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MCA politician tried to shape positive public opinion against this scoutmaster

MCA politician tried to make him an innocent man before the court. This is a cheap shot from a low-life political party.

Many brainless English educated netizens buy in Mr. Ho’s crying tactic to say these school girls are defaming him.

Do you want your daughter subject to open trial and humiliation for making false police report?

Mr Ho and his wife should lodge a police report against the parents and local Chinese papers instead of using MCA cheap publicity to make him innocent.

What they afraid for making police report if he is innocent? Let the court decides, not the MCA sucker, Datuk Theng Book.

Scoutmaster charged with molesting female students

PETALING JAYA: A scoutmaster has been charged in a Magistrate’s court with nine counts of allegedly molesting female students under his care.

Ho Lee Fong, 44, claimed trial to the charges that he molested eight students, ages 13 to 14, at a secondary school in Damansara between April and June last year.

Magistrate Nor Afidah Idris set bail at RM5,000 for each charge and fixed April 2 for next mention.

Scoutmaster’s wife: Apologise or face legal action

PETALING JAYA: The wife of a scoutmaster who was alleged to have molested female students is willing to forgive those who have hurt her family by making accusations to the press.

Mrs Ho, whose husband’s students lodged police reports against him, some alleging that his daughter was also a victim, said tearfully that her three daughters had to undergo a medical check-up following an interview with Welfare Department officers.

“My eight-year-old daughter came home, hugged me and in tears asked why she needed to be examined,” she told a press conference yesterday.

“She is a victim of baseless accusations and will have to live with the stigma for the rest of her life.”

Painful memories: Mrs Ho (left) relating the ordeal her husband (right) and family went through at a press conference at the Selangor MCA Public Complaints Bureau yesterday as Theng looks on.

Ho’s three children were discharged on Feb 19 after three days at Sungai Buloh Hospital and will undergo trauma counselling by the ministry’s counsellors.

Last week, it was reported that the medical results showed that Ho did not outrage the modesty of his daughters.

Mrs Ho added that other statements were made without evidence and reported in the press.

She alleged that the chairman of the parent-teacher association of the school had reported to Sin Chew Daily that Ho had a criminal record but had no evidence to support his claim.

It was reported in the media that between 20 and 30 police reports were lodged by parents of the students, but only five were made.

Selangor MCA Public Service and Complaints Department chief Datuk Theng Book said those who made baseless statements, including the media, should apologise within seven days, after which legal action would be taken.

Ho was suspended from his scoutmaster duties at a secondary school here after parents publicly accused the 44-year-old of outraging the modesty of their daughters in early February.

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Leo says:

Why I learned to hate MCA from the day Chua Soi Lek was elected as MCA President not long ago?

The reason was – A very senior MCA repr told me that incumber OTK was voted out because PKFTZ – billion ringgit corruption deal involved MCA and it was not supposed to be pursued by him, because that was the staple of BN,MCA and a Chinese contractor from East Malaysia, he is also an ATM machine serving politically… I do not know how far it is true…. You guess !

Randy says:

下药袭奶, 摸波波没事?

Justin Hew says:

Is this true?

Angah says:

Oon Yeoh (The Sun 22 Feb) commented on CSL-LGE’s debate:

“…shows that at best, the MCA has no new ideas; and at worst, is incredibly out of touch. Political analyst Wong Chin Huat is not joking when he says that today, in many constituencies with a big Chinese presence, PAS actually would do better than the MCA in an election.

MCA would do well to move beyond the hudud issue, which most Chinese already realise is impossible to implement without a two-thirds control of Parliament, something PAS on its own could never achieve. Besides it not being effective on Chinese voters any more, harping on the hudud issue might also alienate some Malay support which the MCA will need in the next general election.”

nkkhoo says:

BN is imposing more “Islamic” policies than PAS in real life.

Do you think UMNO goon will approve Buddha statue project in Kelantan?

Do you think UMNO will build Chinese architectural mosque?

I listed more than 10 examples in a Chinese article published in MalaysiaKini to prove UMNO is more “evil”.