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Another BN rent-seeking project is waiting for Malaysians

YTL offered to build a KL-Singapore high speed railway at RM 7.8 billion in late 1990s and BN government rejected the offer. I discounts inflation rate and raises up the price tag to RM 15 billion by now.

BN government may inflate the project cost 2 times higher to RM30 billion, go compute how many billions are going to UMNO cronies.

KL-Singapore high-speed rail link for ‘under RM30bn’?

Reports in the media have suggested that plans for a multi-billion ringgit high-speed rail service from Singapore to KL are being resurrected.

Details are sketchy, but The Star reports that Land and Public Transport Commission (Spad) issued a tender for a study in December, and an announcement about the the appointment of a consultant is expected soon.

An Edge report indicates that Spad’s commercial feasibility study could be completed this month and cites sources saying the high-speed rail project could cost less than US$10bn (RM30bn). The entire feasibility study could be completed by the year-end.

Ordinarily I would be all for rail transport, but in this case, we haven’t even finished the double-tracking project from north to south.

Sure, a high-speed rail service, which needs a broader gauge rail track, would not be possible on the present metre gauge used by KTM, which limits speeds to 130km per hour. (But hey, even that would be a huge improvement from the old trains.)

But if we introduce a high-speed rail service in a few years, how are we going to recoup the investment in the double-tracking? Won’t it take a lot longer to recoup the investment?

Also, given the track record of the BN government, how sure are we there will be an open tender for a contractor with a proven track record at the most attractive terms – without rent-seeking by crony companies or others merely hitching on for a (high-speed) ride?

And why are Penang and other cities in the north and the east coast being left out?

What about other priorities like improving transport, especially rail services in Sabah and Sarawak? Are we forgetting the huge urban-rural income disparity?

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Manja says:

Anak lelaki Mamakutty, Mirzan Mahathir menggunakan hsail keuntungan syarikat arak San Miguel untuk membeli syarikat minyak Petron. Keuntungan dah garanti apabila Petron rampas kontrak isi minyak pesawat MAS dari Petronas, stelah Mamakutty lobi kontrak 6 bulan untuk Petron.

Keuntungan jualan arak (halal?) membolehkan San Miguel (saham dibeli Mirzan dengan harga RM2.9 million) membolehkan San Miguel membeli 65% saham Exxon Mobil Corp, syarikat induk Esso Malaysia Sdn Bhd.

Esso dah jadi Sejarah setlah Petron mengambil alih 3 syarikat iaitu Esso Malaysia Bhd, Exxon Mobil Malaysia Sdn Bhd dan Exxon Mobil Borneo Sdn Bhd.

Ronny says:

This is what I have learned about the objectives of Mahathirism that is still in operation despite Najib being the PM:

> Only one Malay political party to exist i.e. Umno and if there’s to be a two-party system — both must be like the right and left hand (one not knowing what the other is doing to protect the Hidden Agenda)

> The strings of both must be pulled by one grand puppetmaster i.e Mahathir (Tok Dalang).

Goals of Mahathirism for the ruling elite: neutralise, isolate, marginalise and scatter the non-Malay political opposition through brute force, if not eliminate and exterminate them; eliminate, if not destroy, the Islamists & other Malay political opposition through brute force.

Mojo Jujur says:

The smelly shit of NFC (a classic BN rent seeking project) is felt from Bangsar to Singapore, and now even at Kazakstan! In the meantime the police and AG are playing tennis with one another!

nkkhoo says:

Sharizati cowgate will be a non-issue after GE13. The football game is to delay the case.

Sally says:

Rakyat Malaysia forgive BN after accepting the RM500 bribe.

Justin Hew says:

Do not be too happy.
With the details you provide in the BR1M application forms, those Hasil flers will come knocking at your door soon to check on your rightful income tax contribution.
It is a trap afterall.

Pak Hainan says:

your pic of China’s CRH railway is something kind of world class if Chinese can improve their signaling to avoid recent crash. The speed from Shanghai to Hangzhou can hit 350km/hr but i experienced up to 329km/hr – fast enough for KL to reach Spore in ~ 1 hr (KTM now needs 6 hours !!!!)

Pak Hainan says:

hav you gone to Spore lately ?
you can notice at Bkt Timah & Woodlands they are naking new NRT line – very neatly in progress something umno goons will not be able to achieve while they are dreaming of commissions here n there !

nkkhoo says:

Singapore achieved first world status with USD 40,000 GDP per capita in 30 year, Bolehland is still dreaming of USD 15,000 GDP per capita by 2020.

Leo says:

JB will have a new tallest skysraper soon:

Justin Hew says:

A lot of mega projects are coming up in Johor Iskandar Region.
Any investment tips from nkkhoo who should be more familiar with the ‘system’ in Johor?

nkkhoo says:

Join BN and hide under the UMNO sarong may get you alibaba contracts.