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Poke-eye English text in a poster displays at the Proclamation of Independence Memorial Melaka

Anyone interested to correct this English text?

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Eori says:

Today I saw a sign: Cannot Parking!

Michiko says:

Undur Diri = reverse myself

Manglish according to Umno:
I reverse myself from this job.
(I tender my resignation).

Anggah Lawak says:

inilah english the muhiddyin-creative way !
think in Bahasa and then terjemah direct word by word.
Malaysia Boleh !
Manglish on the way to Malaysia Book of Record !!!!

nkkhoo says:

This is an example of Manglish.

niceguy says:

Not manglish la, rojak malay with bits of english.

I don’t see any terrible “poke-eye” words or grammer in the posters. Style of writing and choice of words is up to the writer.

niceguy says:

Oh, one wrong spelling in my above post. Maybe more?

nkkhoo says:

These below sentences are Bolehland poke-eye English, nothing to do with writing style.

Theirs was the ultimate sacrifice.

They chose instead to….

..own live, a right….

I expect English standard used in the poster for international tourists should be much higher.

nkkhoo says:

A half-tank Malay and English.

This is a big problem with multilingual education in Bolehland, it ends up with “rojak” language skill.