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Customer is shit in Malaysia.

The customer is king is just a slogan in the textbook, almost all business services in Malaysia I used is a third-world standard.

Below are recent examples,

– KFC worker beaten up a customer.

– I have to visit Amanah Saham Berhad’s office for five times for a RISDA share transfer from my late father because they keep adding new form after each visit. They call me again this week and asking me to revisit their office for signing another new form. Total number of visit is at least six times.

– Email inquiry to Canon Customer Support hit the dead wall after 10 day. They only willing to reply after I send them an ultimatum that a legal action will be taken against Canon for breach of service agreement.

– Photomalaysia forum with its own barbaric rule to close a thread against its sponsor, Canon.

The verdict is Kiasuland’s GDP is 40,000 USD because its customer is king while Bolehland’s GDP is 7,500 USD because its customer is shit.

See the difference? Malaysia has everything including racists except with good work culture.

The customer is shit culture is everywhere in Bolehland. Malaysia Boleh!

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Pheabus says:

I renewed my passport recently.
Do not be fooled by the misleading ‘1 hour’ KPI.

It took me 1 hour to queue for number (only one counter handling all kinds of inquiries).
Another 4 hours waiting for my turn to be served by counter staff after getting the q-number.
After that another 20 mins wait before being called to make payment at another counter.
After that only that ‘1 hour KPI’ is valid as I have to wait another 1 hour to collect my new passport.

Yes, it took only 1 hour to get your renewed passport, but only after 5 hours and 20 minutes from the time you start queuing for your number in the morning.

Poor customer service because of the lepak attitude of the staff. The counter staff must ‘take a break’ after handling each custoomer to walk around/chit chat without due concern for waiting customers.

nkkhoo says:

Please edit and send it to The Star and Malaysiakini for more than one million Malaysians to know the truth behind one hour KPI.

In the lean manufacturing, we call waiting time as non-valued waste.

Lepak attitude in English should be lackadaisical attitude.

Jaiho says:

I agreed fully.
The 1 hour turnaround time for passport renewal is very misleading, just like all the KPIs set up under the Transformation program, good to fool the kampung folks!

I also do not trust Hisham that the crime rate has gone down. Bolehland is still not safe – murders and robbery is pretty common nowadays. The days of Botak Chin is not as bad as today.

nkkhoo says:

Botak Chin robbed banks, not poor people in the mamak stalls. I was robbed by an Indian gang in a mamak stall before 308, Lim Kit Siang’s blog carried my field report.

niceguy says:

My most unplesant experience was purchasing a new flat.

Developer and his whole sales team was all nice and friendly and polite when making the purchase.

But when it comes to handing over the new premise 2-3 years later, only one fresh face clerk was present, and the office was filled with agents for renovation contractors…

The clerk just handed over the door keys, like you’re a pest interupting his day chatting with the agents; and away you go looking for your new flat on your own…

Opened the main door, and encountered dusty and foot printed floors, no water at the taps, and SHIT in the toilet bowls… Wahlau, new flat!!!

solomon says:

Is the pipe water in Muar contaminated?
Be careful what you drink, Mr nkkhoo.
Perhaps your MCA hero can spring into action again as hero?

solomon says:

Whoever pay 10% service charge when the service is deplorable is a shit himself, right?