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UMNO + Perkasa samseng attack Himpunan Hijau 2.0 in Penang

With the blessing and protection of police, these UMNO gangsters have shown us what is “lembu” culture.

Those anti-Lynas crowds are truly ball-less, let the 6 to 7 UMNO samseng attacked the reporter without helping him. > 1000 anti-Lynas crowds should stampede these samseng to hell.



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Freddy says:

韩国最知名的国际品牌 Samsung;
大马最知名的国际品牌 Samseng.

The Famous Product Of Korea Samsung;
The Famous Product Of Malaysia Samseng.

Libra says:

Umno is merely trying to remind us that they could repeat the May 13 tragedy?

Angah says:

Those samseng have been ‘programmed’ to attack anything green or yellow?

Ghani Komtar says:

are you so sure they are from umno or perkasa ?
without evidence better don’t spread lies.
The Star and NST never say they are from UMNO !

nkkhoo says:

Penang Perkasa chief already admitted their members were there. The same Pekida cum UMNO samseng are running wild in Penang since 308.

Those believe in Star and NST are either fools or BN people.

Manson says:

With such evidence, it will be interesting to see how the police will take action against the thugs.
But we ,should not have high hope since the police is answerable only to its unmolested tuan.

Justin Hew says:

We shall see what the police will do.

nkkhoo says:

KFC incident will give us a clue. As long the attackers are UMNO Malays, no case at the end.

Sally says:

Snitter example of desperate move by BN to destabilize Pakatan in Penang with violence.
The police is not Jelling A’s they ikut prrintah from Hisham only.

Justin Hew says:

The police will soon show their own video account of the incident.
Trust PDRM?
They are just the servants of Umno, and Perkasa thugs are their sworn brothers.

Josh says:


nkkhoo says:

Support Lynas is based on fact unlike you blindly to support anything PR.

Manson says:

Yes. Do not forget that human error can be a cause for disaster however strong the safety measures.
So I do not gamble my children future on BN handling.

nkkhoo says:

Thousand of toxic materials can causing cancer, thorium-232 is not radiating gamma ray, its waste can be easily managed like any waste in the factories.

The main issue in Malaysia is no international standard waste management in industrial estate.

You can visit any industrial estate in Muar to see where the industrial wastes are discharged, of course you do not see it in the day time.

The wastes are illegally discharged into Muar river during the night time.

Justin Hew says:

nkkhoo will do people a lot of good if he can took the pictures of toxic discharge and post it on his blog. Can raise awareness of such dumping!

nkkhoo says:

Factories in Penang also discharged untreated wastes into sea and open sky directly.

This problem is well known to every one, no one in Bolehland care about it if no “radioactive” attached to waste until the problem reaching a critical stage like in China.

BenG says:

“thorium-232 is not radiating gamma ray, its waste can be easily managed like any waste in the factories”

I beg to differ. Read up the IAEA report on Lynas. There are 3 main solid wastes. The first 2 are very low in radioactivity and also Th-232 and U, which can be disposed of rather easily, but AELB has marked it as radioactive waste (which IAEA refutes, but kudos to AELB on this), so its a bonus if they dispose of it ala radioactive waste. The third, the WLP, is radioactive in nature (with a 6Bq/g activity), due to the Th-232 and U concentrations in it. Having said that, this should be the one that should be disposed off properly. From what I heard on their plans on the RSF, it is only temporary. But NO ONE from anywhere had defined what is temporary, how long? What is the permanent disposal plan? Frankly, none exists at all (according to the IAEA report). And I suspect the reason why everyone tagged all the wastes as radioactive (remember according to IAEA standards, only 1 type of the 3 is radioactive) is due to the decay chain of Th-232. It is true that Th-232 undergoes alpha decay, but after that, it produces Radium and so on, and some of the daughter nuclei do emit gamma radiation, along with beta and alpha as well, plus other poisonous elements. Despite Th-232 having a very long halflife, do remember that the quantities of Th being thrown is in tonnes (which in effect, will be significant).

Yes other factories do dump waste, and that these waste should be monitored as well. However, the quantity required by most of these waste to cause effects are probably low. And to add, the effects caused by this wastes are CHEMICAL, akin to Th poisoning. However, the radioactivity of Th is non-chemical, ie, if it enters your body, both chemical and radioactivity will impair cell function. And despite it being an alpha emmiter, alpha is still lethal in your body, where you don’t have your skin to protect you.

Yes I agree that we need some national waste management plan or something to that effect, however, radioactive waste MUST always be dealt with differently. It is not just some random tag where you can label it on anything, it is a justified tag, where so long as it is above a certain activity, it is classified as radioactive.

nkkhoo says:

As long there is long-term waste management approved by IAEA and AELB, Lynas plant should be approved as I mentioned in another post.

I also do not trust local government’s credibility, an independent expert penal should be set up to monitor and audit Lynas from time to time.

BenG says:

Yes, I would agree to this. However, from news (the star, 1 or 2 days ago) it was reported that the gov is still finding a suitable location for the disposal site, which goes to show how irresponsible they are in handling this case. The plant is already half-constructed, and the TOL issued (note: I recall the IAEA mentioning that AELB should not give the operating license to Lynas as long as the permanent waste disposal plan is not finalized), which means that they can immediately operate despite not having a permanent disposal facility, ie, no fail-saves (the permanent disposal facility should be the fail-save in the event the RSF has problems). Hence all I want now is to delay operations until the permanent disposal site is finalized and construction on it has begun or completed.

Yes and yes. The audit by independent experts both on the plant, and the waste management must be done. Moreover, it would be good if they publish the results of the various monitors such that the population would be able to live without incident and to uphold integrity.

青青 says: