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Big Mouth Minister hijacks Penang Premium Outlet

Under ETP, three premium outlets supposed to be set up in Malaysia. One in Johor, one in Sepang and one in Penang.

Tourism Minister Ng Yen Yen just announced one premium outlet in Sepang and another one in Melaka.

I pose this question to Koh Tsu Koon, does tourism minister is more powerful than ETP minister in deciding the location of premium outlet?

This posting is reposted at Koh Tsu Koon’s facebook and email to Lim Guan Eng and Chua Soi Lek. So let’s wait and see how the formal response from Koh about this issue.

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Pheabus says:

Premium outlets likely to be operated by those Umno cronies.

nkkhoo says:

Genting is one of UMNO cronies.

rayson says:

more branded store will result in more young people selling their bodies to make
money to buy those stuff. already happening in Kluang. parents beware.

nkkhoo says:

Whether there are premium outlets or not, luxury goods are available in many high end shopping centers.

Moral decay has something with do with parental guidance from the childhood and our self-control.

My no-smoking neighbor was taking iron-fist approach to educate his sons that no smoking. The result is 2/3 of his sons are smokers.

My smoking father did not say smoking is bad and stop my siblings to do so, the result is 3/4 of my siblings are non-smokers. The one is smoker already suffered a mild stroke at 50++.

rosie says:

etp minister is back door senator minister so naturally stay quiet and continue to draw hefty salary.

nkkhoo says:

Penangites are pissed off with Koh’s “seedless durian” attitude.