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This is service quality from Canon Malaysia ... email undelivered

If you think Malaysians can run a better company for foreign investors, please rethink again if you are dealing with Canon Malaysia.

The is Canon management team,, but what I get is bunch of suck services.

I have no choice except to take legal action against Canon Malaysia because their customer service is totally dead.

This is Canon email listed in its website,

This is result I get.

The Canon Malaysia facebook was deleting my notice, but I captured it for my legal purpose.

The comment board with Facebook account.
Bahtiar says:

Saya hantar repair canan 600d pada 16.6.2012 utk servive eye view kotor memalui Canon Seremban.3 minggu baru siap.Saya ambil dan test masih kotor dan saya hantar semula kpd. Conon Seremban.Apa Service techniciant buat.Mahu hantar 2 atau 3 x ka.Kalau tidak tahu kerja berhenti kerja lah.Semua orang kata Canon Camera customer Service reputasi burok.Saya pun dah tidak mahu beli camera jenis Canon lagi.Apa guna camera bagus tetapi service tak bagus.Nama Canon Camera pun sudah burok.Apakah ini world wide camera product quality service.Harap canon buat sesuatu.T.k

pcp says:

hello nkkhoo. I am also having problems with Cannon customer service. How was the outcome of your legal action? Did you go to consumer tribunal?

nkkhoo says:

They entertained me with excellent service after my ultimatum notice. Legal action is only last step until we have no other option.

Contact Canon Marketing CEO directly, Melvyn Ho at melvyn_ho AT if Canon customer service is still no responding.


you dislike Canon, Asus etc

better stick to Buatan Malaysia Boleh like Pensonic.

nkkhoo says:

Pensonic products are made in China. Quality is also suck. I lost a few K in holding Pensonic shares.

Customer is shit is a culture in Malaysia.