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Johor state government extorted RM500,000 from JB Ancient Temple Committee

The main viewing platform for 2012 chingay procession in Jalan Ah Fook used to be prepared by JB Ancient Temple Committee. Johor government has decided to take over the platform preparation due to both PM Najib and Johor Sultan will present to watch the ancient temple annual chingay procession.

The shocking fact is Johor government was asking one million ringgit from the temple committee for a 300-ft long platform setup. The final price was reduced to RM500,000 after tense negotiation.

RM500,000 is still a rip-off for such a project!

Chua Soi Lek should answer why Johor state government cannot absorb the expenses for the main platform?

Please circulate this daylight extortion news to everyone you know.

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TAN says:

Dun talk nonsense without proof.

nkkhoo says:

The temple committee already leaked it to media. Don’t u MCA machai read Chinese papers?

rayson says:

csl unashamely defended dpm, claiming dpm as johor mb did demolish the front gate of jb old temple, but only ‘relocate’ it. another example mca is sucking up to umno, right?

Larry says:



solomon says:

The old JB temple committee is blind. They should be ashamed that the nearby Hindu temple at Jlan Ungku Puan is well renovated and recently refurbished to old glory.

The old JB temple is in such a sorry state. Yet so much money is spent on Procession floats.

Pheabus says:

RM20 million spent on the procession, but how much is used to refurbish the run-down old temple?

nkkhoo says:

RM 2 million, not 20 million.

Pheabus says:

Thanks for the correction.

What is your view on this? Is money well-spent?
I thought at leaset 25% of it could be used to restore the temple, Just like what the people in Penang are doing for the Kuang Yin temple there.

nkkhoo says:

The JB Chingay could attract 300,000 crowds, so RM2 million definitely is a wise spending. But I insist RM2 million must come from from Tourism Ministry.

At least 50% cost for the renovation for old temple should be funded by the government like Kuan Yin temple in Georgetown.

songlap says:

The temple committee has themselves to blame for not remaining independent. They should know that the BN is there to milk publicity. Maybe MCA has already taught the word 信托 (I google translate from word ‘trust’) to Ah Jib Gor? The spirit of old temple will not be peaceful if Ah Jib gor failed to commit fund for a ‘Old Temple Cultural Centre’ in JB.

nkkhoo says:

Trust is not “信托” in this context.

kum kum says:

temple matter you categorized it under the subject of corruption & cronyism ?

wow, bolehland has truly transformed to such scale even Dewa n Dewi embroilled in 1politikus.

solomon says:

Temple committee must have ‘nambikei’ with Ah Jib Gor, who has committed RM2 million (secara berperingkat, of course) to the Batu Cave temple committee.

The RM500,000 main viewing platform has to be built by Umnoputera Class F contractor, after being sub-contracted ali-baba way from the Class A umnoputera contractors, thus adding up the cost along the way. Maybe Ah Jib Gor cannot trust the chinese contractor as his safety is at stake since the platform may ‘shake’ during the procession or ‘possesion’ of the spirits!

If Chua Soi Lek cannot do anything, perhaps Chua Jui Min can do something?

songlap says:

Ah Jib Gor: 你帮我,我帮你。
Old Temple Committe: 我信任你,你信任我,
MCA makes everyone happy!!!

古庙Fan says:

this can happen even b4 GE13 is over.

le’s say barang naik folks still in control after GE13, the goodies will be hard to come by and need to bargain hard.

that;s why i say Johor folks (especially the chinese) still in 7th heaven thinking they can get high with 1 this and 1 that.