden rreplacing the faulty fountain. We can have morning leisure exercises there. Isn’t that benefitting the public ?
don’t send wrong message to ignorant readers based on your ill judgement.

solomon says:

Why envy a smart political move?

nkkhoo says:

This is how PR was wasting taxpayers’ money for their political mileage.

solomon says:

Perhaps LGE should have said:
‘I help you, you help me’
‘You trust me, I trust you’.

nkkhoo says:

A wrong is a wrong, it doesn’t matter who did it.