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PR please prove Raja Petra is a liar

PR supposed to show rakyat that they are different with BN in everything. Unfortunately, they choose to be another BN copycat to compete who is less evil and less corrupt.

Penang open tender also a half-cooked one, I rates it at 50% marks compared to 0 mark in Selangor, Kedah and Kelantan. No doubt, BN is scored ZERO mark in open tender.

Don’t blame Raja Petra for badmouthing PR, PR can prove him wrong and he is another BN machai with factual rebuttals.

Direct negotiation is still a legal practice in Bolehland, albeit we all know it’s a shortcut to corruption and rent-seeking.

Personal attack against Raja Petra does not change the perception that PR Selangor is just another BN with different name under the UMNO deviants. 

EPISODE 18: Selangor government still to end negotiated contracts

In August 2008, Khalid Ibrahim announced that Selangor is also going to end the practice of negotiated contracts, just like Penang. But that same year, RM79 million worth of contracts were awarded on a negotiated basis. In 2009 it was RM27 million and in 2010 RM143 million. I do not have the figures for last year but looking at the trend we can safely assume it was in the region of RM100 million.

Raja Petra Kamarudin

Lim Guan Eng in Penang is already practicing the open tender system, so much so that a number of contracts ended up in the hands of Umno people. I suppose that is what transparency is all about. Contracts go to those who are qualified, not to those who belong to your political party.

In August 2008, Khalid Ibrahim announced that Selangor is also going to end the practice of negotiated contracts, just like Penang. But that same year, RM79 million worth of contracts were awarded on a negotiated basis. In 2009 it was RM27 million and in 2010 RM143 million. I do not have the figures for last year but looking at the trend we can safely assume it was in the region of RM100 million.

Okay, so that comes to only RM350 million or so, you may say. That’s not as bad as Barisan Nasional’s billions of Ringgit, you may argue. Well, if you murder one person you are a murderer. 100 people and you are still a murderer. There is no such thing as a small murderer and a big murderer. Murder is murder.

The same goes for the legal work in Selangor. Those who support Pakatan Rakyat or are leaders of Pakatan Rakyat get all the legal work. The legal work does not go to those who offer the cheapest price. Hence the state has to pay a much higher price for its legal work.

Many lawyers who are not Pakatan Rakyat leaders or are not cronies of these leaders are grumbling that they can do the legal work much cheaper or at half the price but they do not get any work. Only those in the ‘circle’ get the work.

Yes, I know, Pakatan Rakyat denies this allegation. Even those Pakatan Rakyat lawyers who do get the legal work say that they did not make the decision to award their own companies the work. ‘Other people’, employees and not partners of their firm, made that decision. Hence there is no conflict of interest since they only work for the firm and are not partners of the firm.

Rafidah Aziz also did not make the decision to award her children shares in public companies. The committee made that decision. She did not even vote on the matter. She abstained from voting.

Dr Mahathir Mohamad also did not make the decision to award his son a quota for car import permits (APs). It was a Ministry of Trade decision. It was a decision made by the AP committee. Rafidah just happened to have headed the committee but then she is only one vote amongst many in that committee.

Shahrizat Jalil also did not make the decision to give her husband and children RM250 million of taxpayers’ money for the NFC project. She is also not involved in the day-to-day running of the business. The officers in her Ministry made that decision. She only happens to be the wife of the person who got the RM250 million.

So why are we screaming about Rafidah, Dr Mahathir and Shahrizat? They are playing by the same rules as Pakatan Rakyat. Other people made the decision, not them, just like other people made the decision to give the Pakatan Rakyat lawyers the legal work.

If the Pakatan Rakyat lawyers are so clean then why are they afraid of making public the list of lawyers who got legal work from the Selangor state government and its agencies? How much have these lawyers been paid so far? And were the jobs tendered out or did they get the legal work based on ‘negotiated’, and at a higher price than what others could do it for?

I remember what Dr Mahathir replied when he was asked as to why he appointed Daim Zainuddin as the Finance Minister of Malaysia. Daim is my friend, he replied. Surely I will appoint my friend, someone I trust, as my Finance Minister. Who in his right mind is going to appoint his enemy?

Yes, and when Dr Mahathir appointed his friend and crony Daim as the Finance Minister we screamed. Now these same people are arguing that surely Selangor will give the legal work to Pakatan Rakyat crony lawyers. When Umno was in power they gave the legal work to Umno crony lawyers. So now it is the turn of the Pakatan Rakyat crony lawyers to get the legal work, and at a higher price. Surely Selangor is not going to give the legal work to Umno lawyers?

Yes, two wrongs always make it right. Cut the crap. Just publish the list of names of the lawyers and reveal whom they are and how much they have been paid thus far. Stop all this nonsense of ‘since you made the allegation then you prove it’.

When Barisan Nasional says the same thing we whack them. When Barisan Nasional simply denies any wrongdoing we get angry. Denial is no defence, we say. When Barisan Nasional asks us to prove that there is wrongdoing we scream.

Okay, prove that Rosmah spent millions shopping in Australia.

Prove that Rosmah ordered that multi-million-dollar diamond ring.

Prove that Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak had dinner with Altantuya Shaariibuu.

Prove that Dr Mahathir and not Anwar Ibrahim was behind the RM30 billion Bank Negara forex fiasco. After all, in 1992 and 1993, Anwar and not Dr Mahathir was the Finance Minister — he became the Finance Minister in 1991.

When we say something about the opposition you scream, “Prove it!” But when you make an allegation against Umno or Barisan Nasiional no need to prove it. Must be 100% truth!

Well, I say that in 2008, 2009 and 2010 Selangor gave out RM250 million worth of contracts (same figure as the NFC) on a negotiated and non-tender basis. And the details are below. And if the Selangor government denies this, the next step will be to publish the details of these contracts such as the contract numbers, names of companies and the dates of the contracts. Or maybe I will send them to the MACC instead. Hmm….yes, I think that is what I will do.

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Alex says:

BN government should seriously take drastic actions agianst the the little napoleon di the ivil adminstration. SRJKC headmasters’ rampant abuses in most corrupted culture in the Ministry of Education had already disgrace the honor of Malayian education institution. Creating paraigm of 40 to 60% kick back is ok mindset has aready become moral labilities in the the moral and academic execcelence institution. 610,000 young mind as white as white paper as been tarnshed by the over commercialization of Srjkc that involved at east 100 milllion corrupted kickback! When will government going to tae drastic actions? Wee a siong s ver famos for NFA ( no further action) instructions to MoE disciplinary officers!

Justin Hew says:

Politics is dirty, regardless of what party or coalition.

Therefore we should create 2 party system, to neutralize any ‘advantage’ of any party so that there is check-and-balance.

Since Daim has said that BN will win, our votes should go to Pakatan for counter-balance.

nkkhoo says:

The fundamental problem is one is BN and its alternative is BN copycat.

The urgent need and initiative to change government is not there.

Leo says:

If we wait for an ‘ideal solution’, BN will rule forever.
The so-called ‘3rd Force’ is actually a BN creation to make you wait. Do not be fooled.
Take one small step to realise the two-party system first!

nkkhoo says:

30-40% neutral voters are not fools as you like to believe.

Are you expecting them to vote another BN copycat? PR has to earn the vote, not from our unhappiness against BN.

Frankly, I may absent from the GE13 and let BN rapes this nation to hell.