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Most racist remarks in KFC beating customer youtube are from Malays

Do I need to tell you the attitude of this KFC worker?

This is not unexpected outcome because many Malays are brainwashed to be racists by Pekida, Perkasa and UMNO in the past 54 year.

They can make all sort of wild allegations like Danny NG provoked KFC Malay workers with a racist remark, yet not a single evidence is produced by these Malay racists.

I have to congratulate UMNO and Perkasa for churned out a huge number of Malay fanatics.

Police Deputy Head Khalid said the punch was harmless to Danny Ng, therefore there is no case, can be settled themselves.

This is another Malaysia Boleh! Our taxpayer’s money is wasted for having Khalid in the police force.

Accordingly to police, the video uploaded in cannot be used as evidence in the court. Then how on earth Lingam video could be used in the royal tribunal.

Police investigation is very smelly and unprofessional.

The comment board with Facebook account.

vincent tan reported to be US$450-500 million richer when Facebook IPO is launched because he purchased the stock cheap b4 IPO.
i bet you don’t watch Cardiff Football, go to 7-11 and many more which belongs to that berjaya boss.

nkkhoo says:

I do my best to boycott Vincent Tan’s business empire because my late online friend, MGG Pillai was sued by him.

Jaiho says:

Please list down those establishment belonging to cronies like Vincent Tan, Ananda Krishnan and Syed Bukhary – they are the 3 idiots (Nanban) of Bolehland, agents to suck rakyat’s money for Umno.

We need awareness to boycott their services and products.

Thank you Mr nkkhoo, do this good deed and your karma will improve (at least the next time you have another Canon problem).

nkkhoo says:

Vincent Tan – Kenny Rogers Chicken, Old Town Coffee, 711, Toto, Berjaya group,, U Mobile

Ananda – Maxis, Astro

Syed Bukhary – Sugar (monopoly business), Proton.

Please add in more if you know about crony business.

Pheabus says:

What would happen if the customer is a malay and the KFC staff is a chinese?
Would the police take a different course of action?
Will hell break loose in Perkasa?

KFC is a disgrace. We should all boycott it.
Go to Kenny Rogers restaurant, the meal is more balanced and healthier.

nkkhoo says:

I said to a Malay racist in youtube, he will amok if the customer is a Malay and the KFC worker is a Chinese.

Kenny Rogers is owned by Vincent Tan, the top Chinese is my dislike list.

rayson says:

i will not step into kfc again, at least until its management apologizes and sack that employee who beat up a customer.

niceguy says:

Putting the blame on a single employee is too easy.

When there’s no inadequant training and guidance on performance and service, and good screening prior to hiring new recruits, guess who is at fault?

This episode would make an interesting case study in management science.

Bear in mind it is a fast-food joint; and the customers were waiting and queuing 40 minutes and more in this reported case. Unbelievable! And it was nearing closing time late at night. (I don’t think it is a 24 hrs joint.)

Why were these customers not walking away? Sheep customers?

I think there is a clue that lead to this unfortunate incident when it was reported that the guy had bought a package deal online to I-City with tickets for rides and vouchers for food… and the vouchers are expiring the next day.

niceguy says:

Typo: it should be “When there’s no adequate…”

rosie says:

nkkhoo says:

I think by KPI, debt per capita, Malaysia is number one debtor in the world.

solomon says:

One political analyst said on Newstalk program (Astro AEC 11pm last nite) said Johor could lose between 5-8 parlimentary seats to Pakatan in the coming election.
MCA is seen as not doing much to the Chinese community besides Chinese education. However, Wee Ka Siong should be safe as he is prominent in his role in chinese education.

goh says:

dude, look at your own writing. Don’t you think that you’re a racist as well. If it’s true that there are more malays fanning racist remarks on the net, does that make the chinese any nobler. How do you measure the racism, simply by quantifying them? When someone insult your race, how do you think you should respond? THINK!

nkkhoo says:

When I say Chinese is free of racism? Statistics is the best answer to see who is more racist.

Hit back the person, not his race background if someone insults you or your race. This is straight forward response.

I have no shy to use four letter words or fist fighting or go to battlefield when I deal with any racists. There is no rational negotiation can be concluded with racists.

solomon says:


First time nkkhoo kena whacked left, right and centre from the likes of goh and ray, likely to be umnoputera cybertroopers in disguise?

nkkhoo says:

They are from photomalaysia, BN friendly idiots.


Many chinese simply love KFC and somehow do not mind if being called balik china. such eroding dignity mca also don’t mind !

nkkhoo says:

Only Chinese gen-Y still visit KFC. I only visit KFC one or two times in a year for my supper.

solomon says:

A very poor customer service from Kroni Fried Chicken to begin with!

SOP of KFC Malaysia:

Not sure if KFC also uses BTN syllabus in its training. Probably so.