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Malaysia is a black heart food market like China

The used cooking oil is poured into a filtration container for filtration, "cleaning," deodorisation and bleaching. On the left is Frederick Deo. Photo courtesy: Sin Chew Daily

There are three problems I see in cooking oil scandal in Bolehland,

1. Used cooking oil collected from the restaurants supposed to be used for biodiesel processing only, but they are mostly ending up on the dining tables in your home, local hawker centers and restaurants.

> 1 kg cooking oil packaged with plastic bag is the most susceptible with recycled cooking oil.

2. Cooking oil is used repeatedly beyond the allowable cycle in fast food restaurants.

> This is another good reason to boycott fast food chains after the beating customer incident in KFC.

3. Roadside fried banana hawkers used the melted plastic straws to change over-used black color cooking oil back to its original fresh color.

> Don’t be fooled by the fresh color cooking oil in the wok.

Sin Chew special edition highlights the magnitude and seriousness of recycled cooking oil in Malaysia and its risk to public health.

Recycled cooking oil flooding local market

Black box operation

Reproducing used cooking oil into biodiesel

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Wai Kin says:

If Ayamas chicken can have chloramphenicol, what about KFC chickens?

nkkhoo says:

I doubt KFC gets the chicken supply from Ayamas. KFC and Ayamas were owned by a tycoon from Muar.

UMNO had forced the tycoon to sell KFC to Malay cronies.

niceguy says:

Due to safety concern, I have stopped patronising the ‘open-wok’ stalls in pasar malam.

There was a well publicised case of a young girl being scalded by hot oil in a night market, and yet there is no ban on these open-wok stalls in crowded night markets.

“Dark color oil can be turned to fresh color with the plastic straw. My brother saw a hawker played the magic.”

True or hoax?

nkkhoo says:

I did not see the magic myself, whether my brother was bluffing or not is still a question mark. Some people have habit to say they see it even they just hear the story.

The so-called explanation given in the forum has one big flaw. Those making assumption that the straw is only made by PET is no better than spreading hoax. There are PP and PVC type of straws nowadays unlike the old days in 70s.

Run own experiment instead of believing in any theory.

Regardless the straw is used or not, recycled cooking oil itself is very harmful to our health, stop or minimize eating in stalls or restaurants is the best option for the moment.

Fiona says:

Here are what SinChew reporter has uncovered in one fast food outlet:

1)the oil used to fry chicken has been used repeatedly at least 10 to 25 times for two whole weeks. As for french fries and chicken nuggets, the cooking oil is used repeatedly for 15 to 30 times a day for one week.
This shows that the oil used for frying chicken has been used 245 times on average before it is replaced, 158 times for french fries and chicken nuggets.

2)”white oil” was used to fry chicken, and every night after the shop closes, the electronic oven would be cleaned up, and the oil is filtered with a specific equipment for re-use the following day. Even after the filtration, the oil still gives out a kind of smell. When it is about the time to replace the cooking oil, it already presents a dark brown colour. Other than the smell of fried chicken, the oil still gives out an unbearable stench.


lina says:

next time u feel like eating goreng pisang or Yew Cha Kuey, be warned that the oil used may be recycled.
Eat at your risk if you can’t resist the temptation.

a quick check on the tone of the oil for frying — if it’s dark colour then high chance it has been used over and over again.

also check where the hawkers gat the oil from – if from unlabelled tin better be careful !

I once saw a KFC sent out big tins (covered in black plastic) to conceal the frying oil which has “expired” (used before) – a merchant may buy that at discounted price and reuse them at hawker stalls for unsuspecting customers !!!!

nkkhoo says:

Dark color oil can be turned to fresh color with the plastic straw. My brother saw a hawker played the magic.