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Bolehland jokes :: 97% support for Lynas and 95% support for Penang submarine tunnel

There is similarity in public survey, but the result is from BN and PR.

BN Pahang: 97% support for Lynas

PR Penang: 95% support for Penang submarine tunnel

I always say PR is BN copycat, it’s proven correct again. For some people, any bullshit from Lim Guan Eng is like God given message. 97% is a lie while 95% is a truth.

Ask a simple question? Do contractors against big money public project?

Lim Guan Eng definitely will get 100% support for his white elephant projects if his survey target is contractors and subcons.


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Anand says:

Wow, the Aussies must be really happy that this plant is far far away from them huh? More money for the Aussie stake holders then. By the way how come Greenpeace, and their kind are not interested? How many people realise that rare earth products are in almost everything we use these days? Just one example-Neodymium magnets are in power tools, hard disk drives, speakers. They give off some radiation too…

KKK says:

read the table provided and try to make sense why Lynas in Msia is making Msians fools in the eyes of Aussies !

Michiko says:

The failure of BN to consult with the public before Lynas construction begin and the desperate remedial steps taken by the Malaysian government is a pathetic attempt to cover-up serious public concerns about the safety and health issues. No rakyat will ever believe that Lynas would stop processing rare earth when Lynas have already spent RM 700 million for completing the construction. But the rakyat know that no amount of money can replace our health as well as those of our children should something go wrong, like the stadium in Trengganu.

nkkhoo says:

Show me scientific data to prove your claim.

niceguy says:

Why is there no public referendum on major developments that would have an impact on the community’s daily life?

Maybe one method for the public to keep check of state governance and the state governor/chief minister/menteri besar is to “ubah” again, and again, and again.

One term is enough for all state governance.

This will remind the politicians that they are elected officials and are not lords for life.

True democracy is when politicians know how to hand over their offices cordially and amicably, and the public needs to teach the current overlords how to do it.

Constant practice is a good way of teaching and learning.

nkkhoo says:

One term for LGE already make him talking like BN politician.

Bentayan Boy says:

– Message deleted –

NKKhoo says,

Please use graffiti board above if you cannot find a relevant post to make your comment.

No action taken against corruption is because people like Namewee not yet registered as voters. He is a NATO, No Action Talk Only!

Besides, no show in Bersih 2.0 and Himpunan 2.0 for NATO people. Are you one of them?