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Gerakan spat before 12nd election is a lesson for DAP

The caste system thinking is still deeply rooted in Indians, they are good in infighting among themselves like Chinese.

DAP seems never learn any lesson from Gerakan who was fighting for chief minister post before 12nd election. They thought BN sure win in Penang.

DAP think it also sure win in Penang in 13rd GE.

God blessing DAP for not repeating Gerakan’s fate.

No room for two tigers in Penang

By Baradan Kuppusamy

With the general election imminent, the worsening feud between DAP deputy secretary-general Dr P. Ramasamy and national chairman Karpal Singh has put the party in a dilemma. There is no place for two leaders in Penang, so one has to go.

THE DAP is in a dilemma on the “eve” of the crucial general election, with the feud between deputy secretary-general Dr P. Ramasamy, who is also deputy Penang Chief Minister II, and national chairman Karpal Singh worsening.

Like two tigers on one small hill, there is no place for both. One has to go.

Removing Dr Ramasamy will satisfy Karpal but it will cause the party to bleed the support of Indians voters, which is decidedly swinging back to Barisan Nasional.

But acting against Karpal, ie asking him to retire, is going against the conscience of the party itself although leaders are sore with his numerous statements in recent years on hudud, party hopping and the “one man, one seat” rule.

Party powerbrokers largely adviser Lim Kit Siang and his son, secretary-general Lim Guan Eng had attempted to nip the feud by asking their men in the disciplinary committee to “acquit” Dr Ramasamy, sources said.

They, however, did not anticipate the fierce opposition of the strong-willed Karpal and the many traditional Indian DAP supporters in Penang, alienated by Dr Ramasamy and who are now up in arms against the professor.

Dr Ramasamy was one of the first academics to join the DAP, which he did in 2007 after being allegedly sidelined by Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, where he taught for over 30 years.

Although he taught political science, he was a political novice and was fielded against heavyweight Tan Sri Koh Tsu Koon in the Batu Kawan parliamentary seat.

His supporters, worried Dr Ramasamy might lose, persuaded Karpal to field him in the Prai state seat as well.

Carried by the 2008 tsunami, Dr Ramasamy won both seats and was made a Deputy Chief Minister.

Karpal, despite differences with Guan Eng, goes a long way back to 1978 with the elder Lim.

He always stood by Kit Siang when party rebels tried to take the stalwart on.

In the 1998 KOKS (Knock Out Kit Siang) campaign, when party rebels Wee Choo Keong, Liew Ah Kim and Fung Ket Wing accused Kit Siang of nepotism and cronyism, they were all expelled.

Karpal had been quiet and biding his time while the disciplinary committee went through the motions of clearing Dr Ramasamy as it had for Perak secretary Nga Kor Meng of corruption.

The fact that Karpal and his two allies Seri Delima assemblyman R.S.N. Rayer and Bagan Dalam assemblyman A. Thanasekaran were conspicuously missing at a big fundraiser on Tuesday, should have indicated an eruption coming.

Karpal called a press conference, significantly on March 18, the anniversary date of the DAP (which was formally registered on March 18,1966), to lambast the party’s disciplinary committee and described their decision as null and void.

“The proceedings are void ab initio (null and void from the beginning),” charged the country’s most famous lawyer.

“The seeds of destruction were already planted in the panel, particularly when the other three sat in judgment over one of their own,” Karpal said.

(Dr Ramasamy, one of the disciplinary committee members, had recused himself when his case was being heard.)

Rayer and Thanasekaran had appealed to the party’s central executive committee (CEC), a 30-member body filled with Kit Siang’s men and women, except for a handful.

The matter can even go to the party’s general congress if either party is unhappy but Karpal would want the matter not to be prolonged.

Party sources said he would be satisfied if the “Ramasamy-matter” is somehow reversed at the CEC and he is found guilty of organising a demonstration.

Dr Ramasamy parachuted into Penang with the blessings of Kit Siang and started building his own “team” from ex-MIC and newly joined members, ignoring the older DAP grassroots that had welcomed a professor in 2007 with open arms.

A lifelong leftist, he also went into the Penang Hindu Endowment Board as its chairman, and along with his appointees in the board, became subjects of great controversies with rebels questioning every move he makes.

Now, according to Karpal, these people have been asked to resign from the board.

The “Ramasamy-affair” is best settled, DAP sources said, by removing Dr Ramasamy from Penang and fielding him outside the state, thus removing one tiger away from the other.

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niceguy says:

“Now, according to Karpal, these people have been asked to resign from the board.”

“The “Ramasamy-affair” is best settled, DAP sources said, by removing Dr Ramasamy from Penang and fielding him outside the state, thus removing one tiger away from the other.”

From what I understand, one of the tigers already has its claws clipped with the removal of his appointees.

And the zookeeper has already muzzled the tigers.

Too bad, the fight has fizzled out before it gets interesting.

KKK says:

some now fear Najib’s declaration of “War” should there’s hung parliment …. similar to that may incident ????
advise to stay at home on election night for i fear that “war” of putrajaya ….

AhChai says:

DAP only loudin Penang.
Daim today with Nanyang Siang Pau said BN still have 3 safe states. And I am glad MCA still can continue with Johor with Daim prediction.
No tigers in MCA Johor fighting. MCA are lovers not fighters like our chief.

KKK says:

Penangites (unless Gelakan/CSL fans) know well The Star is trying damm hard to create tension in DAP fortess (new DAP HQ 90% funded by rakyat to be officially opened in May !).

Justin Hew says:

Do not believe in The Star (MCA-owned) that is blowing up small issue to make DAP look bad.

Justice says:

Yes. The Star chose not to report on the RM20 billion Refinery and Petrochemical Integrated Development (Rapid) that will pollute the environment in Pengerang, Johor – affecting the livelihood of the local fishermen there.

The people are protesting agaisnt this BN project:

Again this is not shown on the news of the local TV.
You can bet those Pengerang folks in Johor will not vote for BN.

Theng says:

325 protest marks the failure of Mca in safeguarding Chinese education under the umno control. How can there be shortage of chinese teachers when the education ministry chose to terminate the contract of qualified temporary chinese teachers? Wee Ka Siong should resign before 25 march.

Y says: