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An unified examination for 1Malaysia, stop racial exam system now

MEC was no getting any public consultation and feedback from the stakeholders like students, parents, teachers, etc. for such a major revamp on public examination. They just simply to announce that STPM will be scrapped by next year after MEC own in-depth study.

Another Lynas project scandal is in the making!

STPM standard will be downgraded to Mara junior college standard under this new term system. UMNO goons are still not satisfy after raping SPM, and STPM is the next victim.

Who set the exam papers for term written examinations? The school itself like Mara junior college or MEC?

The examination is cross-school unlike examination in the university. How to ensure coursework is fairly judged and marked by each school?

The coursework component is impractical to be introduced in schools for marking standardizing issue.

Why not just scrap STPM and make an unified Pre-U examination for all schools and junior colleges to enhance the integrity of public examination?

I think this is a stop brain drain measure to prevent foreign universities from taking our students especially the non-bumi students.

Who want to take students from such a shitty examination system?

New assessment system to replace STPM (updated)

KUALA LUMPUR (March 7, 2012): The Sijil Tinggi Persekolahan Malaysia (STPM) examination system will be scrapped from next year.
It will instead be replaced by three term examinations to be held:-
>> at the end of Lower Six;
>> mid-year of Upper Six; and
>> at the end of Upper Six.

“The final batch of students to sit for the STPM examination will be the Upper Six students at the end of this year,” said Malaysian Examination Council (MEC) chairman Prof Datuk Dr Mohd Noh Dalimin who announced the scrapping of the examination system yesterday.

The new intake of Form Six students beginning with those entering Lower Six in May, will be assessed under the new assessment system,’ underwhich there will be no more ‘honeymoon year’ (non-exam year).

“The 2012 Lower Six cohort will sit for their first term examination in November, followed by the second term exam in June next year and the final one in November 2013,” Mohd Noh said.

Eligibility to enter university for tertiary education will be based on their Cummulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) from the three term examinations.

Speaking at the STPM excellence awards ceremony after the results of last year’s examinations were announced, Mohd Noh said the MEC had studied the new assessment system and decided to fully implement it from the 2012/2013 batch onwards, in line with the Education Transformation Programme (ETP) to empower the Form Six education programme.

He said the new assessment system is the same as practiced in higher learning institutions which focus on outcome-based education and not be too examination oriented.

“It will better prepare and empower our students for their tertiary level,” he said, adding that although the assessment system is new, the learning periods, the offered subjects and grading system will continue as implemented under the current school system.

“Its advantage is that it will allow students to improve their examination results, by re-sitting their term examinations.

Meanwhile, elaborating on the new system, MEC chief executive officer Maziyan Hamzah said the assessment system is divided into school-based coursework assesment and the three term exams.

“The school-based assessment will be on coursework comprising assignments, practical work and field research which will be graded and make up 20% to 40% of the assessment,” she said.

She said the remaining 60% to 80% of the assessment will be assessed from the three term written examinations,” she said, adding that students who do not do well in a term exam will also be given the chance to resit them.

Maziyan said the term examinations will lighten the burden of students to study the curriculum and enable them to focus more in smart learning.

“There is potential for them to perform better in each term as the scope of studies assessed in each term is smaller,” Maziyan said.

With this new system, she said the MEC hopes the percentage of students achieving excellent results will increase.

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Azmeer says:

While we are on the debate of PTPTN, those dubious substandard colleges that targeting unsuspecting rural students cheating them to sign for PTPTN loans (but given whatever crap quality junk degree) will be reduced closed down for good!

We should have a common single STPM exam. Survival test for everybody regardless of status, religion, Bumi and all that crap. Pass and get free university study expenses paid by PTPTN.

Can govt afford it? Why not for 5,000 STPM top holders instead of Cows crap, floating submarines, crazy rasuah costs etc!

Raj says:

Saya pass STPM, lebih baik results dari kawan melayu saya yang senang dengan matrikulasi Mara, tapi saya tak dapat masuk universiti tempatan. MIC memang tak tolong saya.

Murugan says:

1559 places for matriculation promised to Indian students, yet only 700 has been given. That’s how the Indians are treated here. MIC and Hindraf are totally useless.

nkkhoo says:

The power is with UMNO, not MIC or Hindraf. MIC and Hindraf are just clowns.

Fiona says:

The application period for the 2013 ASEAN Scholarships for Malaysia is from 27 February 2012 (6.00 am) to 2 April 2012 (10.00 pm).

Students from Malaysia who wish to enter Singapore schools under the ASEAN Scholarships are welcome to apply. Three types of awards are offered under the ASEAN Scholarships for Malaysia

1.Secondary One Scholarships
2.Secondary Three Scholarships
3.Pre-University One Scholarships

FAQ on Asean Scholarship here:

niceguy says:

and get ready to be poached and get PR…

The chances of a scholarship holder staying on in Singapore is high because quality of life there (especially for a young student) is a lot higher with its super clean and safe environment, and its excellent public transport.

Parents better think twice whether to foot up the local u fees or get scholarship and lose daughter or son to Singapore.

nkkhoo says:

In my times, only 50% Malaysian students stay in Singapore after 3 year contract. My friend graduated from Singapore is still given PR even he already come back to Malaysia for many years.

Malaysia is a heaven for making quick money for the businessman. You can sell recycled oil without worrying being charged in court, money can settle everything.

Fiona says:

Updated info on The ASEAN scholarship:
– covers all school an exam fees.
– Living allowance is S$2200-2400 per annum.
– Accommodation provided.
– Medical welfare provided.
– Relocation cost provided.
– More importantly, no bond is attached.

Sally says:

Get good results, then apply for ASEAN scholarship.
Forget about local universities.

nkkhoo says:

Unless you get the Asean scholarship for your kid, the school fees and expenses in Singapore will kill any average middle-class in Malaysia

Justin Hew says:

Singapore education is still relatively cheaper than Australia.
Even without the scholarship, you can take bursary from teh Spore government, only need to comit to work for Spore company for 4 years upon graduation. No concern for most of the Malaysians who have plan to get Spore PR and job anyway.
So it is still a worthwhile option than local universities if you believe in meritocracy.

nkkhoo says:

I told my nephew who scored 9 A1 and 2 A2 in SPM and 2A and 2B in STPM to apply for Singapore universities. His mother declined my advice.

4 or 5 STPM classmates studied in Singapore after local U offered them courses not wanted by bumi.

Leo says:

Pity your nephew if he has opted for courses rejected by others just to study in the local univerisity. The environment that reject meritocracy in local universities will stifle your nephew development to adopt tidak apa attitude and the false sense of Malaysia Boleh, at most can qualify him to be another bureacratic civil servant (only those jobs rejected by bumi) that is guaranteed annual increment by BN before the eletion.

nkkhoo says:

My nephew goal is becoming a doctor, no way with his STPM result. My sister is not rich enough to pay millions for any medicine course in overseas. He ended up study in micro biology in UKM.

Justin Hew says:

No need for STPM results for admission to local universities if you can do matriculation.
But this is ‘hak istimewa’ for bumis only?

Mojo Jujur says:

What do you expect from the 1 Malaysia with 2 systems?

Bumiputera only need to sit for the simpler matriculation to gain entry to universities, while the rest have to study harder in the STPM system?

That’s BN for you!