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Daim's Prediction on GE 13

My prediction on GE13 outcome made earlier in this blog is more or less same with the Daim’s prediction reported in the China Press dated 3 March 2012.

=> BN win in Kedah.

=> PR win in Penang and Kelantan.

=> Perak and Selangor close fight between BN and PR.

I believe BN is slightly leading in Selangor while Daim also believes BN has better change to win in Selangor provided the right candidates are chosen.

=> Other states unchanged, still under BN.

I say PR marching to Putrajaya is still a dream because of their own weaknesses.

The comment board with Facebook account.
Michiko says:

The following is a breakdown of the huge increase in the percentage of voters in Selangor in various parliamentary and state seats:

1. Sungai Besar 19.95% (Umno)
2. Hulu Selangor 25.14% (MIC)
3. Kuala Selangor 20.39%
4. Selayang 18.86%
5. Pandan 18.18% (MCA)
6. Hulu Langat 23.95%
7. Serdang 22.63%
8. Puchong 24.94%
9. PJ Selatan 5.64%
10. PJ Utara 7.76%
11. Subang 35.02%
12. Shah Alam 19.87%
13. Kota Raja 29.51%
14. Kuala Langat 23.62%
15. Sepang 24.64% (Umno)

So BN should be able to recapture Selangor?
Remember 6P?

niceguy says:

Remember the registration campaigns?

Michiko says:

Daim is just another member of the “Gang-of-Many” that raped and pillaged the nation..and probably continuing to do so. His comments may be safely consigned to the realms of wishful thinking. For me, the astonishing this is to see these leaders espousing one set of virtues and then committing ghastly acts of betrayal (of the nation) for personal gain. They cement this further with outward signs of religiousness and make pilgrimages to Mecca deluding themselves that they will be forgiven only to return and commit graver sins of theft. I am convinced that they secretly don’t believe in their religion and are thus emboldened each time to commit even bigger sins. So, next time you see them swearing on the Koran and worshiping five times daily, visiting the mosque every Friday and going on pilgrimages, you know that “something went down”.


Yesterday’s RTM1 Bicara Rakyat topic was “Pola Pengundi Cina di Pilihanraya ke 13” featuring Wee Ka Siong, Theresa Kok and political analyst (skewed towards BN) Chong something.

Floor/phone call in questions typical BTN type of question like “Apalagi Orang Cina mau dari Kerajaan …. Adakah orang Cina akan menyokong parti yang membawa keuntungan kepada mereka ….”

The attitudes of “planted” audience still reflect UMNO has been successfully brainwashing some Malays to have hardline stand against Chinese in Msia !!!!!

Angah says:

Saw part of the biased Bicara Rakyat last nite.
Wee Ka Siong challenged Teresa Kok that Pakatan did not build chinese school in Selangor.
Teresa Kok sid BN did not approve the land for use to build chinese schools as the land are reserved for national schools.
Wee Ka Siong then told Teresa that Pakatan should know the technical issue.

No wonder the chinese community are pissed off with MCA.
WKS as Education Minister should help Pakatan to help the chinese community in education matters but instead he kept rejecting them based on ‘technical ground’!

nkkhoo says:

There is another thing makes Chinese pissed off, the number of Chinese school is fixed to the number during the independence day although the Chinese population has double in last 54 year.

Besides, 5% bumi students have added more pressures to scarce resources available in the Chinese schools.

niceguy says:

This is a fact not widely known to people not within the Chinese school system: you cannot open new schools, but only transfer an existing school from one location to another.

When a school in a new village has lesser and lesser enrollments down to just several pupils, it must still be kept alive… otherwise it will be closed and lost forever.