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This MCA woman is a tasteless audience


Her fierce bashings against LGE are summarized as below,

1. Housing assessment tax (I assume it’s for Penang) was increased under LGE.

2. Car parked at road side illegally in George Town was still towed away after 10.30PM. She even claimed that she had witnessed fracas due to towing incident.

The lady appeared in this clip is the ruling party BN/MCA Coordinator for Selayang Parliamentary seat.

She has defamed LGE and Penang PR. My friend in Penang told me his “cukai tanah” was NOT adjusted upward since 308.

A law is a law, how can exemption be given during the night. It’s ok if I park my car illegally in front of her house after 10.30 PM?

MCA is losing point for asking a tasteless lady to attack LGE with weired logic and lie.

Her facebook is a hot potato now

PR supporters are damn childish and immature by personal attacking the lady with all sorts of vulgar language. This speaks out the political maturity in Malaysia is still at the primary school level.

Chinese gen Y cyber bullies are hopeless as Malay Mat Rempit and Indian gangsters if I read their comments posted in the Facebook.

The comment board with Facebook account.
Melissa says:

林冠英 : 伊斯蘭黨沒有殺過一個華人,這是一個事實



nkkhoo says:

This statement is implying someone has killed Chinese before. U know I know someone is who.

Muar Girl says:

Calling all nkkhoo+namewee fans in Muar :

see you tonight at Stadium Sultan Ibrahim 8pm, come show your support and help Nam Thien Temple build a home for our children in need, thank you!!

nkkhoo says:

Sorry, I am still in KL. With the full support of Johor sultan, the fund raising must be a hit.

Late Datuk Koh may be the only temple medium conferred with datukship by a sultan.

Rango says:

Jessie Ooi is so desperate for instant personal fame, depriving others to pose more relevant questions during the debate.

She has now got a lot of fans (calling her The Parking Aunty,car tow girl/拖车姐) who will vote her for free and indiscriminate parking.

nkkhoo says:

More like a tigress.

niceguy says:

“fierce” – LOL.

It does shows some lack of political maturity… she should not have wasted the opportunity (and time) to have a “fight” to score points, but rather ask a genuine question on behalf of the general public.

I did not followed the debate on TV, and the above video clip do remind me of this viewpoint (from the Star online) “The quality of questions could also have been better and there were several who spoke as though they were there to quarrel rather than pose questions.”

Ah Beng Kor says:

This MCA Seladang woman is tarnishing MCA hope of winning Seladang !

The debate organiser acted in favour of granting her to speak nonsense at the expense senior citizen Goh Kim Seng on my relevant education topic ?