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It's time to boycott Malaysia KFC

Another Malaysia Boleh, check out this > 500,000 hits youtube video,

Part 1:

Part 2:

Based on these two video clips, the unhappy customer, Danny did not utter any racial remark as alleged by Malay racists in internet when he shouted back and asked for apology. He said he was provoked by KFC staff in the kitchen with this racist remark, “kalau mau makan,sendiri masak,babi!”.

The clip two clearly shown that KFC employees were aggressive with intention to attack customer under no provocation. The customer was punched on the face and kicked on the body by a KFC staff member.

Malay racists try to play up racial card by fabricating a new story in saying Danny scolded KFC staff with “Malay pig”.

KFC’s poor customer service is prevalent in other outlets too. Not just its male staff members are “kurang ajar”, its female staff also “kurang ajar”. I did encounter a rude Chinese KFC cashier at Prai KFC.

KFC staff attacked customer with bare hands for this time, who know what sort of weapon will be used against customer next time? Keep away from KFC for your own safety.

Boycott a suck company is an effective way to punish them.

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do the chinese community a service buy covering the CSL-LGE 18 Feb debate live on your blog; ok ?

nkkhoo says:

Malaysiakini can do a better job. I don’t trust CSL or LGE either.



now KFC

next JFC (Johor Football Club)

enough of kroni-linked scandals !

Restless Soul says:

go green less meat for better world & karma !

for taoism believers (are you one, nkkhoo ?) with millions of chicks slaughtered there are many wandering & restless souls when hell gates open. No wonder there are so many disasters on earth lately !

songlap says:

We should boycot kedai kroni and produk kroni.
KFC is no different from Gardenia.

Too bad many chinese craves KFC, not realising the health hazards.

JCorp must be worried of losing customers.

solomon says:

KFC in Malaysia is Kroni Fried Chicken?

Very true as it is held 100% by cronies, no reference to Kentucky at all. Even the old man figure is a local guy!

The taste of KFC here is no longer the original taste of Kentucky Fried Chicken. It has been customized to suit the local taste.

Do not eat because it is Kroni-owned who refuse to apologize.
Do not eat because it is Fried food – unhealthy.
Do not eat because it is Chicken – be a socially responsible vegan.