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SMS messages between Merbok MP and Kuma

There are two issues I see from the SMS conversation. Two wrongs do not make a right.

The complainants have to explain the temple plan was approved or not before threatening local authorities with votes. Indian like to build Hindu temple at public places without proper approval. They blame the government either from BN or PR when the temple is demolished by local authorities.

No doubt, PR has the right to neglect Indian voters. Merbok MP is pushing the responsibility to BN is a sign of failure in governance by PR.

Kuma is secretary for a Tamil Temple in SP.

Kuma: Ustat,dulu kami benci BN kerana mereka suka sangat pecah kuil,sekarang dimula balik oleh kerajaan pas yang berlaku di Taman Petani Jaya.Inikah terima kasih yang di tunjuk oleh kerajaan PAS kepada kaum India.

Merbok MP:Kalau pasal kuil saja tak mahu ubah tak payahlah banyak lagi agenda yang patut dihayati…A lot more issues are at stake(state).

Kuma:Than why this MPSPK go and brake a temple infront house of one Indian family.

Merbok MP:There must a very good reason for it…le;D

Kuma:There are so manything can be done but this will make indian got low confident on PR.Lagi pun PRU tak lama lagi,cantik macam ini lah future of PR will be very bright.

Merbok MP:Remember MPSP di terajui oleh orang BN…Walaubagaimanapun kuil itu mesti illegal.

Merbok MP:Juga PR Tak Berapa Harap Undi India?

Kuma:Terima Kasih

Merbok MP:Sama@sama

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Anand says:

Hi, I have enjoyed your comments, rantings, and general honesty in your postings. Please keep it up.People will always take liberties, regardless of caste or creed. This group has shown ignorance, and a callous disregard for law. Any structure built on public land without prior approval, etc. IS ILLEGAL.As if there aren’t enough temples already.If it’s so important, build it within your compound!I am a Hindu (ya la, must justify this what. If not, I may be labeled a ‘racist’ to put it politely) and find this kind of erection highly inappropriate;-)A good Hindu home is blessed by having an appropriate shrine to a favoured Deity, NOT TEMPLE in it or outside it!There are rules and guidelines to this even in scripture. Could money spent building this have gone to a charitable cause? Time spent fighting this could have gone to do public service? Machinery used for the demolition could perhaps have gone to dig better drains in our flood prone areas?Sheesh…

niceguy says:

What to do? Next time vote in a state assemblyman who can bully the town council enforcement staff to refrain from taking action.

Just remember to pay the state assemblyman to be on your side (and also by your side when the bulldozer comes.)

This way you can also put a mamak stall without any licence in front of your house and no action will be taken even when your neighbours make complaints to the town council.

niceguy says:

There is a difference between a temple and a shrine.

I see family shrines everywhere within people’s houses and compounds.

It could be problematic if a shrine is built outside of your house on public land.

It is the same like you do gardening and planting vegetables in a small piece of vacant land behind your house. You can’t claim compensation when the owner of the vacant land suddenly bulldozed it to build something on it.

nkkhoo says:

The complainant said it was a temple.

niceguy says:

The photo does not show a big structure that would need architectural approval from town council.

niceguy says:

Okay, it seems I could be wrong with my own definition of a shrine.

To me, a temple is a building where you can walk into it; and a shrine is a small structure housing an idol or idols only.

From the photo, it looks like a house owner has over built a shrine in front of his house; if only he had keep it small and unnoticeable, or built it within the compound of his house.

nkkhoo says:

No illegal structure can be built in public place without approval from local council whether it’s a shrine or a small temple.

The structure demolished in the photo is big enough for a devotee to walk in.