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3000, 5000, 15000 or 30,000 in Himpunan Hijau 2.0

The Kuantan police said the crowds is 3000, Malaysia Kini said 15,000 and The China Press said 30,000.

Based on the bird view photo from the police, I tend to believe the number is between 10,000 to 15,000.

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Johan says:

shares of Lynas dived 11% !

Don’t worry, be Happy

Norizan says:

saya kata aussie boleh tanam sisa lynas di gurun desert tak ancam nyawa manusia (biar biawak jadi bahan ujian siti).

tak ada furniture you duduk/tidur atas lantai ?

nkkhoo says:

You only want good one and reject waste. There is no NEP in Australia for you to gain everything from them.

You should shut down TV, computer, handphone, etc. all of them are using rare earth material if you are so concern about environment.

You still do not understand real problem in Malaysia, there is no waste management for industrial waste in any industrial estate.

Norizan says:

aussie bikin sebab tenaga burun msia yang murah ?

sebab orang msia senang di pengaruh ?

Norizan says:

orang yang berlabur di Lynas patut cakap tak ada masalah radiasi.

masalah bukan radiasi sisa-sisa tetapi macam mana nak buangkan yang keruh selepas process ?

lagipun kita tak tau barangkali ada ujian bahaya yang kita tak sedar. Msia selalu bocor sini sana dan sistem penyelaran tak bolej di percayai.

Ngapa Aussie tak mau process dekat down uder dan tanam sisa sisa jauh dari penduduk nya di tengah negara nya yang desert itu ?

Pikir pikir lah. Jangan asyik kata isu politik tapi isu keselamatan !

nkkhoo says:

Where the Lynas get the water and electricity to run factory in the desert?

Tanam padi saja, don’t run any factory is safest for Malaysia.

More and more Muar people died due to cancer, no Lynas in Muar except a few hundred furniture factories discharging toxic chemical into Muar river where drinking water is drawn for Muar people.

青青 says:


曲:Nick Yee 詞: jayken 唱:Nick Yee

Malaysia may disappear
At the time the plant explode
How can the unscrupulous officials just letting us die
We protest but we called presumptuous
Malaysia may disappear
Fulfilling prophecy of the end of the world
Corruption is only what they know
They can’t feel our heart and voice

Bouncing stitch at the moment
An instant explosion become forever
Even a century in a history
Descendants did not know how to write about this tragedy
在毀滅之前Before the destruction
政腐都跑去了國外花錢They ran to the foreign country,spending our money
如果真像你說的安全(If it is safe as what you said)
不如把廠建在你家後院(Why don’t you build the plant nearby your place)
撈了多少的錢 唯有高官知道(Only they know how much money they corrupt)
生死他們操控 不理我們哀悼(They just ignore the citizen life or death)
國外的人才 你外流得好
(Those profession who outflowing, you did well)
因為你躲得掉 他們貪污風暴
(Coz you can avoid yourself from the tempestuous corruption)

Norizan says:

i tak kisah nombor.
kalau orang aussie tak mau bikin dekat tempat mereka, mengapa harus kita bikin dekat Msia ?
cuba fikir fikirkan dan kita dapat jawapannya.

nkkhoo says:

Why Malaysia accepts FDI from Japan, American, Taiwan, etc.?

Malaysia provides cheap labor, cheap water, free tax for 12 year, cheap land, etc. to Lynas.

Lynas choose Malaysia for business sense.

Justin Hew says:

BN import cheap foreign labor to continue to be cheap for investors.
That’s why the mean salary cannot go up.
I still wonder how Najib can achieve his dream of high-income nation.
Possibly an election ploy to soothe the MTUC and Cuepacs?