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BN + Mafia = Malaysian government

Don’t simply think Raja Petra’s story is another Hong Kong movie plot.

Triads are part of BN crony capitalism, BN makes use of them to control underground economy like loan shark, prostitution, drug, etc. Triad bosses have no shy to appear on the newspapers and TVs side by side with UMNO politicians during the CNY celebration parties.

A powerful mafia boss from Jenjarum who controlled the sand mining syndicate in Selangor before 308 was gunned down several years ago because he was too close with an UMNO politician. He was like Patrick Wong who knew too much about sand mining syndicate insider business and was put to sleep to keep that UMNO politician looks like Mr. Clean.

I always said PKR is a mirror image of UMNO, if PKR cooperated with the underground world as claimed by Raja Petra is not unexpected.

PKR like UMNO, MCA and MIC have to be voted out, only vote DAP and PAS candidates if you want to support PR.

‘Whistleblower slain by hired killers’

RK Anand | February 8, 2012

According to Raja Petra Kamarudin, businessman Patrick Wong did not fall off his house balcony when attempting to escape robbers. The deceased, claimed the blogger, was strangled and thrown off.

PETALING JAYA: A businessman compiling evidence on the alleged corruption in the Pakatan Rakyat Selangor government was murdered by hired killers, claims Raja Petra Kamarudin.

The blogger in an article published in Malaysia Today today said it took him three years to get to the truth regarding the death of contractor Patrick Wong, whom the police claimed suffered a fatal fall from his house balcony when attempting to flee from robbers.

“A good friend of mine was murdered and I want to know the reason why. And now, after almost three years, I am in possession of the tangible evidence that reveals the ‘official’ story,” he wrote.

Raja Petra said that he met the deceased and his wife when the couple visited the UK in October 2009, more than a year after the opposition bloc seized control of Selangor.

During the meeting, the businessman had, among others, raised the sand mining scandal, which erupted in the following year.

“The sand mining business was one of the cash cows of the previous state government… Instead of putting this cash cow to sleep, some people in PKR took it over and were milking it dry,” he added.

Raja Petra, who is based in Manchester, said he heard about the scandal when he was still in Malaysia and both Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim and Selangor Menteri Besar Khalid Ibrahim were aware of it.

The blogger said he told Wong that he would not be able to publish the matter on his Malaysia Today news portal without evidence and the latter had agreed to be his whistleblower, promising to compile the necessary proof.

“He asked me to give him a month and probably by the end of November (2009), I would have a complete dossier revealing those in the state government involved in the sand mining syndicate.

“Sad to say, that never happened. A couple of weeks later, Wong was murdered,” he added.

‘Deep Throats confirmed it was murder’

Raja Petra said that when he was notified about Wong’s death, he immediately telephoned his contacts in the police and underworld.

“My Deep Throats confirmed that the assassins who murdered Wong were hired killers. It was not a robbery, it was an assassination ‘related to some business matters’, my contacts told me.

“I trust my Deep Throats more than I trust the government. And if they say that Wong was murdered by hired killers, then that is the story I am going to believe,” he added.

Furthermore, Raja Petra claimed that the official version was riddled with holes.

“The doctor’s report said that the cause of death was a ‘blunt force trauma to the head with compression of the neck’. My Deep Throats told me that Wong was strangled and then thrown off the balcony.

“The police said he accidentally fell while trying to escape. How do they then account for the compression of the neck (meaning strangled) if he accidentally fell from the balcony?” he asked.

According to the blogger, the police had given Wong’s widow the cold shoulder when she met them because the deceased was considered to be a Pakatan supporter since Anwar’s daughter and PKR vice-president Nurul Izzah attended the funeral.

“Does this mean the police were not interested in properly investigating Wong’s murder since he was a Pakatan supporter? Actually, Wong was not a Pakatan supporter. He was a Malaysia Today supporter.

“In fact, he was not happy with what was going on in Selangor under the Pakatan government and that was why he wanted me to do something about it: such as expose the sand mining syndicate,” he said.

Was the ‘murder’ related to the scandal?

Meanwhile, Raja Petra said three men were arrested in connection with the case. One was charged and the others were released due to “lack of evidence”.

The blogger noted that police investigation had revealed that two others were also involved but the pair “could not be traced”.

According to the investigation, he said, one of them was a gambling syndicate boss and despite the police knowing his background, they were unable to locate him.

In an obvious reference to former inspector-general of police Musa Hasan, the blogger added: “Now we know why he ‘could not be traced’. Guess who is the ultimate boss of the gambling syndicate? And no prize for the right guess! Hint: he shares the same name as the Prophet Moses.”

Raja Petra said although he would never be able to get the police to rectify the injustice with regard to Wong’s death, he could however honour the deceased by doing what the latter wanted.

“I could at least get justice for Wong by doing the last thing that he wanted me so much to do just before he died: and that was to expose the sand mining syndicate in Selangor,” he added.

However, the blogger also said that he was uncertain if Wong’s “murder” was related to the sand mining scandal.

“I really don’t know if Wong was murdered because he was getting too close to the truth… or even if his murder had anything to do with the sand mining syndicate in the first place.

“But I am a person with a suspicious mind. The fact that he was murdered (and the police are covering up this fact) at the time he was working on getting the evidence I needed, makes me want to suspect that a lot of money changed hands to make this murder appear like a robbery gone wrong,” he added.

Following this, Raja Petra vowed to reveal the details behind the sand mining scandal with names and evidence of payments made to certain Pakatan leaders.

The blogger also claimed that he was warned not to make this revelation because the man behind those who “murdered” Wong was a powerful triad boss who had the “police in his pocket”.

“Well, let me put it this way: if what happened to Wong happens to me, then it would just confirm what I am saying even more. So bring it on. I live in Manchester in case you need to look for me,” he said.

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Tim says:

Mahathir, in his foolishness, made was to pool the major part of the nation’s wealth in the hands of a few. This time he included non-Malays millionaires such as Vincent Tan, Robert Kuok and Ananda Krishnan. Tan has just announced his retirement, Kuok unhappy with the worsening racial system in the country has chosen to stay Hong Kong, while Ananda is wanted by the Indian authorities for allegedly having corruptly wangled a telecoms licence to buy into Aircel.

This pooling of wealth in the hands of a few inevitably left the ordinary Malays and Malaysians with just a few crumbs to share amongst themselves, a slow-boil situation that has blown up to today’s red-hot disputes about social and economic fairness. Not only is there not enough money for scholarships, education, healthcare, employment and welfare for everyone, even the Malays who have been repeatedly told by Mahathir’s Umno party that they will get priority, have left in the lurch.

Malays now form 96% of the poorest 40% lowest income earners in the country. As for the non-Malays, of course, they have felt the pinch more. Many have been forced to go overseas to work and to study. That’s right, educational and employment opportunities are scarce for the non-Malays in the country. Again, the only group that benefited were the elite in the Umno party, their families and cronies. So Mahathir – despite his self-praise – was in fact rather shortsighted. Money was far more important to him than he cared to admit.

Ramizan says:

Money Scam:
1. SARA (Skim Amanah Rakyat) – This is the greatest investment scam ever. Dump in RM5,000 cash at one go and you will get RM13,000 in five years’ time. This is just too good to be true because the returns are more than doubled but still there will be many gullible “investors”. However, there are some who say that this is a scheme by the government to obtain the rakyat’s money to finance handouts to the rakyat during the campaign duration of the 13th general election. Whether there is any truth to this or not, only the wise can tell.

2. 1Care – this will just involved the rakyat paying more to the government and its cronies where health facilities are concerned. This scam is targeted at enriching the elite and the well-connected as is the purpose for all the scams.

3. EPF Housing Loan Scheme – this scheme is dangerous to the EPF contributors and could lead to a similar situation akin to the sub-prime mortgage crisis in the US if there are too many loan defaulters. EPF is rightly named the government’s Eternal Pilferage Fund and has now ended up as the government’s treasure chest. All the private sector workers who contribute to this fund have to protest. This shows that the BN government has run out of money in trying to help the rakyat and is now using the rakyat’s money to help the rakyat.

4. 1Malaysia products, badges, stickers, mugs, whatever – the purpose of these products is to enrich the corny manufacturer. Enough said.

5. BR1M (Bantuan Rakyat 1Malaysia) – has all the money (more than RM2 billion) allocated for this purpose been distributed? Some opined that part of the funds will be channelled into BN’s general election campaign machinery. No prizes for guessing, though, as BR1M is much shrouded in secrecy. All those who applied for this RM500 aid should be getting this cash because only those eligible will apply. Therefore, it defies logical explanation when there are still people who fail to obtain this cash aid. Thus, this has given rise to speculation that applicants staying in opposition areas where BN has no chance of winning will not be given this aid. This then begs the question where the remaining undistributed allocated funds will be chanelled to, a question which the BN government will surely find difficult to answer.

Next comes the Concept Scam:

6. 1Malaysia – the most prominent Concept Scam which is engineered to create a mind-numbing cult following with everyone chanting “1Malaysia, 1Malaysia” in a hypnotised state similar to what goes on in cult sessions. There is no solid foundation to this concept although Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak has the gumption to state that this is a philosophy. Even those in his own camp do not adhere to this philosophy, not to mention practise it wholeheartedly 24/7. 1Malaysia is thus a concept to delude the masses, to cheat the people into voting for BN.

7. GTP (Government Transformation Programme) and ETP (Economic Transformation Programme) – these twin transformation programmes have transformed the pockets of government cronies from millionaires into billionaires and maybe even trillionaires. As for the rest of the ordinary rakyat, all we get is nothing but hot air.

8. NKRAs (National Key Result Areas) and NKEAs (National Key Economic Areas) – lengthy names but more of the same fluff.

9. NEM (New Economic Model) – is this dead and buried?

10. EOC (Equal Opportunities Commission) – this IS dead and buried. It should have been part of the NEM but was omitted due to intense pressure-lobbying from certain quarters.

11. Talent Corp – much money has been channelled into this corporation to promote Malaysia as a place of golden opportunities in order to attract Malaysian talent living overseas to return to these golden shores. Has the success rate of Talent Corp been published? Seems to have gone into near-oblivion.

12. E-mail scam – why must money be paid to a certain company just for sending out e-mails when there is free-of-charge e-mail service readily available on the world wide web?!

13. The 13th general election – this has been labelled the “mother of all battles” by the BN leaders and therefore it follows that this must be the mother of all scams because it involves money, concept (BN’s sloganeering) and the future of the nation; this is big-time scamming indeed. In this scam, foreign workers are given citizenship and their names inserted into the voter rolls to enable them to vote in the coming general election. This scam can result in the negation of Malaysian votes and therefore the true election results are subverted.

From the above listing, it leaves us no doubt that we are living in scam-country. The ideas that go into each scam is elaborate and simple at the same time. And really so many ideas!