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Beware of buying any goods from does not verify its individual seller is a legitimate business entity or not as required by the Company Act, they just accept anyone who is willing to pay RM298 listing fee to open an online store with them.

This SHDC memory card listed in is not a product listed in Kingston website. I have emailed Kingston to check the product is counterfeit or not. I am quite confidence to say 99% chance it’s a counterfeit because its technical specification is not class 10 and without Kingston hologram.

I found out this problem with the help of Canon technical support because my new Canon camera fails to take video recording.

Once I get the confirmation that the product is a fake one, I will take necessary legal action against and its seller.

I have stopped using because of high risk of being cheated.

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Melissa says:

Fake Blue ray movie disc (some claims 25GB in size) plentiful at JB’s Holiday Plaza & at Penang’s Prangin Mall.

However, they are cheap and most people aware they are not original.

Though quality not not lasting, people buy them for short term enjoyment.

nkkhoo says:

Some people say most memory cards sold in internet are fake.

Rango says:

Just like those ‘handsome ang moh’ on internet/facebook, they are likely to be Africans.
That’s why Malaysian ladies continue to be duped.

Ah Beng Kor says:

Be aware also that there are many fake Sandisk brand memory card of all sorts. Sometimes you can tell by the quality of the packaging. However, many unsuspecting customers fell for that.
Not just at leong, even at PC fair (eg PIKOM) you can find many fake products.

nkkhoo says:

How about memory card sold in Low Yat?

Will purchase it from this shop since M-Link is a distributor for SanDisk.

Lot 2.99, 2nd Floor, Low Yat Plaza
No. 7, Jalan 1/77, Off Jalan Bukit Bintang
55100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +603-2142 1525
Fax: +603-2144 5402

Rango says:

Never trust online purchase.
When things are too good or too cheap to be true, it must be a scam.

nkkhoo says:

This is true, but you have to do price comparison first. I skip this step for goods at below RM500, simply no wanted to waste time for such petty stuff.

Anyway, the seller has agreed to refund me and I am still awaiting for refund.