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Chua Soi Lek lied again..the mountain door of Johor Ancient Temple was demolished, not shifted backward

Tearing down Chinese temple for Chinese is like burning Al-Quran for Muslims and Bible for Christians.

Both Chua Soi Lek and Muhyddin are responsible persons to rape the Chinese temple in 1991.

Johor Ancient Temple’s original gate

I was at the site at about 9-10AM after the temple front wall and its gates were demolished in the wee hours by JB council workers because I used the Trus road to JB old bus station during my year-end balik kampung trip from Singapore.

A file of bricks and wooden materials still there when I was passing the temple. A policeman asked me to leave the site and no photo taking was allowed. The area was sealed off by FRU.

The photo clearly shown that the wall was torn down to dusts, not shifted back.

From the news reported next day, a worker (believe to be a Chinese) in the new hotel construction site beside the temple was beaten up by FRU for throwing bricks toward destruction site.

As a historic witness, I can swear or cut the white chicken head in any Chinese temple with Chua to prove who is liar.

蔡细历:当年不是被拆 古庙山门是往后移

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绿州皇委會 says:


nkkhoo says:

Can you share those photos in the internet for more people to see the truth?

I was unlucky to witness the incident and felt very angry, a feeling still lingering in my mind till today.

TK Yan says:



Swee Lan says:

NkKhoo can witness Yes or No among the JB crowd on 2 March.
MCA better have more supporters shouting otherwise more youtube videos of No No No.

nkkhoo says:

Only the brain dead politician will ask for self-inflicted injury. Chua may be stupid in booking a same room for happy hour with his young mistress, but not so stupid as Ah Yen.

hf tan says:

If the leader/chief is called a liar by a prominent blogger, what’s the point of supporting the organisation filled with liar juniors !
Think Think Think & say No No No to liars.

nkkhoo says:

I voted PAS from 1st time I voted in GE although my parents are hardcore MCA followers.

My generation is the first batch of students receiving discrimination in the school after NEP was implemented.

damien says:

why jb old temple disallow devotees wearing Bersih t-shirt at the temple compound if i am praying for a clean election?

seems like the committee of the jb temple been instructed by mca?

all because the mca money politics now control the temple affairs? or because najib gave them the recognition last year?

nkkhoo says:

Keep the Chinese temple a neutral and peaceful place for all Chinese regardless their political affiliation.

Take your politicking games to other venues like ceramah, demonstration, etc.

ks tan says:

devotees can still wear “bersih” shirt beneath a jacket. goddess can see through the pleas of rakyat.
nkkhoo don’t discard your bersih shirt. some people have auction the shirts at ebay.

nkkhoo says:

I do not have Bersih t-shirt to enrich some businessmen.

Terence says:

Yet many 1malaysia logo in t-shirts of old temple troupes procession, is this not politicised?
Is the event sponsored by BN exclusively?

nkkhoo says:

Lodge the complaint to temple committee with evidence.

cl lee says:

新山古庙游神不允许出现政治的元素, 为什么国阵的(1个马来西亚)标志却可以出现?还成为古庙的”官方制服”标志????

Jojo says:

1BangsaMalaysia must be promoted over superficial 1Malaysia.

風雲 says:




Rayson says:


Use search feature next time, no more such double job.


fyi tonite 7.30pm on Astro AEC special documentary on JB OLD TEMPLE PROCESSION. Don’t miss.

nkkhoo says:

I had watched the JB ancient temple procession’s video several times.

不是被拆不是往后移 says:

蔡细历刻意隐瞒和包庇慕尤丁当年拆除山门的行动, 对不起新山华社.

慕尤丁当年是柔州大臣, 他违背新山华社的诉求,下令市政局执法人员于1991年12月29日凌晨3时强硬拆除柔佛古庙围墙, 并出动镇暴警察对付和平情愿的群众.

Ah Huat says:

Perhaps Mr Nkkhoo can write in to local press to tell people the truth regarding the demolition of the front wall of the old temple. Actually the signage of the old temple as shown on your picture is not the original one, it is the replacement after the original one was. Damaged during the demolition a s ordered by the then MB of Johor ( now dpm of Msia).

The Chinese in Johor deserve the truth, else old temple will not bring goodness to them!

nkkhoo says:

The Star will reject any letter attacking its boss, MCA. I tried it before, so I can share with you about this reality.

solomon says:

Because of CSL’s lie to the deities of the Old Temple, MCA will not ‘huat’, and could perish for good in PRU13. Don’t play play with such faith matter.

Jojo says:

i knew little mandarin and chinese culture. But nkkhoo will know don’t anger the spirits otherwise many mishaps can happen. Just go and watch NTV7’s Unbelievable (Hong Kong’s Live Ghost Adventure) at 12.30am or 12.45am (Mon – Thurs).
For those who use Black magic to advance political career, these “halus” can strike back if not being fed properly.


JB Ancient Temple could be a sore-eye to non-believers especially during the Kotaraya project in early 90s.

now this tradition has been recognized as national cultural treasure hence Johor folks should expect more funding to enhance the temple eg better landscape and info for tourist.

nkkhoo says:

The temple land is like Bukit Cina is worth a few hundred millions ringgit. BN politicians tried to grasp these land bank until we Chinese community strongly say NO.

Pheabus says:

CSL lied to his wife, he can lie to anyone.
Vote for liars at your peril.
Ubah is the way to go.