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Full-Frame DSLR, 36MP, Nikon D800

Nikon’s newest professional DSLR uses a full frame 36.3 Megapixel sensor (sensor size is the same as a frame of 35mm film) and the EXPEED 3 image processing engine.

Thanks to all the hardware muscle, it can records 1080p video, capture images at ISO 25,600 and take in-camera HDR images.

Other specs include dual card slots (CF and SD), HDMI out, 900 gram weight and a 3.2-inch high resolution LCD display. The camera is expected to arrive late March for US $3,000.


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if only more msian consumers know their priviledges as customers then most companies local (eg kfc) or abroad (canon) will not so arrogant.
you need to work hand in hand with consumer groups. Penang Consumers Org is very active and you should forward them your plights.

nkkhoo says:

Canon is responding to my inquiries within a reasonable time frame now.

We Malaysian consumers can only be respected by local and foreign companies after 90% consumers are acting like me and Danny Ng, who never keep quiet and tolerant for shoddy services.

Amanah Raya Berhad is my next whacking target.

nkkhoo says:

It’s a free service for Nikon.

Canon people called me five times yesterday after I gave them ultimatum. Sorry, this is not the service I want, I only expect any company to reply our email inquiry in 24-48 hour.

Pheabus says:

Ironically the tag line for Canon is ‘Delighting You Always’!

nkkhoo says:

Someone in the customer service may face the music because I emailed to Canon Malaysia CEO about the suck service and legal ultimatum.

Pheabus says:

Wah! You have switched to Nikon so fast?
How much would you get from Nikon to give them free publicity?
Canon must be cursing their luck!