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Make child care center a compulsory for all privite companies and public agencies

There is no mistake for laying down one task for each Indonesian maid, you either take it or leave it.

Indonesian government already told Malaysia with a very clear and loud signal, please go fly a kite if you cannot pay minimum wage of RM700 with specialized task maid service. There are demands from other countries for Indon maids.

I saw a lot of Indonesian maids hanging around in Macau city center when I visited Macau years ago. Besides Indon maids get higher pays in Macau, they are treated like human beings by their employers unlike in Malaysia.

Instead of make it a compulsory for all private companies to provide quality child care center, BN government is harping on recruiting maids with the ultimate goal of helping private companies in cost saving.

Of course, we all know UMNO cronies will make a hundred millions for bringing maids to Malaysia.

One maid, one task ruling ‘a mistake’

KUALA LUMPUR: There is no such thing as a “one maid, one task” ruling that states that Indonesian maids will only perform one of four tasks at a minimum wage of RM700.

Labour Department director-general Datuk Sheikh Yahya Sheikh Mohamed said yesterday Indonesian maids were not limited to performing a specific task out of the four household tasks for which they were being trained — cooking,
babysitting, taking care of the elderly and housekeeping.

He expressed surprise at a Bernama report which stated that maids would be employed to do only one of the four household tasks.

“What transpired in the meeting was entirely different from what was said,” said Sheikh Yahya, who led the delegation at the Malaysia- Indonesia Joint Task Force for Deployment, Placement and Protection of Indonesian Maids meeting on Thursday.

He said he was not present when the meeting’s co-chair, Indonesia’s Labour Placement Development director-general Dr Reyna Usman, briefed reporters on what had transpired at the meeting.

Sheikh Yahya said a miscommunication may have happened during Reyna’s briefing as Bahasa Indonesia had words which were similar to Bahasa Malaysia but held different meanings.

He said he had spoken with Reyna after the uproar over the Bernama report.

“She informed me that she had only briefed the reporters on what was agreed on in the meeting and did not announce anything controversial.”

Efforts to contact Reyna, however, were unsuccessful.

In the meeting, the task force had agreed that the minimum wage for Indonesian maids would be set between RM600 and RM700, as determined by market forces.

It was also concluded that Indonesian maids would be trained in four skills, but each maid would focus their training toward a specific chore.

This would also hold true for Indonesian maids sent to other countries, such as Hong Kong and Singapore, said Sheikh Yahya.

“A maid can be asked to do tasks other than the original task she was hired for, but employers cannot fault the maid if she does not perform as well in the other tasks.

“If you applied for a maid to do housekeeping for you, it is only fair for you to judge her based on that skill.”

A full report on the meeting will be submitted to Human Resources Minister Datuk Dr S. Subramaniam soon.

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niceguy says:

“In their memorandum of understanding (MoU), a one-off agency fee to recruit an Indonesian maid was set at RM4,511, of which RM2,711 has to be paid by the employer and the remaining RM1,800 by the maid”

“Reports in November last year quoted Sheikh Yahya as saying 121 of over 400 recruitment agencies registered in Malaysia had agreed to the conditions… However, a check on the ministry’s website yesterday showed only five agencies had been listed.”

Above from Star.

With more than 4 thousand ringgit per maid, and multiply it by tens of thousands of Indonesians to be recruited, it is a lucrative business to corner.

It is legalized human trafficking. In older days, there were slave ships…

nkkhoo says:

Cambodia already banned its women to be recruited as slaves in Malaysia. Poorest Myanmar women are next cheaper source for maid and they are fairer in skin color and may be a threat to housewifes.

I asked my friend why not taking a pretty maid, he answered me his wife purposely chose the ugly one. 🙂

niceguy says:

NUBE has a similar idea: Nube Includes Childcare Centre In CA Talks.

Not every office has space to set-up childcare; and not every office has young children among their employees; or adequate number of children to justify a childcare and full-time minders.

It is more viable to set-up childcare in shopping malls and business centres within walking distance to offices and banks.

It will charge more than the usual childcare or kindergarten in housing estates because of higher rental in prime business locations – but working mothers will be willing to pay more for the convenience of dropping off and picking up their children nearby their offices.

It is more desirable to be able to pick up your child and be stuck in a traffic jam together with your child on the way home than being caught in a traffic jam and worrying on being late to pick up the child.

You get home about the same time in both scenarios, but you get to spend some quality time with your child in the first scenario, albeit in a traffic jam.

And best of all, you can go and check on the child during lunch.

Since bank branches are often located within the same business vicinity, maybe NUBE should open childcare centres for its members.