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The shortage of Mandarin-speaking tour guides drive away Mainland Chinese tourists

Chinese tourists spent the whole trip taking photos of themselves...

I can understand if someone tells me that Malaysia has insufficient supply of English-speaking tour guides, but with about 95% of Malaysian Chinese are enrolling into Chinese primary school, yet China travel companies complained no Mandarin-speaking tour guides to entertain 1,500 Chinese tourists from a cruise ship berthed at Port Klang during this CNY.

This incident has caused Malaysia losing one million ringgit to Thailand.

Malaysia Chinese newspapers are off during CNY, no wonder our Chinese tour guides are also off during CNY.

This is no an isolated case, Kepong Forest Reserve FRIM is also off during weekends and holidays.

This is truly a bad service culture among Malaysians.

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Malaysian says:

I heard from RTM-TV2 Mandarin news (Monday, 7th Jan 2013) that a Malaysia based agency / company is currently organizing a seminar (in mid Jan 2013)to train temporary mandarin speaking tour guide to fulfill shortage of Mandarin speaking tour guide during this coming CNY…

Anyone knows the company name, contact number or email address ?

Thank You.

nkkhoo says:

If I am not mistaken, the course is organized by Tourism Ministry. You can try to contact Tourism Ministry or Malaysian Chinese tourist guide association. Googled their contacts.

Malaysian says:


kum kum says:

you just gave yennie yennie a good idea to set up her private company with mandarin-speaking guides upon her retirement after GE13.