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Another BN projects :: Ceiling collapsed

Case 1: One year old RM 3-million Alor Gajah Bus Station ceiling collapsed

Case 2: The ceiling in a classrom at SJK(Tamil) Serdang collapased

Classroom panic: Premah and her pupils looking at the ceiling which had collapsed into their classroom at SJK (T) Serdang on 15 Feb 2012.

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D Johns says:

It’s time to rise up as 1Malaysian electorate; to put the people’s interests first by finally electing a truly honest, intelligent, enlightened, transparent and progressive government; and to perform this feat if not now, this minute, at the very next opportunity.
In other words, witness the current NFC and MAS scandals, the still-unsolved murders of Altantuya Shaariibuu, Teoh Beng Hock and so many others, plus the high-handed approval of the Lynas plant.
It’s time for the Malaysian people to get real with Najib and the entire Umno/BN gang of thieves and goons and liars, and throw them out on their lying asses.

Angah says:

Speaking of NFC, interesting to hear that they set up high-end supermarket in Singapore (at high rent) to sell NFC beef to Singaporeans.

I wonder how NFC is going to do that when they have yet to prove that they could produce enough the meet the requirements for local market?
Is this a case of MM250 million loan to ‘Rakyat Singapura didahulukan’?
Also it is also reported that the Singapore authority has yet to grant import of beeffrom Malaysia.

NFC should just keep quiet. They are opening up more worms.

As for MAS, it is a disgrace. Too bad Sir Tony has sold out his principles in AirAsia to indulge in QPR and Lotus F1.

pak hainan says:

UMNO/MCA/MIC Ministers -> Chinese tycoons -> Chinese subcons -> Bangla subcons -> Indon workers.

Chinese/Malay tycoons ==> UMNO/MCA lifetime members (where UMNO/MCA gets the campaign fund)

Chinese subcons ==> no care who as long money comes (nkkhoo can belong to this group when his blog reaches out to this strata of community)

Bangla subcons ==> learn to speak Malay then get bumiputra status marrying local malay girls

Indon workers ==> Project M that is to increase nusantara population to hit 70 million –> offsprings 1st class citizens like the Siam community in Northern Msia now.

Angah says:

Quality bad because 40% of allocated fund went to the ‘middleman’ a commission, after ali-baba contractor took another chunk of it?

That’s why the Lynas plant can never be safe.
Something will collapse there causing radiation risk in time to come, the BN way.

pak hainan says:

BN project : umnno sub to mca, mca then sub to mic, mic finally sub to class f umno contractors – so what yiu expect of quality ?

nkkhoo says:

The Alibaba tender chain for RM millions project is like this.

UMNO/MCA/MIC Ministers -> Chinese tycoons -> Chinese subcons -> Bangla subcons -> Indon workers.

Our ministers are not stupid, they never outsource projects to Malay and India subcons to ensure no abandoned projects.

Pro-UMNO Malay class f contractors still get can small projects directly from the government.