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The inventor of this new breakthrough imaging technology, shoot first and then focus later is an ex-Malaysian, Dr. Ren Ng who emigrated to Australia when he was a child before he moved to America for his research works.

The camera is truly a fool-proof device where everyone can shoot still image and not worrying on out of focus problem as we are facing now with the current traditional camera.

This article explores the full potential of this technology.


Radical Camera : Pick What’s Blurry And What’s Not

South Asian News Agency (SANA) ⋅ March 2, 2012 ⋅

A Silicon Valley start-up called Lytro is shipping this week a camera that looks like no other and actually lets you focus or refocus your pictures on a computer after you take them.

Not only that, but the company is promising that pictures you take with the camera today will be able to be manipulated after the fact in additional ways in coming months. For instance, you’ll be able to snap into focus everything at once, regardless of depth. Or change the perspective from which the picture is seen, and switch a photo back and forth between 2-D and 3-D. That’s why it calls the images “living pictures.”

This $399 camera, also called Lytro, can do all this because it is a so-called light-field camera, which is based on a different technology than traditional digital cameras. In simple terms, it uses a modified sensor, plus proprietary software, to capture and process more, and different, information about the light hitting its lens than other cameras do. This includes the direction of light rays. The result is a richer picture file that software, on the camera and on a computer, can use to manipulate images in new ways. Lytro doesn’t even classify its camera by the familiar megapixel measure. Instead, the company says it has a resolution of 11 megarays—in other words, it can capture 11 million light rays.

Just as the technology is very different, so is the camera itself. It looks sort of like a short, square, pocket-size telescope, with a nonprotruding 8X zoom lens on one end and a touch-screen viewfinder on the other. It has only two buttons and a zoom slider. It starts instantly and is instantly ready to take the next picture, because it doesn’t need to perform autofocusing. It can be purchased in three colors at The base model can hold about 350 pictures. There is also a $499 model that can hold 750 pictures.

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Sherry says:

Singapore is happy to gain talents from Bodohland!

勇华 says:


上述新的澳洲毕业生工作签证,将是决定马来西亚BN政府4D(赤字Deficits、债务Debts、瞒骗民众Deceits和人才外流Brain Drain)治理的成败关键因素。



nkkhoo says:

My friend’s daughter in USM already hunted by a Singapore company before she is finishing her final year exam in June.

Mojo Jujur says:

Brain drain of non-malays are heavily supported by Perkasa and Tun M’s policy?

notsoniceguy says:

went to danga bay area. no way ordinary malaysian professionals can afford those gated condo. najib n ghani don’t bluff johorians as most of such ‘luxury’ homes are for those cronies connected folks or pro working n earning S$. nkkhoo can believe me as brain drain folks may choose to invest at danga bay if they see potential in johor. however i’m sceptical as johor gomen can’t even get Komtar JB to rise up after all these year !

Leo says:

Look at what has happened to the JB’s Legaran Segget (along Jln Wong Ah Fook):

It is reported on the Star (Johor supplement) today that the place is to be ‘redeveloped’ once again to create a water way in 5 years? Why did they close it up only to open it up again? The sewel rats will finally see the sunshine!

Libra says:

The large number of JB kids shuttling between causeway daily to study in Singapore schools is an evidence of brain drain.

Justin Hew says:

I heard from my JB friend that many Chinese in Johor watch only Singapore TV programmes and not RTM or TV3/NTV7/8TV. They live as though their life is dependent on Singapore policy as most of their relatives are earning a living or studying in Singapore. They vote for MCA to maintain the status quo as MCA has been providing funding to Chinese independent schools which are actually feeder system to export the talents to Singapore!!

niceguy says:

post has wrong title?

nkkhoo says:

No, Dr. Ren was a Malaysian.

niceguy says:

brain drain
The loss of skilled intellectual and technical labor through the movement of such labor to more favorable geographic, economic, or professional environments.

Dr. Ng (Yi Ren)is hardly a Malaysian. He was born in Malaysia, and had migrated to Australia when he was a child, and I assumed together with his parents and family.

The brain drain would be his Malaysian parents if they were working professionals and emigrated to another country.

If Dr. Ng was educated and spend his childhood and developing years in Australia, and now working in USA, it would be Australia’s “brain drain” lost.

nkkhoo says:

Good brain is born. Good and quality education is just the opportunity to let the good brain achieves its potential.

Ren is a talented draining out ex-Malaysian is very true.

Randy says: