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The credit go to MCA Muar for coming out Muar tourist map

MCA Chris Lee is not holding any position in Johor government, thus Johor government channeled public fund to him for a public project is a type of corruption.

I have looked into 2012 Muar city map beta 1, it’s still not perfect but is much better than Melaka tourist map.

Kudos to MCA Chris Lee Ching Yong, who is a serious contender for Bakri parliamentary seat. MCA top leaders are suck in the national policies, but its grassroots leaders are easily outdone DAP.

DAP may be wanted to bombard MCA for the “poke-eye” English and English version is limited to introduction and map markings.

There are a number of English grammar errors in the map.

When Malacca felled to the Portugese,….fell should be used when a nation was captured by the enemy.

the Fortaleza Muar the defend…should be “the Fortaleza Muar to defend…

Leisure Activities #133: Fishmen Village should be Fishermen Village.

Landmark #135: The train locomotive is not a replica, it is a real one.

I found an extra spacing due to typesetting error.

Another area for improvement is English version for the briefing of Muar history, economy, places of interest and origin of Muar name should be included for foreign tourists.

The logo for Chris Lee should NOT be there because the map is a state property.

Under Food & Cuisine, the food “heaven”… is wrong. Food haven is correct English.

What PR Selangor government has done to promote tourist attractions like Sekinchan? Sekinchan DAP MP has to look for funds from the private donors for tourist map unlike Johor BN government paid for Muar tourist maps.

What Elizabeth Wong is doing in her Selangor shining campaign? Selangor is definitely richer than Johor to fund tourism promotions like printing local tourist map.

Don’t blame me to bombard PR Selangor again, this is another factual example on how suck is suck PR Selangor.

What other tourist product should be installed in Muar?

I think with a floating music fountain in Muar river, tourists and city dwellers can enjoy the spectacular and romantic sunset view and music fountain display from Tanjung Mas and Muar riverbank.

Download Muar city map (1.08 MB) here >>>

Ministry all out to woo tourists


THE Tourism Ministry has drawn up an aggressive programme to bring in more tourists this year.

Chris Lee Ching Yong handing over copies of the Muar City Map to Datuk Seri Dr Ng Yen Yen. Pic courtesy of Nanyang Johor

Its Minister, Datuk Seri Dr Ng Yen Yen, said the focus would be on the Japanese, Indian, Middle Eastern and Asian market.

She said a total of 24.78 million tourists visited Malaysia last year, spending more than RM5 billion.

Dr Ng said the ministry expects the number of tourists to increase to 25 million this year, with a total spending of RM6 billion.

“The ministry is going all out to woo more tourists with new products this year,” she told reporters after recently surveying tourist hotspots and opening the Quan Wei restaurant at Jalan Abdul Rahman in Muar.

Dr Ng said tourism is a product and each state in the country has drawn up programmes to promote its own attractions.

She said to encourage more tourist arrivals, the ministry has invited international airlines to fly to more destinations in Malaysia.

“We will provide them with new products to ensure new experience and excitement for their holidays.”

Dr Ng lauded the Muar Municipal Council for drawing up large-scale programmes to promote local attractions such as the lion dance, furniture industry and migratory birds.

She said Muar’s lion dance troupes have captured 41 world championship titles, and the furniture industry accounted for 45 per cent of the country’s total furniture export, while Parit Jawa is one of the important spots for migratory birds.

She added that Muar’s other natural endowments include the green coastline with its marine life, the rich fishing grounds along the Straits of Malacca and Gunung Ledang, the home of a legendary princess.

The minister also commended Chris Lee Ching Yong, the special officer appointed by Menteri Besar Datuk Abdul Ghani Othman, for drawing up a comprehensive 2012 Muar City Map for the convenience of tourists.

Lee presented 10,000 copies of the map to Dr Ng for distribution to Tourism offices overseas.

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muarlover says:

Honestly, take a look at your own english before commenting on others. Just in case you forgot, Johor is funded by the government unlike Selangor.

nkkhoo says:

“Johor is funded by the government unlike Selangor.”

MCA machai, either you fail in English or you do not know what is government. Any one passing SPM English will not make silly mistake as you and in Muar travel brochure.

Johor is funded by the rakyat, not the government in case your teacher forgot to teach you what is government and state.

MCA Chris Lee is not holding any position in Johor government, thus Johor government channeled public fund to him for a public project is a type of corruption.

Justin Hew says:

Sad to see the chinese community have to produce their own booklet when Tourism Johor is printing those ‘official’ tourism booklets to promote kebudayaan dan makanan melayu.

nkkhoo says:

Muar map paid by Tourism Johor unlike Sekinchan Map in Selangor.

niceguy says:

Why “sad”? Shouldn’t it be proud for the community to promote and do something for itself without waiting for outside help?

Dabangg of Muar says:

My brain is more sharper – wrong usage.
My brain is sharper will do.

nkkhoo says:

This is due to Mandarin influence.

Rango says:

Kak Yen said “a total of 24.78 million tourists visited Malaysia last year, spending more than RM5 billion.”

However, B.J. Fernandez wrote in a letter to The Sun today (‘Get Rel on Tourism Figures’):

“In Malaysia, relevant bodies said that in 2010, 24.6 million visitors spent RM56.5 billions in Malaysia. This basically means that every visitor to Malaysia had spent an average of RM2300 each time they visited Malaysia. Using 2009 statistics from Tourism Malaysia’s website, the vast majority of visitors are Singapgoreans, comprising more than 50% of visitor arrivals. It is hard to fathom that a family of four Singaporeans are likely to spend RM9200 a visit and in total close to RM34 billion.”

So Nkkhoo should not be too delighted with the syiok sendiri statement from Kak Yen. Do not just believe in BN’s propaganda without using your head.

nkkhoo says:

Ng Yen Yen even blocking me out from posting in her facebook? Do you think my bashings against her is less than BJ Fernandenz?

Chinese and Western tourists spending power is higher than Singapore. RM5000-7000 spending per 3 day trip in Malaysia is more realistic.

My brain is more sharper than you, I always scrutinize both BN and PR misinformed propagandas with care.

Dabangg of Muar says:

MCA initiated; later only Pakatan can improvise the Muar Museum.
Initiation always involves $ where BN is skillful at because there will be opportunities to inflate cost.
When comes to maintenance, better avoid BN for its white elephants creations you and I know.
UBAH for better Muar future, my friends !