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My stand on Lynas, I support it if ....

Lynas rare earth processing plant in Gebeng Kuantan is being sensationalized by opposition political parties and NGOs.

I did not say support or against the Lynas Plant in the past, it’s time to express my stand loud and clear now.

I support Lynas rare earth plant with conditions as stated below,

1. An independent expert panel to monitor and audit the operation and waste managament.

This requirement is to ensure Lynas Management conforms to international safety standards since our people have no confidence against BN government after the Bukit Merah scandal.

2. The plant is not located in my new village. (The same reason I used against furniture factories in my new village)

What is Thorium-232?
The early experimental nuclear reactor also using thorium as its fuel. The technology was abandoned because US military’s main goal was developing nuclear bombs through uranium enrichment in the reactors. Thorium is a safe radioactive material provided you do not inhale or eat it.

Thorium will be the future nuclear fuel. The waste will be a black gold in future if we can ensure proper waste storage.

Is Thorium-232 Hazardous?

The main pathways of exposure are ingestion and inhalation.

Because of its relative insolubility and low specific activity 232Th is not present in biological materials in significant amounts. Thorium was found to be present in the highest concentrations in the pulmonary lymph nodes and lungs, indicating that the principal source of human exposure is inhalation of suspended soil particles.

Risk is a parcel of life
Furniture factories also using certain toxic chemical in the manufacturing processes like Lynas rare earth processing plant.

The Industrial Estate in my new village is running for more than 10 year without any waste processing plant. Untreated liquid and solid toxic wastes from the factories are discharged and flowed into Muar river. Literally, waste hazard from these ill-managed furniture factories is more risky than Lynas plant.

The funny thing is not a single NGO protested against furniture factories located nearby the drinking water source at Muar river upstream.

About 1% Malaysia GDP can be created from Lynas plant when it’s fully operational is not a small and child’s business.

The ultimate loser is Malaysia for chasing out foreign investors due to ill-informed and mis-informed campaigns by certain quarters for the reasons known to them only.

I am expecting a datukship from Pahang BN government for my support to Lynas. 🙂

Who is Dr. Looi Hoong Wah?

Dr.(medicine) Looi Hoong Wah is the brother of Dr. (architecture) Looi Hoong Thoong or Uncle Looi, the V-Buster antivirus programmer. Uncle Looi actually is a genius with IQ 180, and only 1 out 3 million population has such high IQ, so Malaysia has 10 geniuses with IQ 180 and above in theory.

MENSA accepts anyone with IQ > 130 as its member, only two percentile population is above IQ 130.

LYNAS: I could keep thorium safely at home

By Datuk Dr Looi Hoong Wah, Kuantan, Pahang

I JUST cannot understand what the big fuss is all about with regard to radioactivity exposure around the Lynas rare earth plant.

Thorium-232 is the only radioactive element associated with rare earth mining and it is regarded as the future green nuclear fuel.

It is present in rocks everywhere and even in its purest form, it radiates only alpha particles.

Alpha particles, which consist of two protons and two neutrons, are nothing more than helium atoms without their electrons.

These alpha particles cannot travel more than a few centimetres and cannot penetrate the human skin.

As such, you can hold a lump of pure thorium-232 in your rubber-gloved hands without any danger.

Thorium-232 does not produce dangerous gamma rays, which have high ionising energy, high frequency and short electromagnetic wavelength. These can pass though the human body and cause radiation damage.

To be frank, I would not mind keeping a few hundred kilogrammes of pure thorium-232 in my house if someone were kind enough to give me such a valuable substance.

In other words, the fear of radioactivity danger from the rare earth processing plant is unfounded and exaggerated.

What we need to worry about is the chemical toxic waste that such plants produce.

But, unfortunately, all industrial plants produce toxic waste and the only way to avoid producing these waste will be for us to remain a poor agricultural country.

The early experimental nuclear reactor also using thorium as its fuel. The technology was abandoned because US military’s main goal was developing nuclear bombs through uranium enrichment in the reactors. Thorium is a safe radioactive material provided you do not inhale or eat it.

Thorium will be the future nuclear fuel. The waste will be a black gold in future if we can ensure proper waste storage.

The comment board with Facebook account.
Y says:

A nation-wide demonstration must be organised to protest against the LYNAS affair. It is deplorable that the BN Government has not learnt from the disastrous consequences of the Asian Rare Earth incident which resulted in deformed births, blood poisoning and cancer cases. The Malaysian Rakyat must unite to deliver a crystal clear message to PM Najib that the People do not want LYNAS anywhere on Malaysian soil. NO COMPROMISE, NO to LYNAS! The future of our beloved Nation is at stake. Do not allow the irresponsible, tyrannical and corrupted to the core Regime to do this to us as they are blinded by $$$$$$$ and the Malaysian will suffer for generations to come. Let all right-thinking Malaysians say “NO to LYNAS!”

Paddy says:

First off, I identify my self as a environmentalist, but a rational environmentalist at that.

I have no doubt that this will bring great gains for the Malaysian people, especially with China holding a monopoly and this plant expected to produce a thirds of world supply.

As a businessman, I too would flock to Malaysia if I were exempted tax for 12 years.

Australia has high labor cost, stringent environmental regulation and effective and above board judiciary(and power welding ombudsman created to oversea injustice).

The sad truth is, Malaysia has none of the above. Nobody will save the people of Kuantan when the shit hits the fan. (Anything can go wrong, Fukushima? albeit a smaller scale).

I don’t think I would be taking chances like that myself, especially when I don’t see a big trickle-down effect for the local population. Keep in mind that all governments essentially over-quote jobs creation with new project, most jobs are created during construction not operation.

I find it misleading that you can speak as though your the voice of Australians(of course the Mayor of Whylla is going to welcome the proposal,duhhh) and by using the plant in Whylla as an example, especially considering it was announced in 2010 and seems to be dead in the water on all accounts.,+property+and+land/Building+and+development/Building+and+development+applications/Major+development+applications+and+assessments/Major+development+proposals/Rare+Earths+Complex,+Whyalla

Lastly, anyone who volunteers to keep a couple of kilograms radioactive material at home should get their heads examined. From the US EPA, ‘Thorium-232 is the top of a long decay series that contains key radionuclides such as radium-228, its direct decay product, and radon-220’.

From your above link, Principal Modes of Decay (MeV):
Alpha 4.01 (77.8%), 3.95 (22.1%)
Gamma 0.0638 (0.267%)

CORRECTION!!There are gamma rays, it says so on the link you provided yourself.


Editor deleted this personal attack statement.

nkkhoo says:

If you cannot restrain from personal attack, stop write anything in my blog because I will delete it without mercy.

Dr Looi put a challenge to anyone who can extract pure thorium for him, he is willing to the risk. If you cannot provide a few kg thorium for him, it’s better to shut off your mouth.

IAEA report says its gamma ray in Lynas waste is negligible and harmless to human. I rate IAEA 1000 times more credible than any self-proclaimed environmentalist in radioactive subject.

Dato' Dr HW Looi says:

Note to Justin Hew and the above:

It should also be noted that Australians are delighted that a company called Arafura is building a huge Rare Earth Processing Plant costing over A$1 Billion in Whyalla in South Australia.
This plant is expected to produce over 1,000 high paying jobs for the Australians.
Arafura must be hoping that the Malaysians would be stupid enough to stop Lynas and stop competing with them!!

I have always maintained that the issue with the Lynas plant should be about ordinary Chemical Toxic Wastes and NOT Radioactivity.

But the problem is that all factories and industrial plants produce chemical and other non-radioactive toxic wastes.

Coal fired power plants, chemical plants, Oil Palm Mills, Perwaja steel mills and even microchip and other computer associated plants like Intel, Seagate, Motorolla etc. all produce pollution with toxic non-radioactive wastes.
So, why just pick on and crucify LYNAS and not all the others?

Using the same logic as those anti-Lynas people, we should close down all our factories and plants and move back to the pre-war era of tapping rubber and plucking coconuts for the Big White Man!!

Dato’ Dr Looi Hoong Wah
FAMM, MB.,ChB(Manchester), MRCS(England), MRCP(UK), MRCP(London)

nkkhoo says:

Now they should realize Petroleum Refinery plant in Johor and Photovoltacis factory in Penang are no safer than Lynas in term of cancer risk and environment damage.

Let close down Lynas, Petronas refinery, First Solar Cell, Seagate, local furniture factories, etc. for 100% green environment.

Malaysians should be worked as cheap labors and prostitutes in foreign countries for the sake of clean and safe environment.

Leo says:

This is an issue where perception is stronger than facts.
Unfortunately the so called ‘facts’ from BN have too many loopholes, thus agitate the people even more.

nkkhoo says:

BN has no public credibility especially for the middle class in the cities after a series of scandal to convince people what they say is fact.

BN public relations campaign is as bad as Lynas. An idiot even say the law does not need the rakyat’s approval to grant license.

I have no problem to use Lynas waste to build my house since the cement we used now also has the same level of natural radioactivity.

Rashvin says:

Hi bro, want to interview you on Lynas because you seem to be fair and basing what you write on facts. PLease email me and I will get back to you- if you’re interested that is. thanks

Angah says:

I am sharing this opinion sent to me by a friend:


There is fear something is seriously wrong with Lynas and it is not just about the environmental impact the radioactive waste material may leave,but there is also deep concern at why the Najib administration could allow such a “dirty” industry to come into Malaysia.

Firstly, by allowing a rare-earth refinery on local shores, does this open the door for Malaysia to take in other “dirty” industries unwanted by the more prudent nations in the world? Is Malaysia that far sunk in its economic deterioration that it has no choice but to literally be the “toilet” of the world so to speak in order to avert recession?

Aussie-based Lynas could not get a permit from its own home government to set up its refinery plant and Australia is a continent with vast tracts of remote and un-peopled interiors. While the Australian government shuns the headache of having to potentially deal with radioactive waste, a gullible Najib not only accepts the offer hook, line and sinker but event plants the refinery in his home state.

Secondly, why is the Najib government, only now looking for a means of disposing the Lynas waste products? This need to search for a safe dumping ground comes after issuance of a TOL. Should not the dumping site be identified first before issuing any TOL? Should not due notice be given to residents living nearby to the dumping site? Why are things being done in such an incompetent and unprofessional manner that clearly suggest a plan to hide and to deceive the residents and the Malaysian public?

Again, a sign that things are being done in reverse by the Najib administration and deliberately so. But is this not the modus-operandi of the Najib administration and how it to-date has gone about its business. Whether Najib realizes it or not, it is like he is conjuring up a project, dumping it onto the community and forcing the residents to accept the plans. And when mishaps happen – like in the Bukit Merah rare earth refinery where radioactive contamination had killed several people and injured dozens – the BN government acts as if no such negative occurrence had ever taken place before.

Manson says:

BN is not listening to the people.
Just like the Jln Sultan case, BN is risking the wrath of voters.
I think Najib is badly adviced and will suffer another tsunami effect.
They are too arrogant to be blinded. Bye bye to BN soon!

青青 says:


nkkhoo says:

PR supports Himpunan Hijau is for political gain.

The chemical used in the photovoltaic cell factories in Kulim, Melaka and Penang is toxic and harmful to environment and human health.

Stop FDI if Malaysians do not want any risk from the manufacturing sectors.

There is a 30-year old research nuclear reactor in Bangi, right in the Klang Valley, the risk of deadly gamma radiation leakage and exploded is real unlike Lynas.

4 million people will be exposed to deadly gamma radiation if it exploded or burned down.

My main worry is Bangi nuclear reactor, not by-product thorium from Lynas.

Angah says:

If the Lynas plant is scientifically and factually SAFE as you claim then WHY the Aussie govt refuses to grant Lynas the manufacturing license in their own country?

Also WHY the Aussie govt REFUSES to accept back the waste material.

Please do not INSULT the rakyat’s intelligence with your flawed logic. Perhaps you are owning Lynas share?

nkkhoo says:

Did Lynas apply license in Australia? Show me the proof before you through your wild accusation.

It’s the international treaty to ban inter-national transshipment for radioactive waste. Since Australia is a signatory nation, rejecting radioactive waste from Malaysia is a natural and legitimate decision.

You shall report to MACC to prove me or UMNO politicians own the Lynas share.

Justin Hew says:

Please be rationale.
Just ask why Lynas cannot operate within Australia but to export the risk to Malaysia. Why desperate for such kind of investment?
So simple yet BN is making things complicated.
Rakyat didahulukan? Ha ha!
Remember the stadium in Trengannu also certified safe before it collapse.
I believe the nuclear plant will be set up in Johor if BN wins the state, the same BN logic.

Sally says:

Sad to see nkkhoo cannot empatise with the majority of rakyat.

nkkhoo says:

How on earth you believe majority with anti-Lynas?

BenG says:

Dear nkkhoo,
I am with you on this. However, I am more cautious on your POV that Thorium can be seen as a viable “replacement” for Uranium in nuclear fuel cycles and thus as a “black gold”
This is a good research paper in regards to this discussion. There are several other methods and cycles other that Th as well, each having advantages and disadvantages. The current favourable nuclear cycle is not efficient at all but it is very economical (expected). As for the future on Th on nuclear energy, you can refer to Appendix A (tho I encourage you to read the entire paper).

Based on current (2008) nuclear demands, it is projected that uranium would last for another 100 years . However, if recycling spent uranium rods were to be done, the energy obtained would last us for a long long time (1000 years at least, based on the MIT report). Moreover, recent observation particularly on the Fukushima disaster points that nuclear energy is becoming more unpopular, particularly in developed countries. But Th reactors are already around in India and soon, Brazil and other countries which do not want to buy/mine uranium. My personal views on nuclear energy is that it is just a temporary source of energy (a sort of a transition energy source from fossil fuels to greener sources), until better/more efficient green technologies in energy production is developed and are economical. Within 50/100 years, it is a possibility that fusion would be achievable and economical.

The risks of Thorium on the other hand is not only inhalation/digestion. Powdered Th is very flammable, and as a result could cause the aerosolization of it, thus making it disperse into the air and we have a crisis at hand. Yes we need a realistic approach in handling and managing both Th in the plant and the Th in the waste (The waste storage should be considered as forever, as it is an uncertainty whether or not Th would be marketable in the future). But until now, I have not seen any attempts by Lynas at addressing this issue properly, which is why I am anti-Lynas, for now.

nkkhoo says:

Do I care about idiots from PR and BN to read my blog?

nkkhoo says:

All personal attacks from idiots are intentionally deleted.

PR supporters cannot accept lie from LGE. Only LGE is semi-God where other politicians are low-life.

How about anti-wearing songkok stand by DAP? DAP can only cheating those born after 80s.

綠色怡保 says:

No Lynas when Pakatan goes to Putrajaya as announced at Perhimpunan Hijau at Kuantan just now.

nkkhoo says:

Of course PKR and DAP will never get my vote. PR will change its own decision once they vote in by rakyat.

Lim Guan Eng condemned Koh Tsu Kung for appointing UMNO man as his second Chief Minister when he was in opposition camp.

He appointed two, not one when he was voted in as Penang Chief Minister.

Go trust politicians like Lim Guan Eng.

綠色怡保 says:

nkkhoo, you can become a dato if u r in the crowd in the picture here :

Dr Looi’s letter appeared on New Straits Times in December; and of all people nkkhoo buy that twisted info ????

Now we are in Feb and Dr Looi’s reasoning has been shot down in case you are not aware.

So stay updated with risky news, ok ?

nkkhoo says:

I saw his letter in FMT and Malaysiakini too.

Go personal attack against anyone support Lynas is your shot down argument. That why we need using brain, not ball when we deal with important issue.

You will support Lynas if Pahang is under PR government. Your decision is driven by political motive to bring down BN regardless the end loser is the nation.

Eating also come with choking to dead risk.

綠色怡保 says:

Dr. Looi Hoong Wah ?
He grow grapes and know nuts about the risk of Lynas !!!
So looks like nkkhoo has linked up with this doctor to grow grapes in Muar ? Just make sure the grapes are not tainted by thorium, ok

nkkhoo says:

What professional qualification do you have? Another red guard army in Malaysia?

綠色怡保 says:

To Dato NK Khoo (pahang Confered Title)

怡保公众及网民 地标前和平请愿反稀土

(怡保25日讯) 来自怡保的社会公众及网民,於周六中午在怡保地标夜光杯,展开和平请愿活动,呼吁各界人士,一起支持‘停止在关丹开设莱纳稀土厂’活动。







nkkhoo says:

Not all radioactive materials have destructive gamma ray.

Muar 4 Hijau says:

Thorium induced nuclear weapon can rech Muar from Kuantan, fear you not nkkhoo ????

Thorium and nuclear weapons
Thorium fuel cycles are promoted on the grounds that they pose less of a proliferation risk compared to conventional reactors. However, whether there is any significant non-proliferation advantage depends on the design of the various thorium-based systems. No thorium system would negate proliferation risks altogether.

Neutron bombardment of thorium (indirectly) produces uranium-233, a fissile material which can be used in nuclear weapons (1 Significant Quantity of U-233 = 8kg).

The USA has successfully tested weapon/s using uranium-233 cores. India may be interested in the military potential of thorium/uranium-233 in addition to civil applications. India is refusing to allow safeguards to apply to its entire ‘advanced’ thorium/plutonium fuel cycle, stongly suggesting a military dimension.

The possible use of highly enriched uranium (HEU) or plutonium to initiate a thorium-232/uranium-233 reaction, or proposed systems using thorium in conjunction with HEU or plutonium as fuel, present risks of diversion of HEU or plutonium for weapons production as well as providing a rationale for the ongoing operation of dual-use enrichment and reprocessing plants.

Thorium fuelled reactors could also be used to irradiate uranium to produce weapon grade plutonium.

nkkhoo says:

PAS rep: Lynas plant safe if monitored well

The PAS rep is a trained nuclear scientist, he has conscious for not blindly support anti-Lynas campaign for political gain.

綠色盛會2.0 says:


nkkhoo says:

The dangerous of no using own brain to analyze an issue with fact.

Just because Bersih 2.0 was a successful public demonstration, you people also think any demonstration is a right cause.

What manufacturing industries bring zero risk and hazard? Tell me one is good enough.

Dr Zhivago says:

Kuantan police chief ACP Mohd Jasmani Yusof gave the nod to organisers of Himpunan Hijau 2.0 to hold the rally at Kuantan municipal council field 4(MPK4) on Sunday 26 Mar 2012. Time 10am – 12pm.


Dr Zhivago says:

How can thorium affect people’s health?

The principal concern from low to moderate level exposure to ionizing radiation is increased risk of cancer. Studies have shown that inhaling thorium dust causes an increased risk of developing lung cancer, and cancer of the pancreas. Bone cancer risk is also increased because thorium may be stored in bone.

What can I do to protect myself and my family from thorium?

Most people are not exposed to dangerous levels of thorium. However, people who live near thorium mining areas, or near certain government or industrial facilities may have increased exposure to thorium, especially if their water is from a private well. Analytical laboratories can test water for thorium content. Occasionally, household items may be found with thorium in them, such as some older ceramic wares in which uranium was used in the glaze, or gas lantern mantles. These generally do not pose serious health risks, but may nevertheless be retired from use as a prudent avoidance measure. A radiation counter is required to confirm if ceramics contain thorium.

nkkhoo says:

Toxic smoke from the cigarette is more dangerous than thorium-232.

丁賢 says:


kilalafairy says:

my stand is if and only if any toxic by-products after processing at Lynas Factory are shipped safely (no leakage) back to Australia.

however, i’m doubtful now as Anson Wong can even get out of Msian Jail now. Anything can betray the promises (even in black and white) in Msia as long as $ speaks louder than the consciences. Do our authoritis have the basic conscience not to be tempted, nkkhoo ???

nkkhoo says:

Australian government already say no to accept by-product.

No doubt, toxic waste stored in the desert is a right choice for minimum leakage. But it does not make economic sense for investor to ship back waste to original place.

Thorium will be the future nuclear fuel. The waste will be black gold in future if we can ensure proper waste storage.