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Have problem to buy a third-party car insurance for mora than 10-year old car?

I used to buy Kurnia car insurance from an agent who is my childhood friend in kampong.

Kurnia was asking purchaser with more than 10-year old car to buy extra personal insurance if you insist to buy a third-party car insurance. They have given tons of excuses to force you to purchase first-party insurance policy.

The insurance agent (his wife) treats her customer like a king when you insure RM50,000 with a first-party insurance and dumps the customer when you only want to insure RM10,000 with a third-party insurance.

I have to say my childhood friend will never get a single cent insurance business from me again.

Since both Kurnia and my childhood friend (actually is his wife handled the administration matter) showing suck and unprofessional attitude if you only want to insure an old car with a third-party insurance.

So, I has decided to purchase this year car insurance from Tony’s finance company,

No question asked for buying a third-party car policy with insured value of RM10,000 and the whole process took less than 10 minutes. JPJ confirmation notice was delivered to my mailbox on the second working day.

Saved more than RM100 compared to a first-party insurance from Kurnia!

Tony Fernandes, a billionaire does not need my free promotion for his company. I posts tune money service here is to help those car owners who are facing similar problem with me.

If you know other good local online insurance portal, feel free to update here.

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niceguy says:

BTW I also checked out Tune Money. It only shows comprehensive (also known as 1st party) motor insurance.

There’s so much myths on the internet with people writing nonsense…

nkkhoo says:

I see only third-party coverage when I purchased it. The so-called comprehensive is not truly comprehensive if you read the terms of coverage.

I do not interpret these coverages as my previous third party coverage, that why I called it third party insurance.

Legal Liability in case of Third Party Property loss or damage;
Legal liability in case of Third Party Death or Bodily Injury;
Loss or Damage to your vehicle in following circumstances:
Collision or overturning
Impact damage from falling objects
Fire, explosion and lighting
Burglary, housebreaking or theft
Malicious acts

For extra cover, you may opt for extended benefits. The benefits will be charged based accordingly to your cover amount.

niceguy says:

What you’re paying for RM235 (after 55% NCB) is equivalent to a 1st party on RM10,000 coverage on a less than 1400cc car.

Maybe you should have given the business to your previous agent and still be friendly with him.

nkkhoo says:

Kurnia charged me RM370+ for RM10,000 first party coverage. I heard the Kurnia price is adjusted upward, but its website refused to compute the rate for 10-year old car.

Business is a business, I will not pay extra RM100 for a poor service.

I supported my friend for many years, but his wife just did not bother to entertain when I want to buy a cheaper third-party insurance.

No point to complain about his wife business attitude with my friend, that is too bad.

niceguy says:

I posted above after you revised your reply.

What you got is 1st party (comprehensive) insurance from tune.

nkkhoo says:

Meaning I got a better deal with Tune Money. This is unexpected for me, my expectation is a third-party insurance if I buy it from Kurnia.

niceguy says:

I’m fortunate to have a branch office nearby; it’s as good as buying it online, as I get a the full discount there whereas an agent might or might not give me a discount and it won’t be the full discount.

Insurance agents (and mutual funds agents) would be a dead profession like roadside barbers in future. More than happy to see the last of insurance adjusters…

Pak Hainan says:

yes you don’t need to buy inclusive optional coverage to inflate the cost. somehow JPJ approves so ok as i drive not often for my 16 years old car on the road anyway.

if u drive only in Muar town not highway, go for minimum package that JPJ can approve of.

nkkhoo says:

I travel quite a lot.

niceguy says:

I checked an online calculator –

It gives less than RM100 for 3rd party insurance.

3rd party is only coverage for damage done to another car/person/property in an accident.

Damage to own car, no claims; but you can make claims against the other car if the other driver is at fault.

Car stolen, bye-bye!

It’s good enough for road-tax renewal.

nkkhoo says:

The car thieves have to learn new skill if they steal my car. 🙂

Pak Hainan says:

RM235 is considered pricey for over 10 years car !

go and check out automotive union direct sale and cost ne ~RN90 ! believe me and I still get my road tax renewed with such coverage !

nkkhoo says:

I remember a third-party insurance from Kurnia is about RM170 last year.

I am not convince yet RM90 package from Automotive Union. The terms of coverage may be quite different.

Leo says:

Hello nkkhoo

My car is coming to 10 years in 1 month.
Kindly advise what is 3rd-party car insurance for the 10 year old car.

I do not own a Tune credit card, can I still buy from tunemoney? Is it purchase via online?

Appreciate your feedback.
Good that you have raised consumer awareness.

nkkhoo says:

You can use any credit card in I insured RM10,000 with NCD 55% costs me about RM235.

Everything is done online, and the option to purchase road tax online for Klang Valley people.

Leo says:

Is your RM235 inclusive of the 3rd party car insurance?
Is it compulsory to have 3rd party car insurance for a car > 10 years old.

nkkhoo says:

RM235 is for 3-party insurance coverage only. 3-party is much cheaper than 1-party insurance. Kurnia wanted to sell 1-party insurance to car owners for a better profit margin.

No specific requirement to buy any type of insurance, the consumer has to decide the price and risk.

Road tax is a separate stuff.