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Malaysia got future ?

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Justin Hew says:

MCA is very generous in giving grant to independent chinese schools (like Foon Yew) in JB while their certificates are not recognized by Regim BN. These chinese students end up working and settling in Singapore, thanks to MCA’s generosity in promoting brain drain among the best in Johor!

Yazid says:

No wonder so many johor chinese opt to study in Spore.

Larry says:

Malaysia is already a bankrupt nation like Greece. There is a very slim chance of the current govt in paying back the debts the way they spend our future money. The cost of every single project is inflated for corruption purposes. There is a limit petronas can do to support the corruption. The rich has been transferring their wealth overseas and the trend will be exponential should BN retains Putrajaya the next election. Once the hedge funds are done with their attacks on the Euro Zones, Asia will be their next target,with Malaysia leading the pack.

ALL Rakyat MUST OPEN our eyes BIG and to be 100% sure in the next GE13 to vote the RIGHT people to run this country otherwise Malaysia will end up bankrupt along with the future of our next generation!

Samson says:

what’s the number of visitors to your blog ?
You have put many efforts to awaken the rakyat BUT if your messages do not reach out then quite wasted.

My advise is to put up a visitor counter at your blog. More readers more ad revenues more income for you to continue to fight off injustice.

btw, not to vote BN or Pakatan, you mean go for 3rd Force ?

3rd Force KITA half sinking.

you mean combo of JATI + Perkasa ? Quite explosive one !

nkkhoo says:

Don’t worry, bad news will spread like wild fire. I see many bad news are circulating in the viral email and SMS which is more effective than blog.

So, let make it a habit to send bad news to 10 close friends through email and asking them to send it again to another 10. The speed of circulation is terrible if viral marketing is used.

Samson says:

Don’t be happy and proud living in the capital city of Malaysia.
I plan to move out of KL once i can find better alternatives.
Cost of living is choking me !!!!

Quote :
Kuala Lumpur rose another twelve spots in the Economist Intelligence Unit’s (EIU) ranking of the world’s most expensive cities, reaching 74th in February from 86th in June last year.
This comes as mounting concerns over stubbornly high inflation and stagnant wages pose a potential challenge for the Najib administration which has to call for general elections before March next year.
Data made available by the EIU to The Malaysia Insider show that KL’s cost of living index rose from 67th in June 2009, which was just after Datuk Seri Najib Razak took over as prime minister, to 83rd this month, a jump of 16 points or 23 per cent.
This means KL is now 83 per cent as expensive as New York although its salaries are nowhere near as high as those in the global financial capital.

Source :

Larry says:


Jiman says:

Is there a collusion between Tajuddin Ramli and BN?

Where in the world has a government that allows a criminal to go free by going for a mutual settlement?

nkkhoo says:

The settlement agreement has to be opened for rakyat to read and understand its risks.