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Traditional medicine for diabetes

By NKKhoo

kapok tree

The root of kapok tree (Ceiba pentandra) can be used to cure wound due to diabetes.

The doctor in JB general hospital told my uncle that one leg with severe wound due to diabetes has be amputated to save his life. A few days before leg amputation, my mum called him and introduced this traditional medicine to my uncle.

My uncle decided to postpone the amputation operation and consumed boiled essence of the kapok root for a few weeks. Finally his severe wound was fully recovered and his leg was saved by kapok tree root.

My mum is also consuming kapok root essence to control her diabetes illness, in one time her foot toes in a leg also had been infected with deep wound until I had to send her to see a diabetes specialist for expensive treatment.

Consult your doctor first before using any traditional medicine. Please use my recommendation at your own risk because my uncle and mum cases are not scientifically studied and proven.

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