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Say NO to photomalaysia, go for if you are photo hobbyists is only local forum I have decided to quit in less than three months after registration. Only posted three postings!

I was with Cari forum for about 5 years and still with Low Yat since 2005, none of these local forums are barbaric and undemocratic like photomalaysia.

I quit Cari forum after they allowed China citizens to be forum moderators who censored anti-China postings like no tomorrow.

My posting about Canon’s poor customer service was locked by admin, the reason given is I blindly attacked Canon. WOW, it must be Canon sponsorship for the admin to come down to this conclusion. Besides, PhotoMalaysia admin simply made a lot wild assumptions.

The idiots blamed me dragging in politics in their photo forum when I merely use “Malaysia Boleh” once.

Someone calls me emotional in the posting because they still do not know how emotional when I condemn UMNO. 🙂

I may be have to appeal to them just to close my account with photomalaysia. See how valuable I am?

The comment board with Facebook account.

my early 90’s film-type Canon SLR not that great. sent for lens cleaning via canon agent cost me a bomb !

now i use Nikon D90. Not sure how good the customer service in msia becoz i bought mine in Spore IT Fair. I went to Nikon service centre in Spore – superb as they burnt for me latest firmwares Free of Charge on a CD !

Though i’m Nikon fan, I may get a Canon 220 (~RM350 8GB) cheaper camera for my daughter to use.

nkkhoo says:

I almost bought a Nikon camera body (forget what model), cost about double my basic salary in Singapore.

My ex-boss who is retired now is very happy with his top end Nikon camera. The body and lens can buy a proton car.

Nikon Supporter says:

support your effort to create another photo forum fairer to all
I believe Nikon can be more professional otherwise i won’t use Nikon cameras.

nkkhoo says:

I was tricked to buy Canon by my photo instructor in 90s. I bought Canon digital is to keep my old lens. Very regret now.

How about Nikon customer service?


fellow Msias cool off lah

if tak tahan then have a live public debate over internet.

suggest get Zorro as moderator. What say you nkkhoo & ray ?

nkkhoo says:

I did not censor their comments, they can always come to my blog for me whacking them.

solomon says:

nkkhoo is doing Nikon a great service.
Go see Nikon now to trade in your Canon for the latest Nikon D800!

nkkhoo says:

I may think to launch a photo forum by asking sponsorship from Nikon. 🙂

Ray says:

Hahaha, your response is just too funny!! I stand by my last comment. You’re utterly pathetic. Have a good life 🙂

nkkhoo says:

I earn my living with sweats unlike your parasite masters. My life may be tough and pathetic, but is living with dignify.

Ray says:

“All personal attack, out of topic, non-value added, vulgar, etc. comments will be deleted.”

Wow, you moderate your comments too? From what I have seen, all you have been doing in your blog (and in PM) is launching vulgar & biased attacks, which doesn’t add any value or solve anything. YOU are the very commentator you’re trying to block!

Sorry, but that’s pathetic in every way.

nkkhoo says:

Sue me in the court if you think I fxxx up photomalaysia to prove your allegation that I am launching vulgar & biased attacks against you or any party. Otherwise, please shut up your mouth.

All comments against your UMNO and MIC masters are called vulgar and biased attacks, get your comfortable life in photomalaysia, don’t bother to visit my blog.

Ray says:

“Malaysia service level is deteriorated to a level where a company’s employee has no shame to beat customer”

“Customer is shxx mentality is Malaysia Boleh attitude. (read sarcastically)”

“Malaysia suck service standard was rated by the world bank.”

“Nothing politics, Malaysia Boleh is only my sarcastic slogan about Malaysian attitude in everything.”

“Forget about Malaysia Boleh, that is my rights to use it at any way I want until Dr. Mahathir sues me for copyrights infringement.”

These are some of your quotes on Photomalaysia. Perhaps these will give your readers a better idea of what happened. So much hate, so little rationale.

nkkhoo says:

Are you living in closet or too naive? Don’t you see Malaysia under BN is heading to shitty country?

My readers understand all above-mentioned comments. If you don’t understand, go back to your photo hobby which is harmless to your health.